Donald Trump just found out which two allies tried to sell him out to Nancy Pelosi

The Republican establishment spent the last five years trying to get rid of Donald Trump.

It turned out that Trump insiders tried to play a pivotal role in that scheme.

And Donald Trump just found out which two allies tried to sell him out to Nancy Pelosi.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl’s new book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show revealed that after the events on January 6, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a phone conversation about trying to remove Donald Trump from office using the 25th Amendment.

Pompeo and Mnuchin always presented themselves as strong Trump allies – Pompeo wants to run for President in 2024 as an heir to the Trump legacy – but the two bought into the media narrative that Trump incited a white supremacist insurrection and plotted to remove the President.

Their plan ultimately failed as Trump would challenge the attempt and there were not enough Trump haters left in the cabinet to provide a majority vote to remove him.

Mediaite reported:

In an excerpt of Betrayal discussed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Karl detailed how former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the night of Jan. 6 about potentially invoking the 25th amendment on Trump and ousting him from the presidency. Karl reports that the conversation with Pompeo about invoking the 25th amendment was one of several Mnuchin had in the wake of the attack on the Capitol.

According to Karl, the mass resignations among Cabinet members in the aftermath of the riot ultimately thwarted the plan’s momentum.

“It quickly became apparent that the 25th amendment was not going to work,” Karl said on MSNBC. “It would not be quick enough. It would be subject to legal challenges, et cetera.”

Establishment Republicans thought January 6 would be the breaking point with Trump.

But polls showed that Republican voters did not buy the corporate media spin about Trump supposedly inciting an insurrection.

Republicans who wanted a future in the GOP realized they would torch their future career prospects by betraying Donald Trump and voters and supporting efforts to remove Trump.

But it could be Donald Trump who gets the last laugh if he opts to run against a tanking Joe Biden team in the 2024 presidential election and ultimately win.

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