Donald Trump is about to slap Nancy Pelosi with a nasty surprise that she is going to hate

Nancy Pelosi thought she had the upper hand in the standoff over the crisis on the southern border.

The Speaker figured if Democrats just sat tight for long enough, the crisis would overwhelm the government and Donald Trump would be crippled by the failure heading into his re-election campaign.

But then Donald Trump announced a nasty surprise that Pelosi hated.

President Trump announced his administration was giving serious consideration to sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities – most of which are represented by Democrats – instead of releasing migrants into border towns while they wait for their deportation hearing.

Trump tweeted, “Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!”

Liberals were furious.

Nancy Pelosi fumed about the decision, ranting and raving that it was “unworthy of the presidency of the United States and disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country, as a people, to address who we are — a nation of immigrants.”

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar wrote, “The President is literally using human beings as pawns in a political game. Instead of passing comprehensive immigration reform he does this: White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes.”

Democrats often say that diversity and immigration are America’s strengths.

But when given the chance to take in illegal aliens to their communities, liberals recoiled in horror as they suddenly turned into hawks on the issue.

This episode illustrated one essential truth: liberals don’t want illegal aliens anywhere near their homes because they recognize the dangers that come with importing a large, impoverished population.

Democrats’ flowery rhetoric about immigration masks the fact that Democrats just want illegal aliens in this country to harvest their eventual votes once they get amnesty.


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166 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    Tisk tisk, first they complain about us detaining illegal people that came here committing a crime and doing so, sanctuary cities are illegal but yet federally funded, so I say dump them in sanctuary cities since they came here illegally and we did not pay for them to come here but we’re supposed to pay for them to be somewhere or send them home on our dollar? defund sanctuary cities let them sustain themselves and sign an executive order requiring voter ID for elections. since all executive orders have an expiration date we need executive orders for voter ID laws for our next electionso these illegals and dead people can’t keep voting these ridiculous Democrats back in the office

  2. Kara Wright says:

    Be sure to drop a lot of them off outside Nancy’s property. She would just love that.

  3. B. Holly says:

    Poor Nancy is now giving off fumes.

  4. Diane says:

    Correct me if I am wrong BUT I have always heard that Sanctuary Cities are open arm cities that will take in , protect and support ALL ILLEGALS form ICE the POLICE and those who wish to send them back over the border……so what is the problem with sending more illegals to these sanctuary cities???? I really thought by their words and actions that all illegals will be safe within their cities…SOOOOO President Trump, with much fanfare lets us send them off lol

    • Deb says:

      THAT is what is so ironic! so long they rail against President Trump, he is against the illegal and wants to chain them and their children up. Now that he has ‘offered to not chain them up, cannot in conscious just release them, but would send them to sanctuary cities – now, they go NIMBY, so ironic.
      I hope I pray President Trump sends them that cannot be deported to the center, to the heart of each anti MAGA Country and lets them DEAL with the problem, no gov assist.

  5. Deb says:

    with this decision just barely being floated, I find it ironic that dems would start spouting NIMBY. In light of the NIMBY excuse, I hope and pray that President Trump follows through and delivers all illegal aliens that cannot be deported to the inner most part of a state – the center, drop them off, no lunch, no water, let the state take care of that – DEAL.

  6. Big Ed says:

    One of Trump’s jobs is to protect the country by protecting our borders. Pelosi and Schumer are playing games with him. Every move Trump makes is countered with a law suit to a leftist court, whether the move was legal or not. They know that once the court rules the move to be illegal, it will take months to right the ship even if a higher court overrules the original court. Trump needs to get some really nasty people to craft a legal, but vicious policy and enforce it until everyone screams. I understand that all of the illegals who came recently can be deported with no due process-just get them the hell out of here.

  7. Zaw Soe says:

    Max Dirty Water need to remove from Government office she doesn’t belong in any where in our Country. She belong in Africa Zoo.

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      That would be highly offensive to the other residents of the zoo! Pigs and monkeys don’t need to be stressed by having such a dangerously disgusting animal in their zoo!

  8. John Nice says:

    I do not favor sending the multitudes of illegals to sanctuary cities and states. The reason I say that is they would then be released into our country without any vetting and could and probably would then scatter wherever they chose.

    • Pat says:

      In addition, the government politicians (state and federal) would make damned sure every one ofvthem cast votes for Democrats in 2020. That’s all they care about – votes.

    • Bemused Bill says:

      To John….Some might, but they also might be picked up and sent packing. What would happen is the illegals would be highly likely to remain where they are….where the wonderful caring people of the sanctuary cities will look after them in the way they suggest the rest of the country should.
      The rest of the country can watch this “immigration” experiment and vote at the 2020 elections to also house illegal immigrants if they think it is a huge success. If the Dems think large scale immigration is desirable then they shouldn’t have an issue with it…should they?
      I would also add that they are scattering wherever they want now so your argument is idiotic. Please think before you speak, this is something my father taught me under the age of 5.

      • k.m. says:

        If the illegals were sent to santuary cities the Dems. would change their tune which would be ” WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT OUR BORDERS, WE CAN’T HAVE ALL THESE DANGEROUS IMMERIGRANTS INVADING OUR COUNTRY!” That’s why Trump called them on it. Their true colors started coming through real bright for everyone to see. Wow’ what liies will they tell next?

  9. Linda says:


    • Marie says:

      I totally agree with you Linda. Well said!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick it to the dem rats where it HURTS!

    • ,MARK says:

      amen to that if those dimwitted democraps want them then they can have or else send all those dimwitts packing and removed with the deportation of the illegals

    • Hope Johnson says:

      AWESOME thats what they want then it shouldn’t be a problem. The demoncrats need to separate from the Republican states and be on their own. No help from the government at all. Nothing 0. Leave us alone

  10. Rickster says:

    These democraps want this trash here for votes in sanctuary citys and George Soros paid for the ride! let them deal with it all! Send them all there and flood there citys with this trash and give them a good dose of reality! Add Pelosis phone number and address to it!! This is what happens when you vote democrap!! Is this what you want running this country? Will be the end of America!

  11. The left had a melt down, when President Trump said he was seriously considering, sending the millions of illegal immigrants, to sanctuary cities. This is a very good idea, if you ask me, & millions of Americans, that have had enought of the morons in DC, doing what the hell they damn please, while they are working for the American people. This has been a joke for to long, they still have not gotten the message that we have awaken from our sleep. They are in the light now, & can not hide what they are doing from the American people. We have come together, have seen the evil in DC, & other places, are bringing it into the light for all to see. There is no place for them to hide from us, & with all of us praying, God will put a stop to them all. God Bless America God Bless President Trump & God Bless all of his Children

  12. The Redhawk says:

    I hope Trump sends about 500 Illegals to camp outside PIGLOSI Presidio Heights Mansion and More outside her Sonoma valley Winery … Just a WELCOME HOME from her tax payers paid trip to Europe.…..and her AIR HEAD SUPREME go totally BAT SCHIFF

  13. keith says:

    hell it would be to funny right in Pelosi yard but allowing anymore people in this country would be devastating to our safety and well being , build the wall its time to get really tough on this nation, if they come in sanctuary cities only and chip everyone for location and when they become legal and productive Americans remove them /chips so easy anyone that comes here gets chipped if not citizens

    • Marie says:

      Trump has tried SO hard to build the wall, and the dems and courts have blocked him every which way. I think he got em good with this decision. See how Pelosi likes it when she walks outside her mansion and sees filthy ILLEGAL immigrants outside her door. Serves her right!!!

      • Marie says:

        PS….I don’t know how true this is going to be, but a psychic was on the Coast to Coast radio program less than a wk ago. He had predicted Trumps win in 2016. He said this time Bernie will get the nomination, and it will be a grueling fight between him and Trump, but that Trump will WIN in 2020!!!!

  14. SRW says:

    Would someone please explain how the Obumo ADM.. could bus these illegals all over the country without a problem for years. The Obumo ADM would even send the buses into Mex, Central and Southern America. with their “navigators” who would have all the paper work for these illegals to come on in. About 10 miles from my house , Obumo ADM bused 300 and in the next county they buses took 700 more. They said not to worry. The Feds were paying for this. Seems they did not understand that the Fed $$$$$$$$$ is the taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$. And also they told us they would only be there about a month. Which they were. Between the 2 counties-1000 illegals and they were not lil’ chillluns as they liked to described these young men. They were there about a month to be moved to the next location. Cost was over $9 mil. for that month… So tell me how Obumo managed this… and this was just ONE GROUP he was moving around the USA.. And whose DEM pocket did all the millions $$$$$$$$$$$$ drop into

    • you wont get an answer from us pions who pay for it, cause we cant , just bitch, but you are right i did the research and found out that there is no difference,, except if you are a politician in california. to answer your money question, it goes back to the congress campain pool. also if you want to, go to where laws are kept in the fed and get one bill/law passed in 1996 by good ole bill clinton, it will give you most of your answers. to end it here , there is no differenc except it would cost less if they were bussed to california from the texas border. any good road map can give ya a good distance graph to chicago, but pelosi says its cruel to send them to california?? they want everyone to come there they even say so. cher turned her objection around, california cant help their own local people.

    • The Redhawk says:

      HOW??? OBUMMER is NOT TRUMP….What he DID was LEGAL in those AIR HEAD of the (D)ESPICABLE PARTY….THAT IS ALL …. but what was h=good for BHO zo should be even BETTER FOR TRUMP ….so GO FOR IT …. San Freakcisco, La, NYC…and all Sanctuary cities should welcome the Thousands with open PURSES

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Amazing how rapidly these hypocrites’ love and concern for the illegal immigrants disappear as soon as anyone mentions putting them in the sanctuary cities and states or into Pelosi or Feinstein’s upper class dwellings.
      Wondering how come they think they are any better than working class people are to have them for neighbors. These hypocrites are the ones who have been enticing them here and helping them fight being deported after they commit crimes in the USA!
      Think we should deport all of these bleeding heart hypocrites along with the next load of illegal immigrants rounded up to deport!
      Think those illegal immigrants from Cuba and Africa who rioted and burned documentary papers in Mexico, should be turned our, told to start walking south in the same direction they came from or be shot. We already have too many of these criminally minded who decide to set fires, loot, burh, vandalize and destroy when they don’t get what they want – when they want it.

  15. The dems has tried to use the imigrants as hostage agaist Trump.They enjoy trying to block
    Trump in everything he tries to do…..Trump has got no support from the dems on anything……..
    The dems has not done anything in the last two but just run thier mouth and play politics
    Instead of Polosi being on the job she is flying around Germany,with more of the cabinet
    and family i guess.She needs to be on her job and work on the border crazy deal….

  16. Ronald C Watt says:

    The corrupt bastards want the illegals spread across the country to maximize the power of their illegal voting.

  17. B. Holly says:

    I’d be happy if the pres. just plain slapped Mrs. P.

  18. MB says:

    Good timing…Democrats need to taste their medicine and pay for it too…this is where their mouth is and this is their responsibility if they like open borders…let them suck it up and tax those cities to help those who need that welfare…we who are against sanctuary cities should not pay.let each state have their own tax dollars pool and manage it…this way we can see how good they really manage their dollars as their big talks…really?

  19. MB says:

    Democrats need to taste their medicine and pay for it too…this is where their mouth is and this is their responsibility if they like open borders…let them suck it up and tax those cities to help those who need that welfare…we who are against sanctuary cities should not pay.let each state have their own tax dollars pool and manage it…this way we can see how good they really manage their dollars as their big talks…really?

  20. Tony Bell says:

    Proving that sanctuary cities are an emotional ploy, a lie to voters for support.
    An unethical and dishonest move.
    Thank you president Trump for exposing the hypocrisy.

  21. Tony Bell says:

    Proving that sanctuary cities are an emotional ploy, a lie to voters for support.
    Thank you president Trump for exposing the hypocrisy.

  22. John J says:

    Games are not the way to run a country, arrest those who run sanctuary cities and businesses that hire illegals and DEPORT the illegals as you promised when asking for our votes

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      And the anti American politicians of both sides that agree to supply them with free housing, cars,rood, medical and education while denying citizens of their earned rights to same.

  23. Rick Montgomery says:


  24. sept mcdade says:

    Every day America is becoming more like 1930s-1940s Germany.

  25. Vera Morgan says:

    Nancy Pelosi,and her cronies need to leave the president alone let him do his job of keeping Americans safe.and let him make our country back grate again.and the pay of Americans have taken up now.and they will act in the best interest of our safety and our country.Nancy needs to back the he’ll off our President and his family to.she thinks I am a Democrat keep emailing me wanting me to donate to her campaign.telling me what her planes are to attack our President.I have told her over and over I am not a corrupt democrats of her losing corrupt,commuting ,treason against America and the people.we the patriots,supporters of our carrying president.are so fed up with their crazy crap.I can just here her name ,muller,clinton,and all the rest of Pelosi and Hillary’s sick group. I get sick at my stomach.their crazy cramp needs to stop before they get something started….that want be so easy to stop..our president.needs to start filing law suits against anyone that true to impeach,him.or cause him or his family any more problems.or trying to harm him or his family in any way.

    • Don Nauyokas says:

      If the House Democrats would work on passing comprehensive immigration reform instead of spending their efforts to see Trumps tax returns, that would be doing their job for which they were elected.

      • Gaye says:

        The demos have done nothing but bitch and cry over everything that Trump does. To bad they don’t put that energy into doing what their voters want. I don’t believe that there are too many voters that give a damn about his tax returns. He got elected without them. As a side, Pelosi better not smile to much, her face will crack.

      • Pat says:

        The Democrats are now saying President Trump needs to pass comprehensive immigration reform, trying to make it look like’s not doing his job. They seem to have forgotten what their real jobs are because they’re too busy trying to destroy him. It is their duty, not his.

    • Marie says:

      Yeah me too. I signed a bunch of patitions to help the animals and then somehow i keep getting email from the democrats. I got one to help abortions…boy i told them off big time! I said i was a republican and they are evil baby killers, and it’s not the womans body anymore – it’s a whole new other baby body. I said they were filthy communists. I told them off. I told them i will never be a liberal and i am voting for Trump again in 2020. I called them other names too i can’t remember right now. I told them good though.

  26. Steel Magnolia says:

    Sending ‘OVERFLOW’ immi’s To Sanctuary Cities
    IS ‘> COMMON SENSE Sanctuary City ‘leadership’ WANTED ‘Sanctuary Status’.
    They Got ‘it’ & NOW , Can’t Handle REALITY ???
    >Bigotry/ Hypocrisy in High form.

  27. camille Ference says:

    why not???? pelosi and her puppeters need to demonstrate by example what they preach . you want sanctuary city. i think that’s great. now house all of your illegals. don’t establish protocol to dump on the citizens of usa. according to el chappo, pelossi received a lot of money from him. i think she should share it with the illegals within her vineyard and gated community. she would be setting up an example of being very humanitarian

  28. Tom Curry says:

    We the citizens need to get these Democrats out of office all across are country for they are not patriots and in no way Constitutionalists!!! I herd on the news today about a state were there new police cars are not acceptable by some politicians because of the United States Flag that the car has on it and represents may be offensive to some people, this is outrageous for if these politicians or some citizens feel offended then they have no business even being in are country and they can just leave or better yet we should deport them out of are country!!! For this is are country and not theirs period and these politicians need to stand up for the very country that they represent we are not beholding to any immigrant or foreign visitor no matter how they feel !!!!

  29. Nancy Pelosi is a plague on the US. Too bad we can’t put calomine lotion on her and clear her up!

    • David Rose says:

      I would suggest sulphuric acid.

    • Frank Shea says:

      Richard we the people cannot fix STUPIDITY. I am beginning to think and feel our country is run by a congress that could not make it in real life. Pelosi, Talibe, AOC, Schumer run on the coat tails of someone else that gave them the money to run.

  30. . Too bad she can be deported and given a ride to Central America while she leaves her money bundles behind to give to illegal aliens she loves so much!

  31. Nancy Pelosi is a out and out bundle of $h*t. Too bad she can be deported and given a ride to Central America while she leaves her money bundles behind to give to illegal aliens she loves so much!

    • fraqnk says:

      They should load buses with hose who cross our borders breaking the law and let them off in Pelosi’s and her henchman Schumer back and front yard.

  32. Rex says:

    Please! Please! Please! Send most of them to Pelosi’s home town. Good job President Trump.

  33. Sue Rich says:

    Just make sure the illegals can’t leave the sanctuary cities where they are released and immediately deport them for good if they elude the authorities in any manner.

  34. Garey says:

    I love it!!!

  35. h8aliar says:

    The first several bus loads should be sent directly to Seattle!

  36. Tomas Flores says:

    Why should Pelosi be so upset – she wants open borders and the illegal immigrants that cross the border to vote Democratic but she does not want them in sanctuary cities – just the southern border cities.

    Trump is just trying to make her demands and desires for more democratic votes possible in safe cities that welcome the illegal immigrants.

    She should be cheering this move as a victory for her party – not opposed to it and claiming is wrong for Trump to do now.

  37. Fredo says:

    Although it would befit the treasonous “sanctuary cities”, sending illegals there would feed too much ammo to the Democrats. I am a big supporter of federal agents arresting the mayors of said cities and charging them with sedition…if that’s at all plausible.

  38. gary says:

    JUST DO IT !!!

  39. Gail Hiatt says:

    Though this sounds like something that I would love to see (the Democrats needing to deal with illegal aliens in their districts), there are some big problems with this. Just because they are sent to these sanctuary cities doesn’t mean they will stay there. This means that thousands and thousands of illegals will be everywhere throughout the country and when the time comes for their hearing they will not be found. This makes the US citizens in as much danger and the crisis is worsened. It is a nice idea that just hasn’t been thought through completely.

    • Sandra says:

      We need to chip every immigrant that comes into our country so we can track them. This sounds so very bad but if immigrants are not reliable then we need to track them.

      • Pat says:

        Great idea! Place it in a way that would make it very difficult to remove. We could then provide polling places with chip readers that voters
        would have to walk through (much like the airport). If an alarm goes off, remove them from the building.

  40. Katherine says:

    Amy Koblachar and the rest of the liberals shouldn’t be offended by the Pres. sending the people from all over to the Sanctuary Cities. You all want them ,so take them in. What are they all scared of.Don’t want them in your neighborhood.Too bad,maybe these so called decent murderers,bums,etc. will make your neighborhoods a living paradise. Ask and ye shall receive.Now deal with them and all that goes with your package deal.

    • Gene says:

      Why should towns along the border get all the benefits of these most wanted people? The President doesn’t have to send them to northern cities just to these southern states and towns who preach their benefits. I’m sure CA would love to have them, just take them to SD and let them migrate north.

  41. JC says:

    There is no reason not to ship illegals , that have to be released, to sanctuary cities. This BS that you cannot ship them is garbage. Just don’t advertise it the same way Obama hid his distribution of illegals . Why shouldn’t those cities get some anyway. Those that get them now did not volunteer..they just send them. So, send them to the sanctuary cities and towns too and let them share the horror of that trash!

  42. jkwfo says:

    if we are overwhelmed which we are then yes , bus them off to a sanctuary city under the agreement that they must stay their until their court date. if they are caught anywhere else other than where they are supposed to be then the city or state could be charged back for whatever amount of money was given them to offset the cost. AND THEY WILL BE DEPORTED

  43. Darren says:

    The 1% that voted “no” must be butt hurt liberals. What’s wrong liberals? Are you idiots afraid that Republicans might be right about the crime illegals bring with them? You RETARDS are so pathetic!

  44. Nate says:

    Mr. President don’t slap Nancy Pelosi with any surprises. JUST SLAP HER, knock some damn sense into her head!

  45. Estell says:

    The sanctuary cities were put in place to protect the illegals. If they don’t want them they should NOT have made them sanctuary cities. And they should start with San Francisco. It’s time for the illegals to know that the democrats are using them for illegal voters and don’t really care about them. Anyone who really cares about them would t ell them that we are in turmoil right now and they should find another safe haven till this blows over. If the democrats get control of the WH we will be just like Venezuela and they would be in the same condition here and as they were there.

  46. Lynda Denson says:

    WONDERFUL IDEA! In fact, bus them in to each of these sanctuary cities and drop them as close to the homes of the Democratic Congressmen and women, governors, and mayors homes in each of these cities and don’t stop…just keep bringing them in by the bus loads and don’t give them any extra funds to care for them…until they give Trump the money for the wall and shut down these sanctuary cities. Let their families and their communities fall victims to the MS13 gang members , rapes, shootings, DUI killings, etc… and then see how they feel about protecting the “rights” of the illegals….

  47. Sab Far says:

    Poor Betty. Crazy can be medicated…ignorance can be educated BUT there is no cure for STUPID. POOR. BETTY

  48. A. Asko says:

    Democrats should not be paid for their time thus far in Congress! They are not doing anything but trying to foil President Trump! Therefore, if they do not want to help with the droves of immigrants coming through our borders, let them in and send them to a sanctuary city. Why not? They (Dems) have loads of money and places to house them so go ahead and take them!!

  49. I dont know how anybody could vote democratic the way the dems has been the last two years…………
    They have done nothing to help the country,just confusion and acting crazy,spend all thier time
    trying to destroy Trump……But they have a few skeletons hanging around….plus three mopheads
    in congress that is out of control……they dont have time to control them because they spend
    all thier time on Trump and thier open border troubles and destroying the country

  50. George says:

    Pelosi is like the scum that covers idle water over time and is one of the most dangerous things in the world….

    I honestly do not know how she lives with herself, much less anyone else….and thank God I do not pay her booze bills….

    • Martha Ferguson says:

      So True!! I have said she was a drink all along!! Make sure when you take them to her home that you have a ladder so they can get over the fence and most of all make Dan sure you have some of the nd 13 gang in the group. Love it

  51. Michael Hughes says:

    Forget the “serious consideration”. DO IT!

  52. NOBODY says:

    this is a damn great idea, release them there then have border checks at city limits non US citizens get turned back to city, all green card and others allowed to leave…..

    but you know the American hating bums won’t stand for it…..

  53. Carol says:

    Yes send them there and they with understand oh course they know how wrong it is to bring people in without a legal process to know if they are good or Bad . I am very upset that they’ don’t care anything about legal Americans . They are more then willing to let harm come to me and my family . They are also not vaccinated and bringing sickness . To say nothing of the killing and rape from gangs of those they harm those they bring soon to be us they will be releasing them on us . If something happens to our family’s we all need to suit them .There refuse to see the Angel moms was awful my heart breaks for them and what they are causing us to suffer .We want to help in the right way not this nightmare . This is costing us a huge amount of money putting our law enforcement in danger . Why we know why they want there votes they are not legal also want 16 year old children to vote nuts . I was a Dems I am disgraced now to say . Stop this stupid law catch and release Now . Build the Wall work with republicans sick of this they and they alone have destroyed there party . The President has been trying to fix this mess Dems and Dems alone have let this happen I agreed with the President they care about them so much bring them to them . God Bless President Trump !

    • Gene says:

      Why should towns along the border get all the benefits of these most wanted people? The President doesn’t have to send them to northern cities just to these southern states and towns who preach their benefits. I’m sure CA would love to have them, just take them to SD and let them migrate north.

  54. Mike says:

    Best place for Illegals is a sanctuary city. Let the open border democrats support them house them feed them and educate them. Best thing is they all vote in the same electoral collage district.

    • Gene says:

      Yes and for the cost of travel, set up one of those fund me or what ever cites. That is a good cause for that. If everybody who wants this to happen, send a dollar or two and it would be funded.

  55. Dnny Mallett says:

    I was a lifelong democrat until 2016 as I voted TRUMP. If the democrats insist on open borders,and free everything and continue lies I will never vote democrat again. Oh by thereway I am 69 years old.

    And a retired autoworker.

    • Jim says:

      I’m with you on everything you just said. I am a lifelong registered democrat and a retired John Deere worker. The dems are nothing like they were years ago. They are so far left I really do not recognize them anymore. I will never vote democrat again!

  56. FRANCES says:


  57. Brooke says:

    I love it!!!
    Until you get serious about immigration , work with the President to stop the madness at the border, then, you take them and keep them.
    Since you love them more than you do America and her people.

    Dems won’t work with the President to get control of the border and close all the insane loop holes that allow ALL who step foot here to stay.

    Close loop holes while building the wall and start earning your DAMNED money you insane Dems.

  58. Bryce Thompson says:

    Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,124 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

    • Michael says:

      Bruce, you information about Nibiru is partially correct. If you read the “Earth Chronicles” by late Zecharia Sitchin, you would know the right data about our 12-th planet if you count the moon too – Nibiru. It comes in our Solar system every 3,600 years and the last time it was here circa 500 B. C. So, the projected time of next Nibiru visit will be around circa 2,900 A. D. It is on the way to us. However, the ET living there – Anunnaki might come back sooner and according the ancient tablet writing, they might come here to Earth between 2060 and 2090. Everything is clearly depicted in Zecharia Sitchin’s book “The End of Days”.

    • Marie says:

      Wow. Glad you told us. I know about Planet X, but forgot about it. Isn’t that Wormwood mentioned in the Bible?

  59. Jim says:

    I say send them back and let them wait for there court hearing, once they are regestered here then put them back on the bus and drive them to the border and open the gate and push them off the buss back into Mexico let them wait there as TRUMP said. But if your are going to send them to a say a city like S>F. send them to sacramento and shove them up Gaven newsem’s ass sense he is a huge dumb ass.

  60. Debbie says:

    Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar wrote, “The President is literally using human beings as pawns in a political game. Instead of passing comprehensive immigration reform he does this: White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes.”


  61. G. Matyas says:

    The dems claim there is no funding for shipping migrants anywhere, That’s true just as there is no funding for the volume of migrants at the border now and the near future. Since sanctuary areas claim to support all migrants they should step up and help all border towns by taking thousands to reduce the stress at the border, until a new immigrations policy can be defined. Also since Mexico got so many manufacturing jobs from the USA , why doesn’t Mexico just keep them in Mexico and share the jobs with the migrant. Problem solved

  62. Rodney says:

    Let’s see if I got this right. They love the illegals flooding over our borders, claiming everyone has the right to be in this country. Anyone who doesn’t buy into the foolish rhetoric are racist bigots. Now that these illegal aliens may land in their backyard, they scream it’s not fair, moral or ethical. If it isn’t fair, moral or ethical for them to be in their neighborhood, how is it fair, moral or ethical to be in our neighborhoods?

    • Hydro says:

      They only want votes but they don’t want the illegals in their neighborhood. The Governor ‘s and mayors are first in line of these Democrat cities and states to put Trump down for trying to solve the issue at our boarder. Let these fake politicians put up or shut up.

  63. Rowdy says:

    Pelosi and the Left Wing Nut Democraps started this battle and when we let them have a winning round to get what they want with all of their postering and so called sanctuary’s for illegals, all they want to do is complain and for some one else to foot the bill for what they wanted. And these are the kind of people that want to run our country. The only thing that the Left Wing Nut Democraps might be able to run is a garbage hip, and if they get control of our country, we will become a garbage heap, with the Left Wing Nut Democraps as the Dictators.

  64. Betty says:

    Everything d. trump does, surprise or not, has some form of Sick Minded Nastiness in it.

    • GZ says:

      Its 4 the good of our country, not sik minded nastiness,,,,,,, (BITCH)
      Wait,,,,,STUPID BITCH.
      Yep thats it!!!????????????

      • Mary says:

        yeah, Betty’s statement says she is an uneducated biased libtard, Bless her little dumb heart, yes she is on the stupid side.

    • Terry Chance says:

      I like the way our president thinks on his feet. Unlike the Democrats who does…..their thinking on their ass.

    • Janet says:

      No Betty. That would be the Democrats. OUR President is doing EVERYTHING in his power to protect OUR country and the people. Now if you SUPPORT all these illegals coming into OUR country; you are just like the Democrat Party. THE HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM. BOTTOM LINE. And that’s NOT being NASTY. THAT’S JUST THE HONEST TRUTH.

    • why say that they want them here in US just not where they live. Give them what they want the illegals

    • Pat says:

      You’re an idiot, Betty. You are no doubt a paid troll with no job skills.

    • Freddie says:

      Well ,Betty,you like the illegals so much,why don’t you offer them a place to stay,pay their bills for them,buy food for them,buy them brand new vehicles,pay their car insurance for them,buy gas for their brand new vehicles,etc.,?
      Donald Trump is trying his best,to do what’s right for this country and all he gets is continued opposition from the stupid,clueless,democrats and lamestream,fake news,media,concerning the illegals.
      The democrats offer no solutions,remedies,or answers to anything,all they do morning,noon and night,is criticize Trump,for trying to do the right thing with the many problems he faces.Thank God for Donald Trump!!

  65. Judy Hall says:

    I love it….send them to the sanctuary cities and have the state support them….thats exactly what they want so give it to them

  66. Omega 2 says:


    • Alleccs says:

      Sending them all onto Pelosi’s doorstep! Then I will say to Nancy, ENJOY! You wanted them, now you have them all for yourself! ENJOY! Make sure you have a gun at your home for protection! ENJOY!

  67. Christiann says:

    Just TOTALLY FORGET ABOUT DEPORTATION HEARINGS, they take way too long!! Just load them onto cattle trucks and immediately ship them back to South America where they belong!!

    • Caligirl1960 says:

      Totally agree! The law says they can only be in detention for 20 days they never said we had to dump them into our country. Mexico signed the UN deal now let them worry about all those fake asylum seekers.

    • Banzai Bob says:

      The best solution is to keep them from getting here in the first place.
      Build the damn wall!

      • Marie says:

        Trump has tried so hard to build the wall, but the dems keep blocking his way no matter what he does. It’s been that way from day one. I hope he wins in 2020 cuz the dems will totally explode and i will be laughing!!!!

  68. Lisa says:

    If we take two pieces of the equation away: President Trump and Sanctuary Cities, we can’t just keep almost 100,000 immigrant’s in a couple of border towns!? They will be here for quite a while waiting to be processed thru the system, waiting for court dates. It’s unfair for a few border towns to be overwhelmed, and available jobs will quickly run out. Someone, if not the President, needs to make a plan. Haven’t we been hearing that our Economy is filled with more jobs than people? Weren’t the seasonal workers from Central and South America underestimated last year, with business owners having to punt and figure out how to get the work done that they typically do? I think it’s spring, and the Season is here again. How many cities, Sanctuary or not, have Latino churches and communities able to find a vacant decent structure and set up a temporary barracks untill the town gets thier act together and starts matching people with jobs/housing/ schools? I mean my little town, very Agricultural, could take around 100 people, however many families that comes out to be?
    Without President Trump’s idea coming to fruition to teach the Dems a lesson, and without the Dems complaining and degrading our president, no matter what you believe or what party you are in, these people need help untill the flow is staunched. When word gets around that there’s no longer entrance into the US, it will stop.
    Our leaders could act with grace and dignity, work together, and get these people settled here, dispersed through out the Nation, solving this problem at least. I’m sure all Citizens will notice. This is the world stage, and coming up to 2020 election, and God is watching. This problem will only get worse without a plan. Open a toll free number for communities to call and volunteer how many families they can take. Start there and do something instead of argue. It’s y’all’s job. Every time we turn around Congress is having more R and R. A Congressional position doesn’t allow for so little work hours. No one knows when emergencies like this happen, and you are Walking away from emergencies.



      • Abe Youngworth says:

        What Trump has in his pinky, Pelosi doesn’t have in her whole body! What President Trump forgot about being the President of this country, Pelosi never knew! ENJOY the illegals sanctuary cities! Make sure that you pack rifles and guns for protection 24/7. You’ll need them!

    • GZ says:

      Start living in the real world 4 a while and get back 2 us.

  69. Way to go Pres……….Now that is a smart man…………..That is where we need to send the invaders
    Tax payers is paying for santurary citys anyway………You will notice the dems dont the want
    the immigrants where it might bother them………The dems need to pass border laws and
    quit playing with peoples lives.

  70. john hayes says:

    After president Trump drops the illegal aliens in California he should build a wall around that state, in addition to the Mexican border wall.

    • Rodney says:

      That sounds just stupid!!!!!!!! There are a lot of people in California, that would love to get out of here, me included, but being retired, I have to stay right here because not enough to leave!!!! But I can’t get any help from the government in this state to protect me and mine!!!!! So take your wall around California and shove it up your ass!!!!!!!!!

      • Lisa says:

        Huh? Not quite “getting” your plan, other than the part about butts? How are these immigrant’s related to you? Are you also an immigrant?

      • John says:

        Its because of stupid voters that your in the position your in. I have a woderful idea. Dynamite the western border of Ca an let it fall off into the ocean

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        This is the democrats and government at work for the American citizens and taxpayers . Vote 2020 Trump maga — let’s vote these treasonous traitor’s out. Don’t forget to start with Nancy Pelosi.

      • Alleccs says:

        Rodney: Once the illegals come into your neighborhood, it won’t be a matter of, “not enough to leave!!! You would and could be facing a bullet from these 2-legged animals 24/7! THINK ABOUT IT!! These thugs are dangerous! My advice to you is get out while the getting is good!

    • Betty says:

      Wrong, john, somebody should build a 40 foot wall around CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, considering what a LYING LUNATIC & INSANE IDIOT that OVAL OFFICE SICK MINDED PILE OF WALKING, TALKING CRAP TRASH SO PLAINLY IS.

      • Sab Far says:

        Poor Betty. Crazy can be medicated…ignorance can be educated BUT there is no cure for STUPID. POOR. BETTY

      • nate says:

        BETTY, Still got that hard-on for Donald I read!

      • susan ca says:

        how about if we bring some of these people to betty’s house so she can take care of them and give them a place to live . it was the democrats who started all this with the open borders not trump it ‘s only because he is fighting back that don’t like him i have been a democrat all my life and these are not same democrats i knew years ago.

      • Marie says:

        I think we have a communist in our mist. Just ignore the thing.

  71. David Muench says:

    Good for President Donald Trump
    Nancy will love this surprise just wish though it was behind a prison cell for the next four decades or more.

  72. Dave Miedema says:

    Senile Nancy is a hypocrite, just like the majority of Communist Democraps. She’s all for opening the border and letting them in…as long as she doesn’t have to deal with them in her district. I think Trump is on to something here.

  73. If pelosi turns them away or does what she always does try and pin being cruel on someone elts. so why doesn’t she want them in the democrat’s sanctuary cities, ??? california wants to become their own country, well she and her friend maxeen . they have the money to pay for the illegals to stay. being a hyprocrite is a democrate’s first name, tell me iam wrong and we will, or i will send you the proof.

  74. Warren Abraham says:

    President Trump is Right. the Federal Government should not have to fund the cities for there expense. The state should foot the bill. Also In San Francisco they should be put in Pelosi’s Neighborhood. and the National Guard from each state should have to guard them.

  75. Shirley says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, MR. PRESIDENT Ship all the immigrants to the Sanctuary Cities. They deserve them. After all they are out there beating their drums wanting all of them here in America so bring them in and let the Democrats take care of them. This way they will be in close proximity to to the democrats who want them here so much. So these generous democrats can keep a close eye on them and make sure that they are being taken care of properly and that all of their demands are being met Isn’t that what sanctuary cities are for?

    • Warren H says:

      The Sanctuary Cities that don’t want illegal immigrants only need to remove the elected officials from office to change the status imposed. Trump’s idea makes a lot of sense to me. Voters need to remember what their elected officials did to them instead of letting them continue to repeat making the same mistakes.

  76. Yes i think president trump should send them to all sanctuary cities california first especially pelosi’s cty or town, california wants them instead of sending them to cities north and east , we in ny have enough coming from europe and she says its cruel to send them to the west coast so i ask why does the west coast espically california get omitted ?? pelosi doent want them in her back yard, well i dont want them in my back yard just because she doent want them in hers, i think shes being a little stingy , her sayin what she said just tells you where her mind is, hell they might rob her 4 million house. along with walters. talk about being a hipocrit ‘s so where does she get to be different ? just because she is a millonar. makes her different than anyone elts. well if you have lots of money you can be higher than us peons . i say send them to her front door……..

  77. I dont they would really mind they seem to love them so much….The dems should have to feed them
    for promoting open borders……..Oh its all political for the dems …Just want to pester Trump
    But really the immigrants will soon ruin the country….Look at all the money we are paying
    to support them… there has to be a halt somewhere

  78. The Real M says:

    I am not sure legally he can do this, hope he can, let him try and he will find out. Just the mention of it has revealed what hypocrites the Dems are. They are already howling at the moon with their hair on fire at the mere mention of unloading illegals in their cities. We all know the sanctuary city status is nothing more than to rebel against President Trump’s policies. We also know they don’t really want illegals in their areas. This is a major example of Dems cutting off their nose to spite their face, they are past masters at it! Just too disgusting for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Don says:

    Bravo president Trump……perfect idea to place the garbage in a trash bin of sanctuary cities let them enjoy what they created… it the trump card

  80. FedUo says:

    Pelosi would do it in a heartbeat, if she had the power. Would LOVE to see it happen to her & demoncrat ilk.

  81. Karin says:

    Mr. President, D. J. Trump. Finally you have a foolproof idea to have the true intention of the Left. I agree with you that since most of California and NY and NJ have the largest number of sanctuary cities, let them take care of the hoard that is coming in. Particularly place the illegals in the districts that are largely representatives of the House. And no Government funding to assist them. Final Nail.

    • gretchen says:


    • Marie says:

      I heard on the radio that Buffalo is a Sanctuary city. I live in the country about 50 miles away. I go there once in a while and all i see are those arab women walking around in their long burkas. Makes me sick. Looks like a third world country now. I moved away from there 20 yrs ago and now i’m glad i did. I am surrounded by all Conservatives here and the neighbor even told me the men got together and if the sh*t hits the fan they are “ready” and for me not to worry. Gotta love those rednecks!!!

      • keith says:

        its that way all over the states lock and load we will take back America at any cost GO TRUMP they have awakened the old school republic and we are very pissed off

  82. T. Bell says:

    He should ship ALL illegal crap to arab countries or the frozen North.

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