Donald Trump just shared a 2024 prediction that has Democrats losing their minds

Donald Trump looks increasingly likely to mount a 2024 Presidential campaign.

The question now centers on his chances of winning a second term.

And Donald Trump just shared a 2024 prediction that has Democrats losing their minds.

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcasters in America.

Rogan’s show reaches millions of Americans.

While he previously endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, Rogan also speaks out against cancel culture, woke mobs, and in favor of free speech.

One of Rogan’s new causes is opposing vaccine mandates.

Rogan – who is also a popular stand up comic – refuses to perform at any venue that requires proof of vaccination to enter and even released a video comparing vaccine passports to Nazi Germany.

In a recent podcast with guest Amanda Knox – the American acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court on murder charges while she was a foreign exchange student – Rogan predicted that Trump would win the 2024 election.

Trump later emailed the write up of Rogan forecasting Trump would defeat either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to the press.

“Oh yeah,” Rogan predicted to Knox. “He’s gonna 100% try. He’s probably gonna win.”

Rogan wondered how Joe Biden could win given the fact that he is growing more senile by the day and that Democrats are performing so poorly now that they control Congress and the White House.

“How is Joe Biden gonna win? How is it possible he’s gonna beat anybody?” Rogan added. “After you’ve seen him speak, after you’ve seen the decay and the decline, how is that possible? They’ve done a terrible job. The Democrats f—ed up royally by making that guy the president.”

Rogan also dismissed the idea of Harris stepping in for Joe Biden, noting that Harris as the nominee would be an even bigger disaster.

“She would lose just as badly,” Rogan continued. “She is the most hated vice president according to polls- the least liked, I should say, vice president in 50 years.”

The 2024 election could be a historic contest with a former President running to get his job back for the first time since 1892.

And Joe Rogan – who’s audience and reach extends into popular culture – believes Donald Trump stands a strong chance of winning a second term.

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