Donald Trump Jr. just posted one picture that Obama wanted to keep secret

Since leaving office, Barack Obama remains a major player in the Democrat Party.

He uses his influence to enrich himself and push his far-left views.

But all of that is done after Donald Trump Jr. posted one picture that Obama wanted to be kept secret.

Currently, there is no issue Democrats are whining about more than migrant detention.

When illegal immigrants come over the border and are caught, they are detained until they face deportation.

But Democrats claim it’s immoral, and that illegal immigrants are being held in “concentration camps,” with children being put in cages.

But as Donald Trump Jr. pointed out with one picture on Twitter, the practice occurred long before Trump.

The picture shows Obama’s former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson inside of one of the migrant detention centers.

These detention centers have been around since long before Trump.

The Obama and Clinton administrations both used immigrant detention centers because they’re necessary.

Even since leaving Obama’s administration, Johnson continues to defend the camps, and even childhood separation.

RealClearPolitics reports:

On Fox News Sunday, former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said that under the Barack Obama administration, they did detain some children alone and some families together, two policies for which Donald Trump has been widely blamed.

Johnson told host Chris Wallace that they “thought it was necessary at the time,” and that it is still is.

“Without a doubt the images, and the reality, from 2014, just like 2018, are not pretty,” Johnson said. “We expanded it, I freely admit it was controversial, we believed it was necessary at the time, I still believe it is necessary to remain a certain capability for families.”

Of course, Johnson is correct.

You don’t really have borders unless they are secured, and if those who illegally cross them face consequences.

When an adult commits a crime, they get separated from their children.

An illegal immigrant breaking U.S. border laws should be no different.

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130 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Their going to need to adopt more like 10 families each at this rate

  2. Sue says:

    I think our government did pretty good, considering how many people tried to invade us at once. At least they have blankets, and a mattress to sleep on instead of the hard ground, and they have food to eat.

  3. Jon says:

    So that explains why AOC got elected, there is no requirement for using your brain or even passing a USA history coarse.

  4. Mark Pearson says:

    It is pretty much routine when adults and children are arrested together for the children to be removed from the environments in which the adults are held. Jails can be very dangerous places where the strong and powerful often prey upon the weak and innocent.

  5. Kimberly says:

    You sound like such a pervert.

  6. Colleen La Rose says:

    No moron, I never have a kind word for dumbasses like you. please enlighten me….who is this “everybody” you speak of that is sick of seeing my hateful posts? If it’s more idiots like you & the Alaska twit, then pull up your big girl panties & suck it up!

  7. Sam R says:

    Ornery Sudan you must be a Soros paid Demolitionocrat web troll. You know no one can get in to see the so called “cages” and so Demolitionocrats make crap up. The “children” I have seen pictures of are 16 and 17 year old drug runners and could easily be ISIS fighters. You also know that of the so-called family units at least a third of them have children that are NOT a DNA match for the so called parents. There is child human trafficking going on there and you idiots are demanding that the kids be given back to the traffickers!!! Instead of spinning your wheels and trying for all you are worth to throw shade on Trump, why don’t you actually try to do some good and support building the wall to stop the flow of human victims and invaders, and then work with the Republicans for meaningful immigration reform. That’s all we really wanted in the first place.

  8. Jack Handy says:

    ps. ‘o’/jeh johnson etc ARE HYPOCRITES/ Bigots.
    & MSM. I could go 0n ___

  9. Jack Handy says:

    Don’t think Jr. ‘beard’ is becoming. NEVERTHELESS,
    Stay 0N Topic. Thank you.

    >>> PHOTO Says ALL.

  10. Kukulu says:

    Hahahahaha. Foolish man !!

  11. Ornery Sudna says:

    With your name and your admiration automatically shows that you are brainwashed or evil, take your pick CooCoo

  12. Kukulu says:

    You are really drinking the koolaid. How do you exist with only a two digit IQ and maybe three working brain cells. You are a racist narcissist and should move to Venezuela with AOC, Tlaib and Omar. Nasty man.

  13. Kukulu says:

    The anti christ was and is Obama. You are so nasty, no wonder you are a demonrat.

  14. Sam R says:

    So, Moses, how long have you been a Democrat web troll and how much is Soros paying you?

  15. Sam R says:

    So, you’ve been a Trump fan for all these years? Who woulda guessed.

  16. Ornery Sudna says:

    You don’t need all capitals, it is Nobel, and if it were noble, Trump is the least noble person in the country being a sexual assaulter, a draft dodger thief, narcissist who has been all about lust, money, feeding his obese body, and the sick adulation people like you give him Kathy.

  17. Ornery Sudna says:

    Both of you are idolizing the golden calf, the anti-Christ, why don’t you understand he is an egomaniacal malignant narcissist, and has been a criminal his whole life and stole the election, that is why he owes Putin by kissing his butt.

  18. Ornery Sudna says:

    It’s not Sudan, do you have dyslexia?

  19. Ornery Sudna says:

    Colleen everyone is sick of seeing your hateful posts at least as much, you never have a compassionate word for the poor.

  20. Ornery Sudna says:

    You go there Susan, they won’t let you in, I think that you should try to live in them for a few days, and clean them, and see the children, 3,5, 10 whatever separated from the parents for months. And you think of yourself as a Christian? Maybe a Satanist. None of them have it better than people in this country fool.

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