Donald Trump Jr. just embarrassed Barack Obama with this one tweet

During Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House the IRS targeted conservatives, handed out guns to criminals in the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scheme, and now reports point to his administration spying on the Trump campaign.

That’s why Obama’s recent claim that his administration was “scandal free” was so laughable.

But Donald Trump, Jr. just humiliated Obama with this one tweet.

Obama spoke at a private event at MIT this week.

In a leaked audio recording, the former president stated, “we didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us.”

In the past, Obama also claimed to have the most transparent administration in history.

He even received a transparency award, but the media was banned from attending the ceremony.

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56 Responses

  1. zee says:

    To All the folks here. Scroll to Near bottom ie ‘Stufff’ You NEED to ‘Know’.
    G_D Bless All & USA.

  2. Donl says:

    Sorry Obie, not only were you an embarrassment to the USA, but you alone gave us 8 fkg years of solid scandals, and they have scarred this country for years to come. We The REAL American People will Not succumb to your Communist style of government. Freedom IS worth fighting for.

    • Christian van Niekerk says:

      They have said for centuries that they will conquer the world and convert the world to that cult, or face the sword.

      Unfortunately, the world leaders are ignorant. They are handing the world to those)(*(*().
      The Christian world is committing religious suicde

  3. Patti says:

    Obummer and his husband are the biggest joke of this country. Of course there are Killarney and her jackass husband. But what really shocks me are the stupid, stupid people who don’t see it!

  4. john says:

    The black bastard WAS a scandal. Should never have been elected. He sat in the church of Rev. Wright screaming “God Damn America”, a documented fact and before he was elected; if a white person did that, they would have been driven our of the campaign immediately!

  5. No way! His scandals had scandals! He has so much to hide that he publicly endorsed the woman he hated most to be his successor (HilLIARy Clinton), so she could hide all his dirty little secrets. “Most qualified person in history to be President” PLEASE!!! She never did anything worth anything! Someone name for me one good thing she did (please do not say anything to do with the Clinton Foundation because we all know that that is a pay for play scam which is being investigated by not only the US authorities, but foreign governments as well).

  6. Thomas Martin says:

    I am so tired of liberals and mainstream media worshipping Obama as if he was a God. He was s false God a pagan false idol. I cannot believe so many Americans are as stupid as they appear. I would be embarrassed to try and defend Obama’s corruptions


  8. Donl says:

    B S, Obie’s entire admin. was one big scandal, what an embarrassment it was to have this Commie for a Fake Leader.

    • Tony says:

      Hell, even getting his filthy feet into the white house was all part of a scandal as he was bought into the white not voted in by we the people,and those behind it pulled it off for his second term in the white house, But we the people in or country made them all look like the fools those types of people are ,when the tried to put the lying crooked she devil Hillary R. For rotten Clinton in the white house and it was we the people who had the best laugh when those with all their money power lost to we the people, as it was we the millions an millions of people who hold the real power,and if those wealthy types evil people have not figured it out yet,they may be getting a rude awakening in the near future .

    • Kris Kristian says:

      THEY ORGANISED the iran deal. what did they get out of it, financially?
      that is why they “acted” like they wont give Iran anything, till Iran agrees to the US conditions. Dont forget Kerry that swine, has a dfaughtyer married to a top Iranian.
      Their “discussions”: with Iran, were all rehearsed.
      May they both meet Satan NOW>

  9. Steven Undercoffer says:

    Being a retired U.S. Army Medical NCO I am no longer required to urinate in their ears if their brains were on fire

    • Tony says:

      Do you mean to say those types of wealthy people have brains ,as I for one in our country thought they ended in their buts ,and where all that bad smell was coming from .

  10. David in MA says:

    ““we didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us.””

    Look at his words, “That embarrassed us”, so in a way he is not disclaiming any scandals, it’s just there was no embarrassment to them… This bugger knew exactly what he was doing and how dangerous his actions to America were. He counted on his being black and that no one would dare to go after him because of the office of president…. I hope he becomes surprised when he is jailed to clean up the presidency and show others they also could be prosecuted for their crimes, regardless of the position they may hold. Obama got away, so far, with a lot of criminal activity because people would not believe it to be happening because it was so bizarre. I hope I live to see obama, the clintons, holder, lynch, comey, penatta, and a host of others, eithers jailed or executed for their actions.

  11. Brian says:

    People must be blind, his name alone screams Musilum!!!!!

    • GRIZZ MANN says:

      He was named after Mohammad’s magic horse.

      • Tony says:

        No not a magic horse, it was a Donkey and when one looks him in the face he even looks like one.

      • Bill says:

        Yeah, Mohammad’s magic horse’s ASS, actually mohammed’s black horse’s ass, yeah, i think that’s about right. but there’s more and I franklyy don’t want to wastye my valuable time enumerating the obvious!

    • RICHARD E DIMERY says:

      Unfortunately, the citizens of MN, assumaedly about one- half women, voted to send the first Muslim to the Senate. Keith Ellison, while campaigning, declared “Islam works for me.” Followed by Carson and a few others. Out of guilt or PC, many voters see this as a good thing. The people we foolishly elevate to public office will transform this republic into something else. The first Muslim president will likely declare Shariah Law, by exec order. Wake up, America!

      • Tony says:

        Hell ,Even the Romans did not like the Muslims and ran them out out of Italy, and now after thousands of years , people became dumb or stupid ,and invite them into into their countries so they can kill us ,

  12. Calvin says:

    The only reason Obama could say that there was no scandal he was ashamed of is the simple fact that he has no shame.
    Thank God he is gone!!

  13. RAY says:

    His legacy, Zip, Zero, Nada…This man was on a mission to destroy this Country and certainly got a great start. His disrespect for our beloved Military, consorting with our enemy’s, no authority to send Millions of Dollars to a Country that sends Arms to a enemy that wants to kill us, and told us we are no longer a Christian Nation…
    I don’t need to say anymore except ….leave and take the rest of the traitors with you..Hollywood included…..

    • Aline says:

      oh no! His legacy is ‘ toilets ‘ for trans ( which is what michael , michelle is ) That’s where his face belongs, and where I’d love to flush a tsunami on!

  14. Steven Coy says:


    • Tony says:

      Just goes to show you been fighting the wrong enemy as the real enemy are those that been running our country,like those you mentioned above.,along with all the wealthy corporate cronies who bee using our tax money to put or buy them and put those types of people in power of taking over our country with we the people in it.

  15. Dave says:

    I say, they (Obama, and 2 Clintons) should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”.

    • n says:

      Do you know why those types of crooks, murders ,thieves ,plus all the other things those types of of people have done to we the people of our country ,have not been charged as yet for ,could it not be because if they go done ,all those who helped put them in power,would be going down with them ,and their is a whole lot of the wealthy corporate cronies that may go down with them and those are the types of people ,we the people are not to know who those people are,But I for one in our great country feel we may already know who those types people are ,and they been beat by their own game and those types of people can not get over their loss.

    • J.D. says:

      HANG UM!

  16. Gerald says:

    If anyone of these treasonous leaders would have “Just Tried “one of their criminal acts in any other country. They would not be alive today!!!!

  17. NavyDoc says:

    Barry Soetoro ought to be charged w/ treason!
    He should also be charged for identity theft for using:
    Not 1, but 2 different SSN’s! There might be a 3rd as well.

    • Aline says:

      that piece of lower than garbage, should be hanging in a public square!

    • anne says:

      this man is a phony from way back,

      what is his real name and where id he from?

      • NavyDoc says:

        When he was in Indonesia he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro! His mother (so called-mother…I don’t believe Stanley Ann Dunham was his mother!) moved to Indonesia & married Lolo Soetoro! His name listed on school registration was Barry Soetoro & he was also listed as being a Muslim because in order to go to their schools at that time, one had to be a Muslim & practice Islam!
        IMHO…I believe that Barry Soetoro looks a lot like the king of thailand’s son/s (he had twin sons)
        There is a couple of videos on YouTube (I cannot remember the names) that are very compelling to say the least!
        Now, I know that there are a lot of BS vids out there & many might think
        “Conspiracy Theory,” I just try to read between the lines & come to my own reasoning.
        I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind! You go find the vids & reach your own conclusions! Again…I’m just saying!

        • zee says:

          All of ‘barry’s E0’s Should be ‘Rescinded’ by current P0TUS,
          Many were unConstitutional, therefore not Valid/0r WithStanding… ‘barry’ Certainly has a ‘past’ which is N0T Secluded, but ‘covered’ & to say the least Convoluted. &
          Many $Millions have been spent in ‘the cover’.

          • NavyDoc says:

            Hey Zee…
            I completely agree. He may have had a little bundle $$$ to begin with, but he sure as heck left with more $$$$ (not counting his book deal.)

        • zee says:

          & Greetings to you NavyDoc. Am going to write to WH & direct my ink to C0S Kelly (as much as i don’t care for him)
          to tell Mr. Pres. he better WTFU, is losing ‘base’, NRA, re gun control etc. I Saw the gun bill, it is Lengthy – IF P0TUS DJT signs it – well , uh = ‘bad news’. He likes to play around w/words, But- Now is N0t the Time for his whatever baloney games.

        • zee says:

          re Stanley Ann Dunham, have read ink she was involved in/w CIA on some level . & has been said that she & barry were involved in what’s called ‘the jump or jumping room’ ), so i guess you can figure out that, that was some sort of ‘mind control’ program. I never liked the ‘look’ on his face/eyes Many Many times. BTW: i’ll say ‘it’ Again: Cruz didn’t D0 IT. ie ‘patsy confession’ & taking the hit.

          • NavyDoc says:

            You are SPOT ON Zee…way too many of these shootings that
            in the end…doesn’t equal out! I learned in the Navy that 2 & 2 is 4???
            I was a Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class & my math had to be correct.
            Something is really wrong here & not just w/ Cruz. I believe that this
            goes deeper! Too danged many calls to LEO’s too many visits by LEO’s,
            Social Servises, FBI…I could go on & on but you get my drift.
            My whole deal in a nutshell: all of these shootings have WAY TOO MANY
            COINCIDENCES…I don’t believe in coincidences! Don’t know about you,
            but here’s my last thing: What is wrong w/ the SHEEPLE? I just don’t
            understand why they cannot see through the wool covering their eyes???
            Sorry for my grammar & the like. My eyes are getting sleepy!
            I’ll holler atcha L8r…B safe;^/

          • zee says:

            I don’t believe in coincidences either. Many ppl just do not access the same info as we, & many are in flat out denial. Most of the shootings have been False Flags. & this little David Hogg kid running around w/CNN is bad news, big time. I saw a screen capture of his class yr. bk 2015 IN CA. !!! It was Instagram & now deleted. He never went to school in Parkland, & was set up to be there. 0k- i’ll stop now. ps. what is LE0 ???

          • NavyDoc says:

            That is extremely disturbing about him not going to Parkland!!!
            You watch, he’ll be a part of the:
            Fake News Network soon enough!
            LEO’s =Law Enforcement Officers!
            They called them that at DHS I was a
            screener @ airport KY.

          • zee says:

            0h for cryin’ out loud & ee gads re LE0, 0K! geez.
            >Hogg was part of CNN fake news Almost Immediately After the incident. He has ‘hung around’ CNN for past cpl yrs. N0 Secret. This kid’s daddy retire fbi (Ahem). Wow, talk re being in a ‘mind control’ program. Reason officers didn’t go in Was DUE to obomba/Eric Holder “Promise Act” . Suprintendent Runcie in on it & was shipped from Chicago thru obomba for “Promise Act” Sheriff Israel on & on. Many Counties/cities Receive FUNDS for politically Lowering Crime Rate Statistics by Ignoring ‘crime’ & Not Reporting, therefore Statistics are Lower.
            EVERY0NE Needs< to Know This. Also P0TUS NEEDS to Rescind the "Promise Act" IMMEDIATELY. Does he 'know' ??? IF SO, well then, that should tell you Something. Want to tell you more, not sure this the rite place to expose'.
            Capish. Stay safe as well. Later__

          • zee says:

            Excerpt from Heavy Duty site. Too bad photo doesn’t come thru w/ bloody girl – a shot to head/neck, blood & all fake,ie crisis actors.

            March 3 2018

            CONFIRMED: On the exact same day of the shooting, Parkland had a fully realistic crisis actor shooting drill

            I don’t know why MSNBC did this report, but they basically blew it. Now we are supposed to believe they had a fully staged crisis actor shooting drill (fake blood and makeup and all), and an actual shooting, at the same school on the same day, when that school has had 13 other similar crisis actor drills before.
            Down this page a ways there is a video of a classmate filming hogg, saying he does not know why hogg is even in the school because he’s too old, and only there to be a crisis actor. If this school had already staged 13 fake shootings with crisis actors before this so-called real one, it would strongly indicate the video where the student filmed Hogg really was taken before the phony shooting, as advertised.

            At any rate, here is the NBC news video, which clearly states the school was loaded with crisis actors:

            NOW, let me pop a salient question: Why, in all the MSM news coverage, was this now confirmed drill, complete with fake blood, real blanks, the whole 9 yards never mentioned anywhere in the MSM?

            And here’s the clincher: The kids did indeed speak about a drill on the same day, and that’s what they thought this was. If MSNBC has now confirmed the school had a drill on the same day, why would the students think the “real shooting” was a drill? Would that not have already been over? surely they did not have a drill AFTER the shooting!

    • zee says:

      It has been Said: 1 of SS# is from ‘Conn’. – appropriate, i’d say.

  18. Bill says:

    If all the criminals of the past administrations get off scott Free, then our country will no longer be the United States of America. Without the rule of law what does a country stand for? Banana Republic!

  19. Bruce Berlet says:

    The world’s biggest liar and worst president in history was also the most corrupt and should have been tossed in jail years ago. Unfortunately, he, his unpatriotic wife, Scumbag Bill and Crooked Hillary will liked get away with all their criminal behavior that would landed the rest of us behind bars. At least they’ve all been exposed for the scoundrels that they are.

  20. Frank says:

    They’re going to somehow cover it up

  21. Angel says:

    The saddest part is that he will get away with it.

    • David in MA says:

      Maybe not, this fear is why they are after Trump so badly.

      • n says:

        You are one who knows something as you may have that same feeling ,that their time to pay the price is near, as things are not looking good in their favor ,and I for one would like to see them all shot or hung, as we do not want those types of people in jails,with we the people paying the price to keeping them there as they have taken enough of or money already and enough is enough and it is time for them to say their good bys .

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