Donald Trump is holding a big surprise for Robert Mueller that could shut him down for good

Robert Mueller issuing his report is one of the most anticipated events in Washington.

Democrats believe it is the final domino to fall in the quest to remove Trump from office.

But the President is holding on to one nasty surprise that could shut Mueller down.

The regulation Mueller is operating under says his report must only be submitted to the Attorney General.

There is no requirement that he turn it over to Congress or the public.

Democrats have made it clear they will subpoena the report and leak it in a manner designed to be most damaging to Trump.

But it won’t be that easy.

Trump can thwart the Democrats’ plans by evoking executive privilege.

Bloomberg reports:

Trump and his lawyers expect to get an advance look at the report if there’s a chance it will be shared beyond the Justice Department. They may assert executive privilege to withhold any information related to Trump’s time in the White House or during the transition, depending on what’s included.

“We will look at it and see if the president thinks there is a valid claim and if there is, do we want to make it,” said Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. “We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived it.”

Giuliani said the White House would be willing to fight in court to preserve material it considers privileged.

Executive privilege is the long-disputed doctrine used by a number of presidents who have argued that they must be able to keep internal deliberations private to protect their ability to get candid advice from aides.

The Mueller report will be a complete frame job.

Democrats know it will be filled with fictions to prod Congress to impeach the President.

But Trump has one card left to play to stop this travesty from taking place.


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96 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    All the Congressmen have to do is walk down the street, and read the redacted version of the Mueller ?Report. JD…you write like you think you know it all…but you obviously didn’t know this!

  2. Anna Burrows says:

    Mueller is being paid to try and ruin the president because he is a businessman and NOT a politican and can’t be bought off.. EVERYONE in their right minds and not brain washed by greed .. Knows Clinton and Obama and quite a few others have had dealings with Russia and the enemies of our country .. But they waste time and money on Trump because he knows how to fix our country and they know how to keep draining it .. They are the corrupt ones NOT Trump and we know it that why they are trying to get rid of him …. NO WAY !!!

  3. bella says:

    Stop replaying to Betty and maybe she’ll go away, why are you giving her more power by answering her posts?

  4. Rob says:

    The DNC knowingly supported Bill Ayers Coup to put a foreign born, old family friend in the People’s House! Ayers parents put a foreign student through Harvard, and the student is officially listed as Kenya Born, and Indonesia Raised, Barrack Hussein Obama!
    The DNC also gave HRC and BHO the green- -light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election! Why? Because HRC was plotted to be a false storefront for an Obama third-term! That’s the true reason Obama is the only ex-POTUS to remain in DC after his fraudulent Presidency was over! They stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, so HRC could assist Obama in finishing the Ayers Coup, for the destruction of America from within!
    This came from Donna Brazile, when she abruptly got on camera and ratted HRC, and BHO, our for their election theft! She apologized to Bernie Sanders on air! She also stated that she kept her blinds closed in case HRC sent a sniper to take her out!

  5. zee says:

    hmmm. 1stx Blocked post from PP.
    > Too Many ‘trigger’ words? & Not Vulgar.
    > Ink on Dearborn, Mi . & Islam mosque
    funeral Re/ Fam of 5 , killed on l -75, coming back
    to Mi. Supposedly by a ‘drunk’ driver Going the Wrong way
    on l-75. Let’s see, IF this gets thru. Also a comment re
    Rashida Tlaib.

  6. Kara Wright says:

    How can we not go about paying for the witch hunt and keep all those from making money that they don’t deserve a thing for all the trouble and delays they have cause just to run the time out on this matter. Mueller got his MAN and it wasn’t our President so drop any further time with this issue and I don’t care if he writes a report or not. Just get this over with.

  7. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    Don’t ask to leave a comment ! If you are nit going to post it?

  8. George says:

    Wow Betty, how liberal of you! It’s okay to fund planned Parenthood, an organization who’s primary purpose is to convince mothers to sacrifice their child on the altar of convienience, but get a man in office whose primary goal is to make the greatest country in the world better and fruit loops like you get all bats**t crazy! The man wants 5 Billion to build a security structure to protect Americans is that too much to ask? Does President Trump really stir up that much hatred within you?

    • ConservatI've Gent says:

      I don’t know what created all this hatred of Trump, but there is an unbelievable majority of ultra left liberals that hate any and Everything he does or wants to do. His pledge to take down the Deep State is why so many in the government officials want to stop him, but average liberal Joe shouldn’t be bothered by that. Main stream news and the fact that he DEFEATED Killary, a woman they thought destined for the presidency, may be part of the hatred. But I believe a lot of these ultra libtards would actually kill the man if given the chance.

      • Al says:

        Simply put one team doesn’t want the other team to score any points. If they do good it could very well affect the outcome or the next election due to votes being swayed by progress that benefits the public. In other words if I didn’t do it you aren’t going to either !

  9. Rex says:

    Anybody please post when Betty commits suicide.

    • Raymond Charron says:

      Has Betty committed suicide yet? Well, get with it girl. Your hate for Our greatest President ever will cease then. So do it now.

  10. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Personally, I think he should keep it private! I do not think that Mueller will tell the truth, I think he is dragging this out because he has absolutely nothing on the President and he is A) milking the taxpayers for all he can get; and B) trying to drag it out so maybe people will forget what he was really supposed to do, which was find out if there was collusion in the 2016 election. Now he knows that President Trump did not collude and that Hillary did, but he can’t actually report that, unless he does and than say that collusion is not a crime ( which we all know that). So, obviously he is probably not going to tell the truth, so BURY THE REPORT!! (Which BTW is the exact same thing that Obama would do and the Dems would swoon and say how wonderful that is because he is protecting the country!)

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      I agree. It’s plain from the git-go that Mueller and his committee was a “frame up”. The whole purpose was to find some way to get rid of President Trump. The Horrible Hillary-loving DOJ had made up its mind that she was to be the next president. When the electorate spoke and chose President Trump, the Libtards in the DOJ could not accept this choice of the people, so they sought some way to discredit or destroy him. After all, seems like all the people on Mueller’s “committee” are Libtards, who support Hillary no matter the cost. From my viewpoint, Horrible Hillary should be in prison for her crimes, starting with her “cover-up” of her “horny husband” and his crimes committed against women. Then add Benghazi and Horrible Hillary’s lies, Add to that, the Uranium-gate debacle, and the number of her critics that seemed to suddenly die shortly before they were going to testify (which, by the way, was never thoroughly investigated). Then there was the “pay-to-play” activity that she was part of. Need I go on?

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Uranium One was a false conspiracy by the Fox commentators that was even debunked by Fox News: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

        • Simpleton says:

          Is that all you got at 10 am? 0ver & 0ver & 0ver.

        • Johnny Hutto says:

          Well someone really needs to inform Shep the DOJ says it’s still investigating the Clinton money machine that they call a cheer up buttercup they’re still looking at uranium one and the deal that went down with the foundation there. They’re also looking at a whole lot of Pay to play. Slick at this way Shepard Smith really needs to be on MSNBC or CNN.he fall so far left you think was a NASCAR driver. I mean not to mention the boys will light in the loafers you know what I mean. But that’s none of my business just saying.I just thank God that Obama could only serve 8 years.

  11. Diazine says:

    Betty your brain went through the car wash machine, someone deceived you but you won’t know who bec you are blind as a bat and stubborn as a mule.

  12. rp says:

    Mueller has the ability to write a truthful report or not. There is evidence and a law suit against Mueller for withholding evidence crucial to some of the people accused for crimes by Mueller. The law suit was triggered by Jerome Corsi, for being coerced to lie against Trump. This may not be good for Mueller. The fact that several of his prior convictions have been overturned for the same reason, may get him in a lot of trouble.

    Trump also has the documents of the Democrat involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow a sitting president. He and Comey are probably named in the documents, as well as other high ranking Dems and media people. Trump is holding the documents to be produced non redacted to the public. Mueller could probably be arrested for treason, if true. Mueller is in a very bad situation and the actions against him may be worse, if he is not truthful. There was no evidence of any of Trump’s people connected with the Russians and he needs to admit it.

    • Rex says:

      Very well said rp.

    • Dr. JD says:

      You need to be reading the news more, rp, because on 1/8/19, the news came out through documents presented to the court that Manafort WAS colluding/conspiring with the Russians in numerous ways, and we know that Manafort, Don Jr. and Jared all conspired with representatives of the Russian government in the Trump Tower, June 2016 meeting – – – which is ILLEGAL, if not treasonous.

      And for all you people who WISH that Trump could “bury the report” – – you are living in a fantasy or a bygone era.. Now, because of the Democrats in charge of the House, they can subpoena the report at any time, and that has been established by the Supreme Court previously. Now, if Trump TRIES to bury it, it will be YET ANOTHER charge, among the many, of obstruction of justice. The more Trump etc. tries to obstruct this investigation, it will only bring more negative consequences on himself. If Trump were wise, he would resign and have Pence pardon him, as done for Nixon.

      • Rich says:

        If you really New what you were talking about would be diff but your just one of the dummycats that just want people to talk to you so you can get up and try to look like a smart person but there are so many out there whom like myself get a good oil laugh make us have fun

      • Karin says:

        You obviously have NOT read nor heard the Actual reason for the meeting in June, 2016. Even though it has been touted to be “dirt on HRC” it was about ADOPTIONS.

      • Maria says:

        You are grossly misinformed on well everything. Manafort charges brought by Meuller were for actions prior to Obama being in office. As far as Don Jr.’s meeting nothing happened. He was seeking dirt on Clinton and got none. All political campaigns anymore have people seeking dirt on their opponent. Like it or not it isn’t a crime. Trump has done nothing to obstruct Meuller’s witch hunt. Libs love saying that without offering anything specific. Another thing Uranium one was not debunked by anyone. The last thing was on another one of your comments. Put down the kool-aid of misinformation and do some fact checking. You might try getting your news from someone other than the Can’t Notice News propaganda channel. That would be a good start.

  13. Tom T. says:

    Trump has vast legal powers as Pres. Demoncraps will never agree with him. Time to act tough, not just talk tough.

  14. Red Snapper says:

    I just put a hex on you, Betty.

  15. Betty says:

    For the past two years, d. trump has put forth nothing but Nasty Suprises. Too bad somebody doesn’t Shut him down the same way he shutdown the goverment.

    • Charles says:

      betty, the democrats have shut down the government there. Just last year pelosi offered 25 billion for the wall she now says is racist in exchange of allowing DACA to continue. Trump has always stated that he wants DACA to be legal and to be brought through Congress and he would sign it. Why are the democrats so afraid to legally draft a bill in support of DACA instead of allowing it to illegally to continue?

    • Alfred Garner says:

      I wonder how much has come out of your mouth in the last two years, I voted for Trump in 2016 and will in 2020 It is the silent majority that will speak in 2020

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Betty, you have the right to remain silent, because just like AOC every time you open your mouth you prove yourself to be more stupid.

    • Brat0203 says:

      Betty, put your big girl panties on and move on . Admit you’re pissed because Killary lost. We lived through 8 Loooong years of Obummer & Killary. So do what we did when Obummer was in office.

    • Ruth says:

      Really you’ve been brain washed Betty!

    • Rex says:

      You are fool and a stool Betty. You are the blind leading the blind.

    • Rex says:

      Betty please hurry and commit suicide. Give us all joy.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        You know, while most of you will not agree with Betty, it does nothing to your credibility to call her derogatory names or ad hominem attacks – -even IF you think she has done this for the president. For someone to wish the death of others who disagree with them shows FASCIST and sick tendencies to suppress others from the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

        I don’t agree with a lot of your points of view, but I certainly don’t wish you to die and find some of the things you have to say insightful. I agree that the USA must control immigration, but want to create ways we can do that that we can actually APPLY and agree upon and DO. Certainly we do not wish to keep everyone from coming into our country. Now the question is relates to HOW we create a compromise on this issue.

        • Steelie says:

          HOW? to “create Compromise” ? 1st Suggestion:
          QUIT Your KrAAP. jd. & SUPPORT POTUS/USA.
          Be PATRIOT. & QUIT ‘ragging’ & Meanwhile,
          ‘Riding the Backs’ of Patriots For a ‘free life’ . OR
          Go To Sites Defending Your New Dem ‘ideology’.
          ie Cortez/ Rashida & the ‘sodomites’ . You ‘own’
          ‘them’, according to your drag down USA ‘ink’.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      From a polluted mind nobody cares what your demented mind thinks?

    • John Sivo says:


    • richard scribner says:

      Well people like you want all these people to come in and take Over I would think 10 billion we will have to pay out doing what use to be call scabs with sicknees and drugs hope you have kids and they don’t get into drugs

    • Maria says:

      What Nasty Surprises? 50 year historic low unemployment rates, lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for blacks and Hispanics, the 4% GDP, the renegotiated trade deals that have brought back jobs to America, the fact that we are exporting oil for the first time in 75% and no longer dependent on foreign oil, how about over 2 million people no longer are on food stamps and can now afford their own food. Are these the nasty surprises you are speaking of? What about the peace on the Korean peninsula? Which Trump got a nomination for the Nobel peace prize for? Is it nasty to live in peace too? All of the FACTS I listed can be checked via US Labor Department and SNAP (food stamp program). Look it up and drop the kool-aid.

  16. Betty says:

    D for DUMB trump is a Travesty Of The First Order. Let’s just wait & see how many more Fictionous Lies pour out of the mouth of that Oval Office Pile Of Gutter Trash.

  17. Titus says:

    We already see the agenda of the Dems. Many of the freshmen female congressmen are
    Showing childish, immature, uneducated and vile language. Look at the threat of tax increases and how disgracefully that would be wasted. They are spiteful and playing a revenge game. Many of them should have been investigated and indicted. Many are traitors.
    Wake up, or there will be no USA as we knew it left. Between the infiltrating Muslims in
    Congress and the conflicted Dems. All with unrealistic ideology, we are in trouble.
    MAGA and God bless America!

  18. John Rayburn says:

    I our POTUS has done nothing wrong then the world should know it. Holding anything back would NOT make President Trump look good. “Oh he’s trying to hide something. “ would be the libs cry!”
    If there is only speculation, then challenge it and sue Muller, make him prove each and every one. If he can’t sue him for slander, charge him with treason, when found guilty, hang him by the neck ( in public) until dead, for all to see.
    Confiscate his fortune, use it like Guzman’s to build the wall. MAGA John A.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      After arresting all the Demonrat’s for treason , Conspiracy , Espionage , Sedition ,murder etc.. Then put in prison or execute them and take their fortune and build that wall.

  19. Fidel says:

    Mueller is a dead man walking. When his scam and body guards are gone? I believe Mueller is a target for what is rite. R I P , not , P.O.S.

  20. Thomas Garmaker says:

    Folks, 2020 is just around the corner, and the devious Dems are already printing new cadaver ID’s and pre-registered ballots, and here we are still coming up with meaningless cute punchlines! We need to organize our groups and solidify our power to drive any opponent out of the races, even if it is traitor Amy! All of these liberal democratic law-makers and ex-presidents are so embarrassed over what President has accomplished, and just imagine what he will get done in the next two years, that they are liable to pull off things we can’t even imagine, but we need to prepare, but as I say, we need to organize and gather our voters together to keep in RED in 2020!!! Yes, we have a very long way to go to “Drain the Swamp and MAGA”, So, we need to tighten this machine and drum those bastards out of their terminal offices!!

  21. Cecil says:

    Yea do it – not that it would say much – but it will send libs over the edge

  22. Ron says:

    Where the hell did these woman congress people come from. Man do they suck or what? They belong with din iro in the cape fear river

    • Alfred says:

      no one even ran against her in Dearborn Mi now the Muslim ghetto

      • Bob in GA says:

        Dearborn, particularly east of Southfield and south of Michigan Ave, has been a Muslim ghetto since the early 70s. What’s new is the radical actions from the Middle East have manifested themselves in Germany, France, and England with no resistance due to “feelings first” social engineers rather than common sense – common law enforcement. Emboldened, we’re now blessed with these numbskulls and their enablers – the progressive leftists trying to buy votes.

    • kathy says:


  23. Ric C says:


  24. mjack says:

    Dems continue to harm America. They are the ones who shut the government down. They continue to push bills that is totally against our constitution. They shut down government denying even their supporters the right to work and get paid. They want DACA. Why have the dreamers not tried to become citizens? USA IS PAYING housing, food, college, better medical for all of them ,they pay no taxes. This country was made by hard work by every one until the last 2/3 decades. Dems politicians has made laws to take all they can. Immigrants that are now citizens worked hard to become citizens. Most speak English. They do not fly their old country flag. They are proud to be USA CITIZEN. When they came , they helped make USA GREAT. DEM POLITICIANS ARE TRYING TO BE OUR RULERS. THEY SECRETLY PASS LAWS WITHOUT LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE! How many shady laws was signed by dems and bum—O . God Bless President Trump, Family, and USA.

    • Starman says:

      Amen to that these demorats are treasionist traitors to America !!!! We need to protect our freedoms before we have them taken away

    • Titus says:

      You said that so well. We know the dems want future voters, but how can there be no outcry on the dems giving USA citizens money for overseas abortions, any abortions,
      Outrageous programs, etc. It should go to the Vets, military, OUR CITIZENS!

  25. Brat23 says:

    Dorothy, I totally agree with your comment

    • FRed says:

      It is very telling that the first thing the Dems do is offer a bill to continue murdering unborn human beings even in other countries. What an eye opener. EVIL JUST PURE AND SIMPLE , EVIL .

  26. Ronnie says:

    Democrats have done NOTHING but disgrace our president , bad language , and lies . bogus claims , and bring NOTHING positive to the table , wasting the American Tax Payers Money , have NO Agenda ! Only Bitch and complain .GET over it !! TRUMP is our President , I did NOT like Obama, I did NOT like Bush and said nothing and accepted our Democracy as all should do . If we all as Americans worked together no telling how great we could make America again . They all make me sick , take all of our tax payers and waste it on NOTHING TRUE ! BUILD THE DANG WALL AND SHUT UP !

    • John Rayburn says:

      Ronnie, they didn’t disgrace our president, they disgraced themselves. But they showed us who they are. Now we KNOW who they are when the time comes that they are pushing for, don’t we. Keep track of them. John A.

    • Susan says:

      You hit the nail on the head!!!! In so many points

  27. Mueller has messed around with peoples lives long enough………..He needs to be stopped,
    and look at all the money he has wasted………That money could have been used to build the wall.Something
    that would benefit the country instead of trying to tear down the country…..Go Trump

    • Dorothy says:

      If the Republicans had scrutinized Obama and Hillary even close to what Mueller has done Trump, their entire cabinet would be behind bars!

    • Diane L Revard says:

      They are continuing what Obama started. Tearing down our country we love. The President is trying to fight back. Regain our country. But the dems won’t let him. The Republicans really need to stand strong with the President. They need to know if they do, we will back them. If not, we’ll vote them out.

      • Gerald Ladd says:

        Unfortunately the bulk of the republicans are gutless, Diane. Trump is the only fighter in Washington.

        • Betty says:

          Gerald, Of course, trump’s a fighter. All BULLIES are cause they don’t any other way to get their Arrogant, Narassistic, Selfish,Stupid, Stimking Way!

          • Red Snapper says:

            I have just put a hex on you, Betty.

          • Maria says:

            You mean like Hilary. Hilary is a bully. Trump stands up for himself. Democrat party has a way of deflecting what they themselves do onto others. For example the Russian collusion was With the Clinton’s.

          • aussie says:

            Bwar har-har, Red Snapper. ‘karma’
            Builds/Accumalates. Goes for jd,ricB et al.
            as well. Hey, did U pin-prick ‘the Doll’?.
            Bwar har-har.
            SUPPORT POTUS/SAVEUSA. 0nly Country Left to be Spared 1 World/New World 0rder.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      ONE DAY.
      One day some of you might come to agree with the analysis that Trump spent way too much time playing golf and giving rallies and said too many things in public and in tweets that sunk himself. And, you may rail at Mueller and his people, but Mueller has kept his cards to the vest and has outsmarted Trump and his people. Mueller has been playing chess, several moves ahead, and Trump has been responding like it was checkers.

      An example of this: Judge Napolitano, on Fox News, reports that in Paul Manafort’s guilty plea, Robert Mueller also required Manafort to plead guilty to uncharged state crimes in New Jersey, Virginia and California to “make it pardon proof”. There is no way to stop the Truth from coming out now, and there is no way to shut down this process . . . even Nixon tried to do that, and we know what happened to him.

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