Donald Trump is holding a big surprise for Robert Mueller that could shut him down for good

Robert Mueller issuing his report is one of the most anticipated events in Washington.

Democrats believe it is the final domino to fall in the quest to remove Trump from office.

But the President is holding on to one nasty surprise that could shut Mueller down.

The regulation Mueller is operating under says his report must only be submitted to the Attorney General.

There is no requirement that he turn it over to Congress or the public.

Democrats have made it clear they will subpoena the report and leak it in a manner designed to be most damaging to Trump.

But it won’t be that easy.

Trump can thwart the Democrats’ plans by evoking executive privilege.

Bloomberg reports:

Trump and his lawyers expect to get an advance look at the report if there’s a chance it will be shared beyond the Justice Department. They may assert executive privilege to withhold any information related to Trump’s time in the White House or during the transition, depending on what’s included.

“We will look at it and see if the president thinks there is a valid claim and if there is, do we want to make it,” said Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. “We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived it.”

Giuliani said the White House would be willing to fight in court to preserve material it considers privileged.

Executive privilege is the long-disputed doctrine used by a number of presidents who have argued that they must be able to keep internal deliberations private to protect their ability to get candid advice from aides.

The Mueller report will be a complete frame job.

Democrats know it will be filled with fictions to prod Congress to impeach the President.

But Trump has one card left to play to stop this travesty from taking place.

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95 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    If you are going to call someone a lair, try giving examples of lies told instead of parroting a narrative. Work on facts not narratives and emotions.

  2. haha says:

    We hope he plays More Golf. lol

  3. Maria says:

    What Nasty Surprises? 50 year historic low unemployment rates, lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for blacks and Hispanics, the 4% GDP, the renegotiated trade deals that have brought back jobs to America, the fact that we are exporting oil for the first time in 75% and no longer dependent on foreign oil, how about over 2 million people no longer are on food stamps and can now afford their own food. Are these the nasty surprises you are speaking of? What about the peace on the Korean peninsula? Which Trump got a nomination for the Nobel peace prize for? Is it nasty to live in peace too? All of the FACTS I listed can be checked via US Labor Department and SNAP (food stamp program). Look it up and drop the kool-aid.

  4. Maria says:

    You are grossly misinformed on well everything. Manafort charges brought by Meuller were for actions prior to Obama being in office. As far as Don Jr.’s meeting nothing happened. He was seeking dirt on Clinton and got none. All political campaigns anymore have people seeking dirt on their opponent. Like it or not it isn’t a crime. Trump has done nothing to obstruct Meuller’s witch hunt. Libs love saying that without offering anything specific. Another thing Uranium one was not debunked by anyone. The last thing was on another one of your comments. Put down the kool-aid of misinformation and do some fact checking. You might try getting your news from someone other than the Can’t Notice News propaganda channel. That would be a good start.

  5. zee says:

    Add Sweden.

  6. Simpleton says:

    Is that all you got at 10 am? 0ver & 0ver & 0ver.

  7. Raymond Charron says:

    Has Betty committed suicide yet? Well, get with it girl. Your hate for Our greatest President ever will cease then. So do it now.

  8. Kara Wright says:

    How can we not go about paying for the witch hunt and keep all those from making money that they don’t deserve a thing for all the trouble and delays they have cause just to run the time out on this matter. Mueller got his MAN and it wasn’t our President so drop any further time with this issue and I don’t care if he writes a report or not. Just get this over with.

  9. Michelle says:

    There is no such word as fictionous…it is fictitious.

    I spent 8 years in a constant state of anxiety as I watched Obama divide this country and bow to leaders of foreign countries. Sorry to see so much unfounded hatred against President Trump. I don’t agree with everything he says or does but I agreed with absolutely nothing Obama did or said.

    God bless all of those who are so hate-filled and angry.

  10. Karin says:

    You obviously have NOT read nor heard the Actual reason for the meeting in June, 2016. Even though it has been touted to be “dirt on HRC” it was about ADOPTIONS.

  11. Rich says:

    Yes agreed gee could you even think to try and kiss her would need a roll of TP and Whiskey and even that still would not stop you from up chucking

  12. richard scribner says:

    Well people like you want all these people to come in and take Over I would think 10 billion we will have to pay out doing what use to be call scabs with sicknees and drugs hope you have kids and they don’t get into drugs

  13. Rich says:

    If you really New what you were talking about would be diff but your just one of the dummycats that just want people to talk to you so you can get up and try to look like a smart person but there are so many out there whom like myself get a good oil laugh make us have fun

  14. Dr. J.D. says:

    ONE DAY.
    One day some of you might come to agree with the analysis that Trump spent way too much time playing golf and giving rallies and said too many things in public and in tweets that sunk himself. And, you may rail at Mueller and his people, but Mueller has kept his cards to the vest and has outsmarted Trump and his people. Mueller has been playing chess, several moves ahead, and Trump has been responding like it was checkers.

    An example of this: Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”. There is no way to stop the Truth from coming out now, and there is no way to shut down this process . . . even Nixon tried to do that, and we know what happened to him.

  15. John Sivo says:


  16. Dr. J. D. says:

    You know, while most of you will not agree with Betty, it does nothing to your credibility to call her derogatory names or ad hominem attacks – -even IF you think she has done this for the president. For someone to wish the death of others who disagree with them shows FASCIST and sick tendencies to suppress others from the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

    I don’t agree with a lot of your points of view, but I certainly don’t wish you to die and find some of the things you have to say insightful. I agree that the USA must control immigration, but want to create ways we can do that that we can actually APPLY and agree upon and DO. Certainly we do not wish to keep everyone from coming into our country. Now the question is relates to HOW we create a compromise on this issue.

  17. Dr. JD says:

    You need to be reading the news more, rp, because on 1/8/19, the news came out through documents presented to the court that Manafort WAS colluding/conspiring with the Russians in numerous ways, and we know that Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared all conspired with representatives of the Russian government in the Trump Tower, June 2016 meeting – – – which is ILLEGAL, if not treasonous.

    And for all you people who WISH that Trump could “bury the report” – – you are living in a fantasy or a bygone era.. Now, because of the Democrats in charge of the House, they can subpoena the report at any time, and that has been established by the Supreme Court previously. Now, if Trump TRIES to bury it, it will be YET ANOTHER charge, among the many, of obstruction of justice. The more Trump etc. tries to obstruct this investigation, it will only bring more negative consequences on himself. If Trump were wise, he would resign and have Pence pardon him, as done for Nixon.

  18. Dr. J.D. says:

    Uranium One was a false conspiracy by the Fox commentators that was even debunked by Fox News: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

  19. ConservatI've Gent says:

    I don’t know what created all this hatred of Trump, but there is an unbelievable majority of ultra left liberals that hate any and Everything he does or wants to do. His pledge to take down the Deep State is why so many in the government officials want to stop him, but average liberal Joe shouldn’t be bothered by that. Main stream news and the fact that he DEFEATED Killary, a woman they thought destined for the presidency, may be part of the hatred. But I believe a lot of these ultra libtards would actually kill the man if given the chance.

  20. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    Don’t ask to leave a comment ! If you are nit going to post it?

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