Donald Trump just took on one group that everyone thought was unthinkable

Donald Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign is off and running.

As usual, Trump is looking for a fight.

And now Donald Trump just took on one group that everyone thought was unthinkable.

Evangelical Christians formed the backbone of Donald Trump’s political coalition.

The AP VoteCast survey found Donald Trump won 81 percent of white evangelical Christian voters in 2020.

That number was up from 2016.

But now Trump is not happy with Evangelical leaders.

After several high-profile individuals did not endorse his re-election campaign the moment he entered the race, Trump accused Evangelicals of “disloyalty.”

“That’s a sign of disloyalty,” Trump said in an interview with Real America’s Voice host David Brody. “There’s great disloyalty in the world of politics, and that’s a sign of disloyalty.”

Trump then referenced the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade by saying that “nobody has ever done more for ‘right to life’ than Donald Trump. I put three Supreme Court Justices who all voted [to overturn Roe v. Wade]…. They won, they finally won.”

But that is a different tune for Trump than several weeks ago when he blamed Pro-Lifers for the Republican Party’s underperformance in the Midterm elections.

Trump claimed Pro-Life activists were extremists who abandoned their candidates in the heat of battle.

“It wasn’t my fault that the Republicans didn’t live up to expectations in the Midterms,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “It was the ‘abortion issue,’ poorly handled by many Republicans, especially those that firmly insisted on No Exceptions, even in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother, that lost large numbers of voters.”

“Also, the people that pushed so hard, for decades, against abortion, got their wish from the U.S. Supreme Court, and just plain disappeared, not to be seen again,” Trump continued.

Conservatives were shocked to hear Trump make those comments.

Pro-Life activists were some of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters in both 2016 and 2020 because of the Supreme Court.

Trump won in 2016 largely because voters who put the Supreme Court as their number-one issue broke 56 to 41 for him over Hillary Clinton.

Evangelicals rewarded Trump with even greater levels of support in 2020.

But 2024 is a different election and many leaders are concerned about defeating Joe Biden and are looking at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as their candidate.

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