Donald Trump just got hit with some devastating news by the Supreme Court

Nancy Pelosi’s plan to disqualify Donald Trump from running for President again in 2024 just scored a major win.

Democrats celebrated.

And Donald Trump just got hit with some devastating news by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court denied to hear Donald Trump’s appeal of a lower court ruling that the National Archives must turn over a treasure trove of documents and records to Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 witch hunt Committee.

Mediaite reports:

The Supreme Court denied former President Donald Trump’s case that he be immune from the January 6th Committee’s bid to review his White House records.

The court ruled last month that Trump couldn’t claim executive privilege in order to shield his records from the committee’s investigation into the events behind the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Trump mounted an appeal, but the court released a series of documents denying his emergency request, ending his attempts to withhold schedules, call logs, emails and other articles pertinent to the investigation.

Even though Trump claimed executive privilege, the lower courts ruled that only the current President could assert that right.

Of course, the real purpose of the January 6 Committee is not to arrive at any kind of “truth” about what happened that day.

The Committee is pointedly ignoring the failures of security, as well as questions about how many FBI informants were in the crowd that day and if these undercover FBI informants played any role in inciting violence.

Nancy Pelosi set up this Committee for one reason and one reason only – to act as the Democrats’ third impeachment hoax against Donald Trump.

Pelosi’s first two attempts to impeach, convict, and ban Trump from running for office failed.

So Pelosi set up a kangaroo court where she could stack the deck by personally approving the members who served on the panel.

The Committee’s goal is to recommend criminal charges that Joe Biden’s extremely political Department of Justice can use to prosecute Donald Trump.

Polls show Joe Biden’s approval ratings are tanking, with no sign of a rebound in sight.

There are multiple other polls that show Trump leading Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch.

Nothing terrifies Democrats more than the prospect of a Donald Trump comeback.

And that is why Nancy Pelosi set up the January 6 Select Committee and allowed it to run roughshod over the Constitution by subpoenaing lawmakers’ phone records and targeting private citizens who were not even in Washington, D.C. that day.

Ultimately, Pelosi is looking to demand Joe Biden file criminal charges against Donald Trump to prevent him from running for President in 2024.

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