Donald Trump just got some news about the border wall that every Democrat feared would come

Donald Trump made building the wall his signature campaign issue in 2016.

Once the President took office, Democrats did everything in their power to stop Trump from fulfilling this goal.

But now, Donald Trump just got some news about the border wall that every Democrat feared would come.

In 2019, Donald Trump finally had enough of the Democrats’ obstruction and declared a national emergency, which unlocked military funds the President could use to build a border wall.

Democrats shutdown the government over a refusal to provide funding for the wall and the President broke the stalemate with the National Emergency Act of 1976.

On Tuesday, President Trump traveled to Arizona to celebrate over 200 miles of border wall construction being completed.

The trip also revealed that the administration had plans to build over 300 miles of new wall and that the $15 billion the President unlocked through his declaration of a national emergency would result in over 700 miles of border wall being built when all is said and done.

Breitbart reports, “Officials have started building another 339 miles and are sketching plans for an additional 183 miles, according to Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner for the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Trump has directed $15 billion in funding, which is enough for roughly 738 miles of wall, including associated roads, cameras, and communication networks, he said.”

Presidents who deliver on their signature campaign promises tend to win re-election.

In a normal year, Donald Trump could campaign on promises made and promises kept.

But with the Black Lives Matter race riots and the coronavirus pandemic, all bets are off on 2020 being a normal election year.

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