Donald Trump just got some really bad news about an October surprise

Donald Trump is facing unprecedented opposition in his bid for re-election.

Every power center in America is conspiring against him.

And now Donald Trump just got some really bad news about an October surprise.

Democrats are determined to rig the election by controlling the flow of information Americans receive.

That usually entails banning Trump supporters from social media and fiddling with tech platforms’ algorithms to suppress conservative speech.

But now Google plans to try and prevent Americans from actively seeking out information by banning certain autocomplete entries on their search engine.

Bloomberg reports:

The autocomplete feature of the world’s largest search engine regularly recommends full queries once users begin typing words. The company said on Thursday it will remove predictions that could be interpreted as claims for or against any candidate or political party.

In addition, Google said it will pull claims from the autocomplete feature about participation in the election, including statements about voting methods, requirements, the status of voting locations and election security.

For instance, if you type in “you can vote” into Google’s search engine, the system may have suggested a full query that includes misleading or incorrect information. Typing those three words into Google on Thursday produced the full phrase “You can vote yourself into socialism” as the top recommended query.

When left-wing tech companies say they want to “fight the spread of misinformation” what they really mean is preventing the public from obtaining access to views and information that contradicts the Democrat Party agenda or makes Joe Biden and the rest of the liberal candidates running for office look bad.

Restricting the autocomplete feature will only increase the spread of misinformation online because as the calendar moves into October and more Americans search online for information about the election, this alteration will favor Fake News Media outlets that spread lies and misinformation about Donald Trump.

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