Donald Trump just got hit with this nasty surprise about the Ukraine whistleblower

Democrats aren’t taking any chances.

Members of Congress, fake news reporters and Deep State operatives are pushing the pedal to the metal on their all-out blitz to remove Donald Trump from office.

And Donald Trump just got hit with this nasty surprise about the Ukraine whistleblower.

On Sunday morning, news broke that a second so-called “whistleblower” came forward to corroborate the details of the CIA spy’s complaint that Donald Trump supposedly abused his office by pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden.

Lawyer Mark Zaid confirmed this new so-called “whistleblower” had firsthand knowledge of the July 25 call that sparked the initial complaint.

MSN News reports:

A second whistleblower has come forward with information about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, adding to the impeachment peril engulfing the White House and potentially providing new leads to Democrats in their unfurling investigation of Trump’s conduct.

Attorney Mark Zaid, who represents both whistleblowers, said in a text message to The Associated Press that the second person has spoken to the intelligence community’s internal watchdog and can corroborate information in the original whistleblower complaint. That document alleged that Trump pushed Ukraine’s president to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family, prompting a White House cover-up. Crucially, the new whistleblower works in the intelligence field and has “firsthand knowledge” of key events, Zaid said.

Fake news “journalists” claimed this new so-called “whistleblower” only strengthened the case against the President.

Trump supporters now believe rogue operatives within the government will begin filing complaints – even if they are frivolous – to gum up the works and provide the fake news media grist for their phony narrative that the Trump administration is awash in scandal.

The President and his supporters in both Congress and the public also contend that the emergence of a second whistleblower is evidence that this Ukraine “scandal” is nothing more than a well-orchestrated political hit job against the President.


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168 Responses

  1. Beach says:

    Another whistle blower!! Why aren’t these hearing held in congress for the US citizens to see and hear..the individuals identity can be masked….We have a right to know!
    I guess because it did not work out to suit their political agenda with the Great and Almighty Comey–they don’t want to look like stupid idiots again and they definitively are afraid of letting Republican Congressmen question them…that did not work out well for them in the past.
    TRUMP 2020!!

  2. Jeffery Fourqurean says:

    That’s no different when the President say’s he will accept any help from any foreign source on any one running against him.

  3. Perry F says:

    I simply love Hillary’s 6 words released via Patriotpulse, which are, “Obviously I can beat Trump again.”

    “Again?” Hillary. When was the first time?

    Hillary, if you take the time to review recent U.S. history, you’ll learn you lost the Presidential race.

    The Electoral College was a landslide for Trump. There was a 3,000,000 popular advantage for you, yes, but, once all the illegal votes from illegal people in the country, the votes from people residing in various cemeteries, and the votes from the ficticous people who doesn’t exist, I feel you would agree you lost the popular vote as well.

    The only reason you lost, Hillary, is because you got mixed up in your roles. You ended up being the best campaign manager Trump could have ever asked for just by opening your lying mouth.

    By reviewing the above, Hillary, please feel welcome to “beat Trump again.” We need Trump for four more years.

  4. bo navajo says:

    ? to be asked is ” by whose’s authority was he approved to listen in on the call”. This needs to be investigated as I suspect the CIA ( Clinton Investigative Agency) and many other “intelligent operatives were listening illegally.

  5. Robert L. Diamond says:


  6. IH8reps says:

    Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat
    Because you hide your reply button just like your captain bone spurs hid during Viet Nam Cowards always use the same tactics hide and deny.
    Jeff Foxworthy said it best HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!!
    And it reads as follows I’M VERY STUPID !!!

  7. George says:

    Past time for some real problem solving for the GOP, as in must get tough and stop putting up with all this whining from all the **** suckers and ass kissers…

    • vicky Huss says:


      • Trump did not receive the majority vote – he has no mandate to be president. It appears that there is sufficient evidence to impeach him. He has no knowledge of the Constitution. our founding fathers deliberately wanted to avoid any foreign governments to interfere in our country. Trump wanted to deny military weapons to a friendly country to obtain dirt on a candidate. That in my book means that a foreign government would be aiding Trump in the next election. That is not only impeachable but also treason. I wonder if you would oppose this tactic if the country were North Korea? Nixon was almost impeached for the watergate incident; your idol will be impeached – once the republicans in both house see the evidence, they will have no choice. If Trump is so innocent why is he forbidding any of those involved to refuse to testify = what is he hiding?

        • Carole H says:

          I hate, as a Canadian, to tell you that the majority vote means squat in the US. Remember it’s the electoral college votes that count and Trump won big. You are just plain stupid. Read the transcript of Trump’s call with the President of the Ukraine. There was no quid pro quo in that call. Don’t even discuss something that you know absolutely nothing about.

        • charlie says:

          Excuse me there Joseph, where in the hell are you getting your bogus information? You people just can’t get it in your heads that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and a whole host of other democrats did exactly what they are accusing our president of and there is loads of proof they did it. You need to go smoke some more dope and go back to bed.

      • Perry F says:

        The longer the Republicans remain quiet, the better they look. Let the Democrats look like crying children and allow the legal voters vote RED due to being sick of the BLUE children.

  8. chief1937 says:

    With all these whistleblowers showing up it is obvious the president had to be on speaker phone for everyone to hear the conversation how lax of him to do so. I am of the opinion he is NOT that dumb.

    • Bob says:

      This whole operation is right out of the CIA handbook. Remember Brennan, on CNN, a day or so ago asked all operatives to get involved in impeaching President Trump. They make a statement, then try to overwhelm the media with one after another whistleblower to collaborate their lie. When is the Inspector General Horowitz going to release his report so we can get on with charging Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Hillary, McCabe, Comey, Schiff, and Rosenstein with abuse of their positions and treason for trying to bring down a duly elected president? Time to put this impeachment fiasco to bed. Heads must roll over the Russian Collusion and Ukraine telephone call nothing burger.

      • Margaret says:

        Brennan is avowed communist. He pitched the dossier. He is one of the biggest threats to the country & humanity. I hope, but don’t believe that his security clearance was removed. Last I heard when Trump requested that it be pulled deep state’s slow walked it. Does Hayden & Clapper still have theirs. If yes there is a serious problem in Intel community. When job finished clearance shpuld end. If info needed another clearance can be issued. To think Hillary had her clearance through 2016 campaign & pay to play.

    • KATH says:


    • SGT Preston says:

      Speaker phone AND a loud speaker to merit all these “whistleblowers”. I knew Trump was loud, but THAT LOUD!

  9. Bill says:

    I wonder just how much the Democrats are paying or what they are promising these so-called whistleblowers to get them to make such ridiculous charges against the President? Everything about these revelations are very suspicious. Some obscure weasel in the government was told by some other weasels that they overheard President Trump telling the president of the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. Rather than reporting this so-called information to his boss or to the Inspector General, the weasel went to the House committee chaired by chief ferret, Adam Schiff. Of course Schiff, who has been trying to hang ever since he defeated Hillary in the 2016 election, was all over this like a starving pit bulldog on a piece of raw meat. Then when the President played his trump card (no pun intended) and released a transcript of the call and it proved the information false, Schiff had to do something. His 15-minutes of fame was coming to an end. Ah, but what better way to redeem himself than have another weasel come forward claiming first hand knowledge of the President pressuring the Ukraine President to investigate the Bidens. Up to now, however, all we have from Schiff and his weasels is talk and no proof of any wrongdoing by President Trump.

    • Pat says:

      Soros is paying the whistleblowers very well. The first one even mentioned a Soros funded organization several times in the footnotes of his report.

  10. Desert Fox says:

    Let’s get this over with soon. Start charging, prosecuting, and jailing these seditionists.

  11. Ted says:

    I’ll sum it up for you……..All democRATS are nut jobs . They all have that insane hateful look about them, and are determined to destroy America. Those sore losers will never get over the fact that President Trump won the Presidency fair and square, by the votes of people who love America. Criminal Hitlery Clitless lost. GET OVER IT LOSERS! And get used to this….. PRESIDENT TRUMP

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Ted, dear! You are forgetting 2 very important facts!
      1) Outsidets = Trump & all deplorable Trump supporters/patriots
      2_ Insiders = new world order puppets/hirelings & deep state
      establishment traitors on the payroll
      IMO this goes far deeper than sore losers & now the INSIDERS = a terrified herd of scrambling trapped rats & if Brennan put out an SOS for all CIA (centeal hub of new world order’s “shadow government” to get on board, that says they are mortally terrified of the other shoe dropping & THEY HAVE REASON TO BE. LMAO

      • KATH says:


  12. Mark says:

    Who cares about a second whistle blower? The transcript of the phone call has been released. There are no secrets here. The lying Democraps who are full of Schiff can’t tell the truth about anything. If they could just 2 truths in a row maybe someone would listen but they have cried wolf one too many times. This is what happens when you Schiff where you eat.

  13. Katie says:

    And after this ohne flops there will be a third and then a fourth and so on, hoping smothing will “stick”. I don’t know how Trump stands it, but I am grateful that he can. Few men could!!

    • Stanley Jackson Miller says:

      How much does a whistleblower cost these days ??

      • DonRS says:

        In the pursuit of the removal of Trump, money is no object to the FOOLS of the Democrat Party. They’ve about exhausted the steam in their boiler, certainly, they’ve blown up every ounce of smoke they could muster.

        Advice to Dems: keep huffing and puffing. You are the little engine that “couldn’t, except you drive more and more voters for TRUMP!

        • Margaret says:

          Brennan is avowed communist. He pitched the dossier. He is one of the biggest threats to the country & humanity. I hope, but don’t believe that his security clearance was removed. Last I heard when Trump requested that it be pulled deep state’s slow walked it. Does Hayden & Clapper still have theirs. If yes there is a serious problem in Intel community. When job finished clearance shpuld end. If info needed another clearance can be issued. To think Hillary had her clearance through 2016 campaign & pay to play.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    These so-called “whistleblowers” should get jobs as railroad engineers that way they can blow whistles as many times as they want but they are probably too stupid to pass the test.

  15. nj says:

    Constitrution Lover – Couldn’t help but laugh at your list of things you think Trump done. You should list all the bad thing Obama has done to our country…..there was a man that didn’t like our country. You might want to check how many Muslims in your party are slowing undermining our national security… being Ilhan Omar.

  16. Rick says:

    Joe Joe Biden, Obama, Hillcapone Soros, and many other politicians are involved in the 1.8 billion of our tax money They sent to Ukraine to be laundered at Busima Holdings. DNC involved. They tried to stop our President’s election. What a mess. Now they want to use the Alinsky method to try and run from it. They are scared to death and at a dead run!! Go get them, President Trump!!

  17. Constitution lover says:

    Number of Mueller Investigation indictments, pleas or convictions — 37
    Number of top Trump officials fired or resigned — 28
    Number of times Trump has taken credit for VA bill signed by Obama — 80
    Total number of lies Trump has told in office — 12,018
    Number of miles of new border wall built — 0
    Number of top officials Trump fired in person — 0
    Number of visits to Trump golf resorts — 210
    Total number of lies Obama told in office — 18
    Number of undocumented Trump employees until recently — 40
    Cumulative days of vacant cabinet positions under Trump — 1,397
    Cost to taxpayers of Trump golfing — $109 million
    Number of electoral college wins bigger than Trumps — 45
    Number of women accusing Trump of sexual abuse — 24
    Cumulative days of vacant cabinet positions under George W. Bush — 34
    Number of Trump Doral Gold Club Health Violations 2013-18 — 524
    Most recent ranking of Trump by presidential historians — 42 (out of 45)

    • Scott27 says:

      Thank you, Constitution Lover…. a hundred times over. Perfect analysis. Sadly, such facts are totally lost on most of this audience who are so into the Kool-aid and the cult, they just refuse to see or believe their own eyes. Scary. But let’s keep trying…. and I appreciate your effort and honesty.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Hey Scott, you forgot to mention to Constitution Lover that Trump violated the Hatch Act too. Remember you said that ????
        He should add that too his list don’t you think ?

        • Scott27 says:

          No, Steve, I never said he violated the Hatch Act. He merely turned his head and did nothing while his sycophants, most notably KellyAnne, miss “alternative facts,” violated it repeatedly. Laws don’t apply to him and his cohorts.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        No kidding, Scott27, there are several things I learned from Constitutional lover’s list, that I did not know. Now, truly reasonable conservatives, IS TRULY WANT TO BE “FAIR AND BALANCED,” all you have to do is check them out by an internet search and research.

        And sadly, you are right, most posts on this site (so far) are just excuses or trying to divert the issue by trying to sling mud elsewhere. It is hard, if not impossible for sheeple to activate their critical thinking – – – they only have simplistic categories like: 1. do I agree with it – – if so, SOLID TRUTH, and #2. if I don’t agree with it or don’t understand it, then it has to be WRONG.

    • Rick says:

      Dream on Alinsky!!

    • Mike says:

      No disrespect to your person. Fact is truth can you please tell the truth ? This guy dont care if you like the president or not, please investigate each aspect your self. This guy defended obama for reasons of fact, not happy with his ideas but a political witch hunt as has been happening is plain to see by an impartial observer. This person has fought corruption by huge corperations mixed results but progress. My person has been slandered and attacked to investigators to gain a favorable conclusion. This guy can show you politicaly motivated insurance fraud and forgery as a start and its origination as fact. Dont be decieved by a few people.

    • Lonnie says:

      You are so full of crap, I can’t stand it. Number of times Obama got up before 10 am? Not many, Number of thing Obama accomplished Not many . Number of times Trump kept his paycheck? None, number of time he donated it to varied needy organizations? Everyone. How many millions has Obama made since leaving office??? a lot. Paid 16 millions for his latest house on an island!!!! You liberal so messed up it is hard to restrain myself….

      • Margaret says:

        How I learned to launder money from Barry Obama & John Kerry. Those pallets of cash in diffetent currencies were not to be traceable.

    • Pat says:

      We notice you have provided no references to back up your claims. That makes your diatribe pure fiction, ust like everything else Democrsts are throwing out there hoping it sticks.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        What are you talking about, Pat (?), you have never presented ANY facts, much less any references in any of your posts I have seen! Constitution lover provided a list of data – – now all you have to do is do some interest research — start Googling, and check out what he/she has said. After researching some of this extensive list, I found several cases where, if anything, C.L. underestimated the data, they have gone up in the last few weeks. Take a few minutes and TRULY check the research, then you can post what you found and where – – could be a great discussion and you could LEARN something.

        What I see so far from most all of the posts besides Constitution Lover and Scott27, is a group of people who will not listen to the evidence and find Trump innocent without even examining the facts. That does not make you a fair and reasonable assessor of what is happening. You listen to your right wingnut sources (i.e. Hannity, Alex Jones?) and unquestionably ACCEPT that as true because it fits with your pre-conceived view of life – – IT MUST BE TRUE! But when evidence for data is presented, you hold your hands over your ears and will not listen.

        Check it out. Check out how many times Trump has played golf (over 290 days) on his own resorts, to see how much taxpayer money his is funneling into his own pockets!! If you wish to see Trump’s lies, Google it (I did) and will find it at the Toronto Star and Washington Post websites. I provided references now, do some research and perhaps you will learn how accurate Constitution lover is.

    • Ruth ann says:

      that is very nice of you to count all the means and ways of president Trump
      I would like to know where Obama list is……the sainted democrat…he done me in when he had his dog
      travel in another airplane..jwhy ???? you ask????he spent all the money lhe could…Trump has not
      given Iran a dime…and he don’t take a dime for being in office….you can kiss my grits….you are blind and
      full of hatred like all the rest of the …can’t stand it cause your Hillary didn’t win…get with the program and help America no matter who is President.. I couldn’t stand Obama but I didn’t hate him either.

    • Mysty says:

      HA HA HA HA HA!!!! All gotten from fake news media, lying dem politicians…you didn’t even come CLOSE to how many times obamy went golfing!!! How many of those ‘facts’ did you go to law libraries to dig for on your own? How many videos from all those gutter slug dems did you actually go back in time to find out what they previosly said about issues that they are STILL talking about today…AND THEY CHANGED THEIR TUNE!
      What they were FOR back then…ahem, always with DEM Presidents…but once we got Donald Trump into THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE they changed their tunes big time, NOW they HATE all those ideas they LOVED before. THEY HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAUSE HE DESTROYED THE MOST CORRUPT HUMAN ON EARTH…hitlary.!!! They PLANNED, BANKED ON & SET IT ALL UP FOR HER TO WIN & then here came Donald Trump, talking like he just simply wanted to get this horribly messed up stuff that the clanton’s, both bushes (yes I did put the bushes in there because they were really rinos), & the obamys did to our country.
      To this day poor little crybaby hitlary is STILL WHINING ABOUT LOSING…no wait…she didn’t lise, DONALD TRUMP stole HER presidency…but then it was Russia’s fault,then it wad the ENTIRE dem party because they didn’t support her enough…excuses, excuses, excuses. SHE LOST & IS STILL CRYING.

      • Thomas G says:

        Mysty – – I urge you to research that, because what I found is that Trump has golfed more in two years than Obama did in eight! And, this was after Trump criticized Obama for playing golf, and promised he (Trump) would NOT have time to play golf if elected.

        I don’t mind Trump playing golf – – but we should all mind that he almost always plays ON HIS GOLF COURSES, AND HAVE SECRET SERVICE AND STAFF STAY AT HIS RESORTS, WHICH HAS FUNNELED OVER $110 MILLION INTO HIS POCKETS!!! That is a clear violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution.

    • Gayle Clay says:

      Just a comment on these so called facts presented here and not substantiated. The one on no border wall completed is not correct, as of this date according to the chief of border patrol in San Diego alone, 14 miles have been finished. Making a total now of 57 miles and she said they expect another 330 by the end of this year. Fighting just to get it started and still going is a constant battle with the stupid Democrats. They can certainly get that money allocated for their cities into their pockets and bank accounts but the cities are left in sqular never to have it used for them. Same with the wall. But it is going up!

    • John says:

      You’re wrong about everything you are saying and as crazy as the rest of the democraps. You people make the real America people sick to there stomach’s and anger as hell.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      I could make stuff up too. I just know better.

      • Scott27 says:

        Yes, Steve, because that’s just oh so much easier than spending a little bit of time researching the truth. If you did that, you’d find the same information presented above.

    • Bob says:

      Constitution lover, you are wrong on nearly all your so called facts. Obama lied nearly every time he opened his mouth. No convictions by Mueller or his cohorts, for any Russian Collusion by the president or his people. Coercing people to tell a lie was the majority of Mueller’s convictions. Manafort was found guilty of money laundering; which had nothing to do with the Russian Collusion charge. Flynn was railroaded by Mueller’s chief investigator (Andrew Weissman) and pleaded guilty to lying in order to stop the expense of defending himself and his family. He had to sell his house in order to help pay legal expenses. Andrew Weissman even threatened to indict his Flynn’s son. The FBI said Flynn never lied to them. Obama did not sign the VA Bill that allows veterans to go to a civilian doctor because this law was not passed until Obama left office. Get your facts straight. As for lies, all of your so called facts are lies and you can not even recite one lie President Trump has told. Therefore, I refuse to go any further, but you need better research before posting stories on the Internet.

      • IH8reps says:

        You just made it to irresistible to not reply and I’ll just give you one lie of many because you only asked for one.
        In 2016 TRUMPZILLA claimed he would reduce federal budget debt in less then 8 years.
        Got that so far because here comes the truth he has increased federal budget debt by 68% in just 3 years at this rate in 8 years he will triple it.
        Sorry to break your poor wittle feelings or lack there of but this guy is destroying AMERICA JUST ADMIT IT YOU’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF MAYBE!!!

    • Robert Glade says:

      Headline should have been “LIES”. We can forgive you because you are a liberal democrat and that means Up is down and lies are truth as long as you tell them over and over.

    • Cheryl says:

      Do you get up a 4:00 AM to get your talking points memo like the rest of the lyin’ media, or do you just set your computer to pick them up? What a BS list of hog washed lies. You will be forced in the end to admit you’ve been duped by your idols, because the truth is coming out on all the corruption in the past administration. and their heads will roll, and you lied to dupes will have to go into therapy. Can’t happen soon enough to suit me.

    • April says:

      You might want to get your facts right. POTUS golfs at his own golf course, so he doesn’t pay to golf, Obama is a different story, he didn’t own any golf courses so you were paying for Obama to play golf. Second Trump nominates and they need to be voted in, so really why do we have all these positions because we have do nothing democrats, who will not take a vote on these candidates that Trump has already nominated. Women have come forward and admitted they were paid by the DNC to make false accusations. Maybe you missed it, but Stormy Daniels lost in court and she is the one who ended up paying. Stormy also did an interview and she said she never had sex with Donald Trump. Actually the VA was a wreck while Obama was in office. My brother will tell you that and so will my nephew who both serviced our country. You seem pretty ignorant of the truth, I know you get your lies from CNN or MSNBC or one of the other MSM. I know that when I did my own research and found out that I had been lied to for years, I ended up leaving the democrat party.

    • Randall says:

      Wow are you trying to net some fish ! Typical 1/2 truth if that ? Maybe you should get off your ass and help with Americans problems . I bet this is AOC !

  18. All the smart people in this country who love this country and want to keep it as our country know the Democrat rats are at it again. They have been trying to get rid of our President since before he became President. The lies Schiff made up and Pelosi went along with makes them both guilty of TREASON to get the President impeached. I think they both should go. There must be a law that says they can’t keep making up fake stuff so they can get rid of the President. Some of these things are illegal and definitely treasonous. Hillary and the DNC set up the Mueller investigation illegally.

  19. Dan Winright says:

    The dumbocraptic swamp creatures are panicking. After this lieing escapade there will be a next.and a next. It’s like the criminal that never let’s go of his story. In this case its finally going to be the end for hitlery and the obungler.

  20. Bender says:

    Thank you all for making the Republican party a laughingstock. These right wing conspiracy theories are the same ones cadet bone spurs and Rudy are chasing in Ukraine. The lies told to discredit Biden are the same ones getting Trump impeached. Thanks for speaking up and showing what side of history you’re on. Putting party before country is going to give the country back to Democrats.

    • Pat says:

      Biden admitted in public,at rallies, on television and on video tape that he had his son’s prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold $1 000,000,000 in foreign aid from the Ukraine “and son-of-a bitch, he was fired!” You Democrats refuse to accept the facts, even when they’re handed to you on a platter by the instigator.

  21. Mama says:

    0h god ‘another 1 ! How Many MORE ???
    LOL !.

  22. bagster53 says:

    well if your stupid enough to believe 1 liar you might as well believe the rest of the democrats , they’re all paid hacks , they spent the last 3 years wasting our time on phony scandles , they know they don’t have a chance in 2020 , because their candidates are all saying the same thing , get rid of trump and we will give free stuff that ain’t free , and the stupids will fall for it, you can sum it up by saying get rid of trump and we are going to raise your taxes so high you’ll have nothing left on pay day

    • Mysty says:

      Bagster 53,
      YOU ARE RIGHT!!! And when their taxes go up skyhigh to pay for all the freebies that they plan on giving EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN, they will the 1st ones lined up to want THEIR MONEY BACK…too late suckers, you got everything you VOTED FOR!!!
      And when they lose their high-paying jobs to illegal aliens that work for 1/2 the salary with NO benefits they be screaming to high heaven… ‘UNFAIR, UNFAIR!!!’ But it won’t bring their jobs back!!!

  23. URopinions NE Myfacts says:

    It may be years before all the corruption is discovered and verified. This gives you time to prepare an apology to your family, your country for having stood by a person with a personality disorder whose amorality has lead our country into some dark times.

    • IH8reps says:


    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Hillary didn’t win so nobody needs to apologize for standing by her.

    • Bob says:

      You have just described Obama’s 8 years in office that harmed our country so much that wages were stagnant until President Trump got rid of all those Executive Orders that stymied our economy. Getting rid of the “mandate” in ObamaCare was a great achievement of President Trump because it completely destroyed this very bad healthcare law forced on the country by a Democrat partisan. Trump in 2020 to continue to MAGA.

      • SAD TIMES COMING says:

        Bob Bob Bob
        It is always best to remain silent and only to appear stupid,ignorant,foolish,uneducated.
        Then to post that way and remove all dought.

  24. MC says:

    What about Pelosi and her son Paul in the Ukraine energy cover up? It is all on video as well. All dressed up to the nines. He in a tux, Nancy in a fancy evening dress. The elites are all getting their moneys worth out of this.

  25. Phil G. says:

    It’s all pure unadulterated bull crap! We know Trump is innocent of any wrong doings. Everything they have brought to our attention has all been debunked. So how are these fool’s able to continue this fake onslaught? Without suffering any repercussions? This can’t continue much longer. But it does with the fake news and the Commie Internet censoring us. Something has to be done about this charade. These Commie crooks need to pay for their crimes they have already committed for a long time now! This has to end in their demise. There is no other way? They know they are five. So they are going all out. It’s all or nothing for them. They have been exposed. They figure to hide their crimes etc.. is to win by attrition and take complete control and power! Then they figure they are unstoppable. They will have the Military to do their biding! So if there was a Civil War? It’s all over! They would have every Commie country here to help them disarm us too! Besides the UN. Hey! China offered Obama to help confiscate our gun’s. So what I’m saying is not far fetched or fantasy!

    • cut to the chase says:

      Phil G., people like you should never be picked for a jury that pledges to be “fair and impartial.” You don’t even listen to the evidence in the case (much evidence has not even surfaced) before automatically knowing the result – – – which is one reason many people consider you blind cult followers. You are like the white juries in the South during the start of the 20th century that automatically “KNEW” that the black man had to be the one that raped the woman and that the white man was innocent.

      What we have seen on these postings is that the Democrats are automatically assumed to be bad and guilty (i.e. like the Bidens) whereas Trump is automatically assumed to be innocent. You form your judgement on prejudice, not the evidence . . . and the current GOP is showing itself not be be thoughtful or willing to listen to evidence.

      • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

        Hey Biden both of them are guilty. So is killery Hillary. So take you Democratic butt hurt self back where you came from

      • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

        Hey Biden both of them are guilty. So is killery Hillary. And the Democrats can’t stand the fact that killery lost and a good man won. So get over yourselves

      • Cheryl says:

        Can you read? Aparently you have NOT read the transcript of the call. THERE IS NO wrong doing on our Presidents part, AT ALL!. Read the document, fool! No matter what these WB’s say it is irrelevant. Read the transcript.

        • Donald Duck says:

          It’s clear you can’t comprehend what you read.
          To be able to comprehend what you read you must have the ability for cognitive thinking which is so obvious you lack.

    • Mysty says:

      Phil, you are correct in what you say. But I’ll tell you if it truly comes to a ‘Civil War’, every American who has a gun will fight to their death for their rights…EVEN DEM GUN OWNERS!!!!! I just hope before that happens Jesus comes for His Church in the Rapture OR if not, that someone comes to protect me!!!???? The LORD DID SAY, in Isaiah 46:4 that “EVEN TO YOUR OLD AGE & GRAY HAIRS, I AM HE, I AM HE WHO WILL SUSTAIN YOU. I HAVE MADE YOU & I WILL CARRY YOU; I WILL SUSTAIN YOU & I WILL RESCUE YOU.
      But you know He always sends Angels, in the form of human beings, to help us with what we need that we can’t do for ourselves. So since I don’t have anything but my ‘wicked stick’…….

    • Donald Duck says:

      It’s better to remain silent and just appear to be ignorant,stupid,uneducated.
      Then to openly post that way and remove all doubt.

  26. I don’t believe anything any of these people says and hope everyone else is wise enough to not believe them too. I believe God prepared Trump for this job and if God really did put him here, you will not get rid of him. God has a way of chastising you, so, watch out.

    • Mysty says:

      You are right, Shirley!!! I 100% believe God put PRESIDENT TRUMP into office & he WILL win 2020 because when God does something NO MERE mortal man can undo it.
      I firmly believe as well that the dems WILL lose the house, we WILL keep the senate. In my humble opinion I believe pelosi can retain her house seat is if she CHEATS LIKE HECK!!! And you can bet she has been putting EVERY dirty trick they can devise into place already to keep her in the house. BUT she WILL lose her gavel!!!

    • IH8reps says:

      SS sloan
      How dare you use GOD’S name in vain.
      GOD would never appoint an adulterous animal to watch over his flock.
      By praising TRUMPZILLA you just put him before GOD You must now repent.
      For GOD said You Shalt Have No GOD’S Before Me.
      I believe in the seperation of Church and State.
      Worship your Satonic evil leader all you want at home but don’t come here and push your Satonic views on us.

      • RUTH ANN says:


      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Nobody worships Trump. We just like the job he’s doing minus all the tweets and name calling.
        Trump is a scoundrel. We all know that but that’s not why we voted for him.
        I don’t agree with those people who think God is involved in politics.

  27. ABC says:

    More and more bad news for USS Trump, which, like the “unsinkable Titantic,” keeps springing more and more leaks! A federal judge ruled Trump has to surrender his tax returns. Even Fox people are turning against Trump: Tucker Carlson criticizes Trump’s Phone Call
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    • Michael l Javick says:

      he can do it as head of the constitution..HE IS THE PRESIDENT–DUH

      • ABC says:

        No, Michael, he cannot. After Europe’s examples, America was set up to not give the head of state unlimited power, but they wanted A BALANCE of three branches of power so power did not become concentrated. There are limits on even what the president does, and that was one thing the Federal judge on 10-7-19 called “executive overreach.” One thing is clear, you scream like banshees when Obama used his executive power, but want to give conman Donnie almost unlimited powers.

        • George says:

          so the speaker of the house can strip the power of the people and become president! That’s how every corrupt leader gained power. but all of you are so blind that you can’t accept the USA is broke, and there won’t be any freebees as the dems promise. This country doesn’t know what hell is like, but it sure will find out very soon. May God help those that will be left.

          • IH8reps says:


      • IH8reps says:

        He’s nothing more than a reincarnated HITLER he is a TRAITOR to America he’s the ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER he’s TRUMPZILLA he’s the ANTI CHRIST he’s SATAN in sheeps clothing he’s COMANDER BONE SPURS THE COWARD he’s a PERVERTED PEDOPHILE he’s a DISGUSTING PIG he’s a MAFIA CROOK he loves COMMUNIST LEADERS and most of all he is not the potus of the MAJORITY thats a proven fact.

    • Mysty says:

      Don’t you worry about it. GOD IS PROTECTING PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
      When many of the house & senate dems were asked if THEY WOULD SHOW THEIR TAX RETURNS pelosi & schumer were the 1st to say “NO!!”

  28. su says:

    WE have seen the transcript…we DON’T need someones ( a DEMS) opinion of it

    • LOL says:

      People must have thought you Trumpers are like Trump and don’t read. They are only trying to help the illiterate!

      • Mysty says:

        Oh we read all right, lol & we know how to do in depth research.
        We know how to dig into law books, we know how to go back in time to dig out old videos of the lying dems to PROVE what they were ONCE FOR, when a dem President was in in office BUT ARE 100% AGAINST NOW THAT WE HAVE A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT IN OFFICE.
        We know how to find all the skeletons in dems closets too.
        Maybe someone you know now has a good paying job after being unemployed for awhile?? Maybe you know someone that lives on S.S. & barely squeaks through the month. And if it’s a 5 week month that just makes it harder. But, THANKS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP WE GOT THE BIGGEST RAISE WE’VE EVER HAD. He’s taken a LOT of STUPID restrictions off of businesses, big & small so they’ve been able to hire many more workers. He’s grown the economy so much.
        If all you do is listen to junk, fake news where they are always trashing OUR PRESIDENT then ALL YOU BELIEVE IS LIES. How shallow you are.
        Why don’t YOU try reading every now & then. Maybe YOU will learn something!!!!!

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        You mean like how Adam Schiff made up his own version of Trump’s phone call and then read it to congress ????

  29. james g mcninch says:

    Well, Here’s some news for you. A reputable journalist who has been digging up reports documents etc, along with a few intelligent personal have found that this second whistleblower was the original administration official who gave the irst whistleblower his or her’s marching words for his or her’s complaint, now that smells all to hell. so now that the first whistleblower is under scrutiny for being a cia oppertive using his , making of the complaint , now has stepped up to put a nail on it , which is a fraudulent complaint even schiff and pelosi have lied repeaditly om air.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Name the reputable journalist . . . . because Congress has been working hard to protect the ID of whistle blower to keep right wingnuts from using violence against him/her.

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      How do you know all this? I should believe this came from a “reputable journalist”?

    • Mysty says:

      Yes, this is pure bull puckey. Just like when 2 woman got found out for lying against Justice Kavanaugh, i e. Couldn’t rememer time, day, whose party…actually ANYTHING ABOUT THE WHOLE MADE UP STORIES…they started digging up someone else…she was even WORSE!!! They tried to do the same with PRESIDENT TRUMP…that didn’t work either, so they just KNEW mueller was going to come through for them. He didn’t. So NOW they’re working on this Ukraine barfbag…& oh how interesting that this didn’t come up until biden got caught with his pants down & his fly open with his son hunter & all the REALLY hardcore rotten stuff HE’S been doing over there & getting FILTHY RICH…just imagine having a job making $50 THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!!! A MONTH, MIND YOU!!!!!!! What could YOU do with $600,000.00 a year??? I wouldn’t be in debt & I’d drive a brand new Chevy SUV!! Kids would go to college & my church would be HAPPY!!!
      BUT…THEY HAD TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING,ANYTHING, to take the focus on the bidens so they came up with a ‘whistleblower’…when that fell flat what they do??? THEY DIG UP A 2ND ‘WHISTLEBLOWER’ BUT HE’S ACTUALLY THE 1ST ONE…but wait…if THIS ONE chokes…will they bring out a third one to be the REAL 1st one…or would it be the 4th one if they need a really & truly 3rd first one??? My, how terribly confusing it get…AND I AIN’T BUYING ONE WORD FROM THE LYING DEMS!!!

      • Verily says:

        Boy, are you out of touch with what executives and Board members actually make! Has anyone compared what Biden made compared to what all the other Board members made? My guess is that they all made $50,000 or more a month.

        • Mysty says:

          I don’t hobnob with those kind of people. I have NEVER wanted to be rich. I have always looked at those people living in FEAR that someone is going to steal their spendy stuff, art, jewelry, fancy cars, money…have high dollar security systems, body guards, you name it, to keep bad guys from taking all your richie stuff away. Fear that your kids…maybe even YOU could be kidnapped & held for ransom.
          Nope, I am a RICH woman, living on S.S., I make it from month to month but I am not hungry, my bills get paid & I’m thanking GOD EVERY DAY for all the fabulous blessings He pours out over me!!!
          But being it’s Lithuania I doubt that EVERYONE makes that kind of money…they not only got the corrupt son to get access to all kinds of insider info about America, but they bought daddy biden as well. They figure if he wins, he can make sure they get LOTS & LOTS OF AMERICAN PERKS.
          And furthermore verily, I don’t give a rat’s patooty what you or anyone else think of me. You can insult me to your heart’s content. Doesn’t bother me one bit. I live my simple little life, full of Joy, no matter the almost 73 year old body breaking down, I am totally content…CAN YOU SAY THAT…AND MEAN IT???

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Sounds like Dems. and the DEEP STATE are doing an Abbott and Costello routine: Who’s on first?!!! ROTFLOL!! MAGA!!

  30. Edward C Olivares, Sr says:

    Biden actiually publicly bragged about using his position as Vice President to demand the firing of the Prosecutor inv estigating his con Hunter for corruption. Joe Biden bragged that he foirced the firing by threatening to withold millions of dollars of aid. Nothing in the transcript of the Trump-Zelensky phone call even hints of such a thrat. Trump politely asked Zelensky to look into the situation that was open knowledge!

  31. Abraham Mundt says:

    Both sides are guilty and deserve to be held accountable. Until America sees that, we will never get out of the mess we are in.

    This partisan hypocrisy from both sides is sickening. If it’s wrong for the Democrat its wrong for the Republican. And vice versa.

  32. I don’t think ‘Impeachment’ is first and foremost on the Demonist’s Minds. I think they know they can’t win that one…I personally think they just want to drag this Investigation out drip by drip until Election Day!!! Public Opinion is what they are counting on and with all this Propaganda by them, our Liberal Media, and Hollywood along with some of the Rino’s…They are counting on that to change people’s minds come Election Day 2020…..TRUMP 2020!!!

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      I just want the investigations to continue, especially by the State of New York. Why do you continue to think that Trump is so innocent of crimes when he tries to hide everything? The corruption is in the White House. It was at the Trump Tower even before Trump became president.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      I think the dems game plan is to impeach Trump in the house, then when he gets reelected the dems will claim Trump can’t put judges on the courts anymore because he was impeached.

  33. Wicked Woman says:

    Here we go again. Another “Blasey-Ford” charade. How about we wait for the third, fourth, or fifth whistleblower before we pontificate. I mean, by the time the 5th one comes out, they should have it right. Then again, maybe not.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      George Bush found Sadam Hussein, Barack Obama found Osama bin Laden. Donald Trump can’t find the spies running up and down the halls of the White House. WTF???

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Good point, White House has been said to be in chaos. Would be interested Jonathan about what you think about Trump getting off the phone with head of Turkey, and by himself, without consulting the military or anyone else in state department, decided to betray our long time allies, the Kurds, by pulling out of Syria and letting Turkey persecute the Kurds! The Kurds are saying they have been BETRAYED and even Mitch M and Lindsey Graham are saying it is a bad move.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          Dr JD, I am thankful that a few Republicans spoke out about the upcoming slaughter of the Kurds. Trump has betrayed a loyal and brave ally and his hands will forever be stained with the blood of the Kurdish people. I agree with General Colin Powell, time for the gutless Republicans to get a grip. For what it’s not worth say a prayer for the Kurds.

          • Pat says:

            Why did you not offer prayers for our brave soldiers who gave their lives to fight for the Kurds? All we’re hearing is “The poor Kurds are going to be left to die!” We are not he keeper of the entire world.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          Dr.J D, oops For what it’s worth say a prayer for the Kurdish people.

      • IH8reps says:

        That’s because he spends most of his day watching fox news and the remainder of his time on the toilet because he’s full of SH##.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        What a stupid comment. Is Trump supposed to use the U.S. military to find spies in the white house? Maybe some Navy Seals can parachute onto the white house lawn.

  34. It always directs back to the same ole people in another time. They are accusing President Trump of rhe same stuff that they did. However, they got away with it or did they? They have done far more worst things on top of what they’ve done . Old lady Hillary should be in prison planning to write another book in how she got there.

    • Scott27 says:

      I was never a fan of Hillary, but I will say she is likely one of the most investigated people in the last 40 years with nothing criminal to charge her with. Did it ever occur to you (and most here) that the whistleblowers just might be telling the truth. Look at trumps behavior over the past couple of years or more. He really does fancy himself above the law and thinks being president means he can do anything (shoot someone on 5th avenue) he wants and that he’s untouchable and certainly not accountable to any laws or institutions. Maybe it’s time you all put country over one man who was a reality tv huckster.

      • tracker says:

        The flaw in your argument is that Trump HAS been following the laws

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Not so, tracker, that is just the kind of response that Trump laughed about how his followers would still support him if he killed someone on broad daylight on 5th avenue!

          #1. Trump has now solicited campaign help (which is illegal) from three countries.

          #2. Trump has TEN violations of obstructions of justice, outlined and verified
          . . . . . in the Mueller report, part 2.

          #3. Trump has committed several election law crimes with his lawyer Cohen.
          . . . . .. . Cohen is not serving time for his part of the crimes (which were at the
          . . .. . . . direction and financed by Trump.

          #4. Trump has continually violated the emoluments clause of the constitution
          . . . . . . . by funneling over $110 million from taxpayers into his own businesses.

          #5. Trump obstructed justice again after the whistle blower complaint was filed.
          . . .. . . The complaint, by law, once assessed as credible and urgent concern (it was),
          . . . . . . . is supposed to go directly to Congess . . . but the White House stepped in
          . .. . . . . along with AG Barr – – where they did not belong.

          • Pat says:

            The first whistleblower provided proof in his transcript that he has ties to Soros. This second whistleblower worked in Obama’s White House in 2016 as a CIA operative tasked with digging up dirt on Trump prior to the election. Do you not see any problems here?

          • Gayle Clay says:

            Right, just murder babies and believe that it is ok. Then don’t understand why Democrats are called satanists? Something is definitely wrong with the liberals way of justifying themselves.

        • IH8reps says:


      • Disgusted in Texas says:

        Scott27- Everything you’ve heard about Pres. Trump comes from a corrupt/bi-ass-ed news media that fawns over that P.O.S.’s Obama and The Crooked Clintons. Pres. Trump may be no saint, but he has done more to improve this country and undo the damage that P.O.S. Obama did. So take your uneducated, liberal viewpoint and stick it up your anal orifice.

        • ABC says:

          Disgusted, everything you have heard about Trump has come from the right wing Kool Aid often by Fox commentators or from the nutcase networks like Breitbart or InfoWars with the nut job, Alex Jones. I doubt if you listen or read from a variety of sources, certainly nothing like what Scott27 does. Do you ever regularly watch any other news service, including newspapers, other than right wingnut sources?

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          The tentacles are slowly climbing up the neck of the Chosen One. I am patiently awaiting the day when the stable genius, in all his infinite wisdom, is frog marched out of the White House in handcuffs and leg irons.

        • IH8reps says:

          Retard in texass
          Now that he has ridden what Obama started it’s so clear to see his BS is destroying america stock market showing signs of big trouble another 100 point drop today desperately needs communistic leaders to help him win New York On His A## For Tax Fraud and paying off hookers Trillions of dollars in free money to the 1% and corprate america the only thing left is a major financial crash comming lets just pray its not a DEPRESSION because thats a very great possibility.

      • Connie says:

        I like the politics and results but not the personality of President Trump; however, how would most of us respond when spyed on, accused, investigated for made up violations, our children treated the way President Trump’s have been? They back him into corners and get mad when he comes out swinging. They did the same thing to Justice Kavanaugh….they accused, attacked, and badgered over and over and over again. Then when he came out swinging they screamed “Unfit”. I don’t trust anyone in politics, but I trust them even less when they have been there term after term after term. THAT’S where the corruption lies.

        • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

          If you’re a Trump supporter, then you have to own it all. All the lying, all the abuse of executive power, all the harm he is doing by dissolving e.g. EPA regulations which were put there to protect you, etc., etc. He’s not a victim, though likes to believe that he is. He does represent many in this country, because we have become a nation of victims. And Kavanaugh? He is unfit because he was supplying classified info to the Ken Starr investigation which is a crime. The corruption lies with those who have done away with any ethical or moral values just to retain power and wealth. Trump and Kavanaugh have made their own legacies.

          • Pat says:

            “The corruption lies with those who have done away with any ethical or moral values just to retain power and wealth.” – Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Schumer, etc. (all Dems).

      • Kenneth says:

        You gotta be one of the blindest and dumbest people if you really believe that BS your talking

        • IH8reps says:

          My vision is very good and clear, however i learned one important thing from NIXION you can never ever trust a retardican lying cheating CROOK.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Just because Comey drafted his exoneration letter before Hillary’s investigation was even completed doesn’t mean she is innocent. It means she, like most politicians, got away with her crimes.

    • tracker says:

      The left are fools. The more they bring up the Ukraine the more we find out about THEIR actions there since 2011………….and that WAS criminal

  35. hondo1046 says:

    How long before AG Barr, Durham and Horowitz release their findings?

    This Democratic nonsense has got to stop!

  36. Timothy Toroian says:

    Do they have another tape of the conversation? If not what’s the big deal?

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      They do! The Democrats are trying to get the original recording of the phone call from the national security experts. There were three areas of omissions in the summary transcripts.

  37. Jim Ripley says:

    Most of this “whistleblower”- Biden garbage fake news piffle seems to has also been crafted to give “Dear little Hillary” additional shelter. Wow, talk about trampling the law! Dear Hillary has written the book!!

  38. james g mcninch says:

    YES it is a hit job, listing the same complaint as the first one, not going to the ig but sending it to the media, it matters not which one they give what they get to every news channel again a person has the right to confront his or her’s accuser in his or her’s defense, it’s in the bill of rights contrary to beliefe by the fake news even a president has that right . the house has to take a vote or drop their fake impeachment (investigation) is all it is.

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