Donald Trump issued one ultimatum that is devastating news for Democrats in 2024

Donald Trump wants to run for president again.

Democrats are growing more concerned by the day.

And Donald Trump issued one ultimatum that is devastating news for Democrats in 2024.

One of the most disturbing aspects of Joe Biden’s failed presidency is Biden’s refusal to hold Communist China accountable for unleashing the coronavirus on the world.

The best evidence indicates that COVID-19 escaped – on accident or by a deliberate act – from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Communist China.

Joe Biden won’t commit to any plan to hold China accountable because Biden still hopes to strike a deal with the Communist Chinese on so-called “global warming.”

Donald Trump has other ideas.

And if Trump runs for president in 2024, one of the major issues could be the choice between Joe Biden’s appeasement policy and Trump’s new demand that Communist China fork over $60 trillion in reparations to countries around the world for allowing COVID-19 to spread across the globe.

Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that it is obvious that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that Communist China needed to pay up.

“I think the origins are so obvious,” he said. “They came out of the Wuhan lab. And I think if anybody thinks anything differently, they’re just kidding themselves. So, you can ask — China has to pay. They have to do something. They have to pay reparations. And China doesn’t have the money to pay those reparations. I believe that worldwide — I’m not just talking United States — worldwide, $60 trillion of damage, $60 trillion.”

Trump said that even if Communist China could not come up with the entire $60 trillion, Beijing needed to pay something to make good to the rest of the world for the last two years of death and upheaval.

“China doesn’t have $60 trillion,” Trump added. “But they have to do something to make up for what they’ve done. What they’ve done to the world is so horrible. It’s been horrible, all over the world. And it doesn’t stop.”

Donald Trump was the first American President to directly confront the evil of Communist China.

It was one of the biggest changes Donald Trump made to the American government and foreign policy.

And the 2024 campaign could present the American people with a stark contrast between Trump and a Democrat opponent who is willing to let Communist China off the hook for the coronavirus.

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