Donald Trump is holding a big surprise for Robert Mueller that could shut him down for good

Robert Mueller issuing his report is one of the most anticipated events in Washington.

Democrats believe it is the final domino to fall in the quest to remove Trump from office.

But the President is holding on to one nasty surprise that could shut Mueller down.

The regulation Mueller is operating under says his report must only be submitted to the Attorney General.

There is no requirement that he turn it over to Congress or the public.

Democrats have made it clear they will subpoena the report and leak it in a manner designed to be most damaging to Trump.

But it won’t be that easy.

Trump can thwart the Democrats’ plans by evoking executive privilege.

Bloomberg reports:

Trump and his lawyers expect to get an advance look at the report if there’s a chance it will be shared beyond the Justice Department. They may assert executive privilege to withhold any information related to Trump’s time in the White House or during the transition, depending on what’s included.

“We will look at it and see if the president thinks there is a valid claim and if there is, do we want to make it,” said Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. “We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived it.”

Giuliani said the White House would be willing to fight in court to preserve material it considers privileged.

Executive privilege is the long-disputed doctrine used by a number of presidents who have argued that they must be able to keep internal deliberations private to protect their ability to get candid advice from aides.

The Mueller report will be a complete frame job.

Democrats know it will be filled with fictions to prod Congress to impeach the President.

But Trump has one card left to play to stop this travesty from taking place.

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95 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    All the Congressmen have to do is walk down the street, and read the redacted version of the Mueller ?Report. JD…you write like you think you know it all…but you obviously didn’t know this!

  2. Anna Burrows says:

    Mueller is being paid to try and ruin the president because he is a businessman and NOT a politican and can’t be bought off.. EVERYONE in their right minds and not brain washed by greed .. Knows Clinton and Obama and quite a few others have had dealings with Russia and the enemies of our country .. But they waste time and money on Trump because he knows how to fix our country and they know how to keep draining it .. They are the corrupt ones NOT Trump and we know it that why they are trying to get rid of him …. NO WAY !!!

  3. bella says:

    Stop replaying to Betty and maybe she’ll go away, why are you giving her more power by answering her posts?

  4. zee says:

    2 ‘ tipped populated’ Counties. That took over the rest of
    Good MI ppl.

  5. Wm F says:

    how did she get in Congress?

  6. Rob says:

    The DNC knowingly supported Bill Ayers Coup to put a foreign born, old family friend in the People’s House! Ayers parents put a foreign student through Harvard, and the student is officially listed as Kenya Born, and Indonesia Raised, Barrack Hussein Obama!
    The DNC also gave HRC and BHO the green- -light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election! Why? Because HRC was plotted to be a false storefront for an Obama third-term! That’s the true reason Obama is the only ex-POTUS to remain in DC after his fraudulent Presidency was over! They stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, so HRC could assist Obama in finishing the Ayers Coup, for the destruction of America from within!
    This came from Donna Brazile, when she abruptly got on camera and ratted HRC, and BHO, our for their election theft! She apologized to Bernie Sanders on air! She also stated that she kept her blinds closed in case HRC sent a sniper to take her out!

  7. Johnny Hutto says:

    Well someone really needs to inform Shep the DOJ says it’s still investigating the Clinton money machine that they call a cheer up buttercup they’re still looking at uranium one and the deal that went down with the foundation there. They’re also looking at a whole lot of Pay to play. Slick at this way Shepard Smith really needs to be on MSNBC or CNN.he fall so far left you think was a NASCAR driver. I mean not to mention the boys will light in the loafers you know what I mean. But that’s none of my business just saying.I just thank God that Obama could only serve 8 years.

  8. zee says:

    Tom, my post re what is happening in Dearborn Mosque funeral, re Fam of 5 0n
    l-75 . got blocked.

  9. zee says:

    hmm. Hope you all have read ink on this &&&
    Rashida . ThisNew dem muslim in Congress,
    MUST GO.

  10. zee says:

    hmmm. 1stx Blocked post from PP.
    > Too Many ‘trigger’ words? & Not Vulgar.
    > Ink on Dearborn, Mi . & Islam mosque
    funeral Re/ Fam of 5 , killed on l -75, coming back
    to Mi. Supposedly by a ‘drunk’ driver Going the Wrong way
    on l-75. Let’s see, IF this gets thru. Also a comment re
    Rashida Tlaib.

  11. Steelie says:

    HOW? to “create Compromise” ? 1st Suggestion:
    Be PATRIOT. & QUIT ‘ragging’ & Meanwhile,
    ‘Riding the Backs’ of Patriots For a ‘free life’ . OR
    Go To Sites Defending Your New Dem ‘ideology’.
    ie Cortez/ Rashida & the ‘sodomites’ . You ‘own’
    ‘them’, according to your drag down USA ‘ink’.

  12. Tom Hall says:

    The section in .Michigan you refer to is known as little Bagdad

  13. Al says:

    Simply put one team doesn’t want the other team to score any points. If they do good it could very well affect the outcome or the next election due to votes being swayed by progress that benefits the public. In other words if I didn’t do it you aren’t going to either !

  14. aussie says:

    Bwar har-har, Red Snapper. ‘karma’
    Builds/Accumalates. Goes for jd,ricB et al.
    as well. Hey, did U pin-prick ‘the Doll’?.
    Bwar har-har.
    SUPPORT POTUS/SAVEUSA. 0nly Country Left to be Spared 1 World/New World 0rder.

  15. haha says:

    ps. you really Need to get 0FF msm for a few weeks.
    Go do something, Constructive. 0r go play some golf, sharpen up a little bit.

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