Donald Trump issued a coronavirus challenge that has Democrats fearing the worst

Donald Trump is trying to manage the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

But he is being undermined every step of the way by the Fake News Media and Democrat Party.

And now Donald Trump issued a coronavirus challenge that has Democrats fearing the worst.

A pro-Biden Super PAC “Unite the Country” is now running a television ad attacking the President for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

While it is ugly to try and sabotage the Commander in Chief’s response to a national emergency, this is politics.

But where the Biden Super PAC crossed the line was loading up the ad with a false claim about how President Trump supposedly called the coronavirus a “hoax.”

“Crisis comes to every presidency — we don’t blame them for that,” the ad begins. “What matters is how they handle it.”

“Donald Trump didn’t create the coronavirus, but he is the one who called it a hoax, who eliminated the pandemic response team, and who let the virus spread unchecked across America,” the Unite the Country ad falsely claimed “Crisis comes to every president – this one failed.”

The President never called the existence of coronavirus a “hoax.”

What he did say was the Fake News Media reaction and the Democrat Party hysteria was a “hoax.”

The Trump campaign immediately dispatched a letter to TV stations demanding they take down this false ad.

This presented a moment of truth for TV networks.

Major networks and cable stations refused to run Trump ads in the past because they claimed – without citing
any evidence – that the ads were supposedly “false” or “racist.”

In this case Joe Biden’s allies were caught red-handed in a blatant falsehood.

Will they apply the same standard to Democrats that they do Republicans?

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33 Responses

  1. Nancy Walters says:

    Vote President Trump Again. I’m So Sick of the Filth of the Democrats Life-ways. They live like Scum and are Traitors to our Country and to Every American..Same with the Media.

  2. Real Patriot says:

    Dear Mr. Flynn,

    Unfortunately, Biden looks extremely sane compared to Trump- a guy who’s willing to jeopardize American lives so that he “won’t look bad” for re-election! Oh, but how short-sighted! ‘Cause he sure don’t look GOOD now!

  3. RoseM9999 says:

    Thank a God Trump is president. Obama nor Biden could have pulled large businesses together as Trump succeeded in doing. After the CDCs failure to produce a viable test it was independent labs that successfully corrected the CDC failure.

  4. James H Roberts says:

    This person, Trump, is the most incompetent person ever to be President!!
    He is just a narcissistic racist bigot who is incapable of understanding any ot the hurt and fear that we, the American people, are going true because of the Pandemic!!! He has only shown his own narcissistic self centered interest and fear of not being reelected to the Presidency!!! Trump has not given us one reason whatsoever to reelect him, only to remove him from the Presidency!!

  5. GaryLee Shafer Sr says:

    NBC & COMCAST are going to open business over in China. This is a true statement.

  6. Rolf Schulte says:

    his famous “stem cell break-through” ? Are you kidding me ? The endless wisdom of your Dear Leader – give me a break ! Just another deflection from the total desaster of his handling the corona virus !

  7. George says:

    The Media and the Democratic Party both are run by a bunch if Insane Idiots.

    Trump 2020!!!

  8. John says:

    ABC is such a bunch of lairs controlled by the DNC. They are one the lying news network. They would know what truth is if i bite them in the butt like a rattle snake.. They hate america and Trump so much that they will lie anytime anywhere. It is so sad.

  9. ABC says:

    What a bunch of falsehoods. Trump said the pandemic “was a Democratic hoax” on Feb. 28, 2020. He did NOT say what you claimed he said, that is your spin on this. In addition, he was saying all the way back in January that “we had this all under control” (which was false), and kept saying it would “miraculously go away in April when the weather warmed up” (another falsehood). He did not bring up our supplies of PPE and ventilators as recommended in 2019, and never replaced the positions of the Pandemic Prevention team. Trump is leading us into another mess by claiming Americans want to go back to workP: “People want to go back to work. I’m hearing it loud and clear from everybody.” He added, “This is the United States of America. They don’t want to sit around and wait.” This is false.
    A Pew Research poll released on Thursday found that large majorities of Americans say the closure of businesses, schools and entertainment activities was necessary to address the pandemic. A Fox News poll conducted March 21-24 found that 75% of the 1,011 registered voters surveyed supported a national “stay-in-place” order for everyone other than essential workers.

  10. Richard says:

    There i s a freedom of the press. It is the law.
    However libel, slander, defamation of character among others, is also are covered by the law.
    Donald Trump has been blamed for everything since he was elected. He is one tough nut. I think he will survive..
    The alternative is The Whiny Swamp.

  11. Rivahmitch says:

    The question posed above is “should the networks take down the Democommie ad” .There should be a follow-up question… “will they?”

  12. CRAZY OLD JOE is a total lying demented moron who doesn’t have the mental stability to EVER run the country.

  13. Sheron says:

    Steve you don’t know how to hear or read a complete sentence. Too bad grade school his out. Sixth grade, here you come,

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