Donald Trump is going to be furious when he hears what William Barr is about to tell him

When Donald Trump appointed William Barr as Attorney General, the President expected Barr would hold the Deep State criminals who tried to sabotage his Presidency accountable.

For a while, it seemed like he was making progress.

But Donald Trump is going to be furious when he hears what William Barr is about to tell him.

Attorney General Barr tapped United States Attorney John Bash to investigate the 39 Obama administration officials’ alleged abuse of power in making requests to unmask Trump officials whose identities were concealed in intelligence reports to protect their civil liberties because they were American citizens.

Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn fell victim to this scheme as someone unmasked Flynn after he spoke to the Russian Ambassador in December and then a Deep State operative illegally leaked the fact that he was caught on a FISA wiretap to The Washington Post.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden made a request to unmask Michael Flynn on January 12, 2017 adding to the suspicion that the Obama administration tried to sabotage the peaceful transfer of power.

Despite this illegal leak and evidence of a plot against Trump, the investigation is closing down without any criminal charges.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Justice Department has closed its investigation into whether Obama administration officials improperly unmasked the identities of Trump associates mentioned in intelligence reports, according to a report.

According to The Washington Post, the investigation was recently closed and is unlikely to lead to criminal charges. A report of the investigation will also not be released, according to the newspaper, which cited government sources familiar with the matter.

Attorney General William Barr earlier this year tapped John Bash, the outgoing U.S. attorney in San Antonio, to investigate whether Obama administration officials abused the process for requesting intelligence reports on Trump associates.

The story of the last four years is that Democrats always go for the kill and have no problems jailing their political opponents and that Democrats are also allowed to get away with whatever crimes they feel like committing to hurt Republicans.

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