Donald Trump just got some help against the Fake News Media from one surprising place

From Day One, the Fake News Media tried to take down Donald Trump.

This mission to destroy the President only escalated as the election drew near.

But Donald Trump just got some help against the Fake News Media from one surprising place.

The latest Fake News Media craze was a story about unverified allegations that the Trump administration knew for a fact that the Russians paid the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers.

Intelligence officials said the President was never personally briefed on the matter because the intelligence was unverified.

The Fake News Media then twisted this story into meaning that Donald Trump knew Russia was paying blood bounties on American troops and did nothing because of his treasonous relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Colin Powell of all people threw cold water on this left-wing media firestorm in an appearance on Andrew Mitchell’s MSNBC program.

Powell told Mitchell that military commanders on the ground in Afghanistan did not consider this rumor of Russian bounties to be a serious thing.

“[W]hat I know is that our military commanders on the ground did not think that it was as serious a problem as the newspapers were reporting and television was reporting. It got kind of out of control before we really had an understanding of what had happened. I’m not sure we fully understand now,” Powell stated.

Powell added that the military commanders on the ground held the responsibility for their soldiers lives in their hands and they would not allow their troops to be put in danger from the Russians.

“Remember, it’s not the intelligence community that’s going to go fight these guys. It’s the guys on the ground, it’s our troops, it’s our commanders who are going to go deal with this kind of a threat, using intelligence that was given to them by the intelligence community. But that has to be analyzed, it has to be adjusted, and then you have to go find out who the enemy is.
And I think we were on top of that one, but it just got — it got almost hysterical in the first few days.”

The Russian bounty story was just an extension of the Russian collusion story.

It was a rumor that floated around the intelligence community and was selectively leaked to hurt Donald Trump.

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