Donald Trump just lost his lawyer for this jaw-dropping reason

The House of Representatives just impeached Donald Trump for a second time.

Now the Senate will hold a trial that could result in Senators barring President Trump from ever running for office again.

And now Donald Trump just lost his lawyer for this jaw-dropping reason.

Famed Harvard Law Professor and Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz defended Donald Trump in the first Democrat attempt to impeach the President.

But this time Dershowitz considers the proceeding a farce and wants no part of participating in Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous political spectacle.

“This is political theater, and I’m neither a politician or an actor, so I don’t see a role for a real lawyer to play in this show,” Dershowitz told the Boston Globe.

In an op-ed in The Hill, Dershowitz wrote that President Trump did not commit an impeachable offense with his speech to a crowd before a small minority rioted at the Capitol.

“While I believe his remarks to his supporters last week were disturbing and a serious mistake, it did not meet the basis for removal under the Constitution,” Dershowitz wrote.

“Just as a president should be held to account for a violation of the Constitution, then so should the House when it exceeds its authority granted by the Constitution,” Dershowitz added.

Dershowitz argued that Congress violated numerous provisions of the Constitution.

Congress impeached President Trump for constitutionally protected speech, did not give the President’s lawyers no opportunity to present a defense with a snap impeachment where articles were brought directly to the floor with no hearings, and are planning to hold a trial after President Trump leaves office.

The last impeachment was a partisan sham.

And on every front, this impeachment exceeds that disgrace in terms of bad faith and damage to the Constitution.

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