Donald Trump is about to hit Chuck Schumer with a rude awakening about the wall

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats believe if they hold out a little longer Donald Trump will fold on the border wall.

But they never saw their own defeat coming.

That’s because Trump is about to hit Schumer with a rude awakening that will end up being the Democrats’ biggest embarrassment.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is one of the President’s closest allies in Congress.

Gaetz appeared on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business Channel program to discuss how Trump can secure funding for his promised border wall.

The Florida Congressman proposed Trump use emergency funding powers to begin wall construction.

Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) stated that President Trump will “have to use emergency funds” on the border.

Gaetz said, “He’s going to have to use emergency funds at some point to get us out of this, Lou. … And so, we’re going to have to find funds that have been lawfully appropriated for barriers, for security, for national defense, and we’re going to have to use that money along the southern border. Because the Democrats won’t take a win-win.”

This is a controversial decision.

Some Trump supporters believe Democrats will tie the move up in court and Trump will never get the wall built and will have folded in the shutdown by signing a bill that opens the government without any new wall money.

But the Democrats are dug in.

They can filibuster wall funding forever.

Emergency funding may be the President’s only chance to deliver on his signature promise to the American people.


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223 Responses

  1. snark says:

    ‘estudiante’/betty/diane = same person.
    Deploys ‘distressed’ language.

    • Steff says:

      I wondered about betty and diane, but this is the first for estudiante. Let’s just ignore all of them if this site doesn’t allow blocking.

    • Steff says:

      BTW if my Spanish is accurate, estudiante means student. This he/she/it does not meet the definition of student since he/she/it is stupid and can’t learn and be fixed.

  2. John Soroka says:

    we are not dealing with the democrat party anymore. They are more commonly known as the communist party of America. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would never vote for or support them in any way.

    • Steff says:

      Actually the name should be dubbed Satan Party because so much on their agenda is totally immoral and contrary to God’s law as well and man’s.

    • Estudiante says:

      WHAT??!? The Donald and former KGB agent Comrade Putin are bedfellows! john, your comment is the pot calling the kettle black. And speaking of kettles, Robert Mueller is stoking the fire under the ont that will cook Trump’s goose!

      • Carole Currier says:

        Trump was a business man. He built hotels and golf courses. People in business do business with friends of the US and enemies of the US. You need to pay more attention to what goes on in International business. That does not make every business man personal friends with leaders of other countries. As the godfather said. It’s not personal, it’s business.

        • Estudiante says:

          He didn’t put his enemies into his cabinet–he put his rich cronies! Crony capitalism writ large!!!

          • Carole says:

            what makes you thing Democrats don’t have rich cronies. Politicians are pretty much all the same. Pay attention to all those who get elected to office and complain about how poor they are and how expensive it is to live in D.C. How is it, that when they leave office, they have millions? They also have a great pension plan at taxpayers expense.f

          • Just like Obama loaded his administration with his muslim brethren

      • june Burgess says:

        Mueller s only fire is the unbridled use of tax payers money with no restraint, he has a cushy job with no monitory restraints all he has to do is keep saying “shortly I will have everything tied up and bring a close, but in the meantime I cant discuss my findings as its part of an on going investigation. LOL In the mean time he is going back decades into anyones private life that knew Trump so he can harass and bully them with threats to their family and financial well being. Remember Boston and what it cost the taxpayers in hundreds of million dollars after he wrongfully (and knew they were innocent) accused them to get his face and name in the paper

      • Barbara says:

        NOT LIKELY!!! THERE are more of us Wit the PRESIDENT than there are of you that harass and obstruct him.

  3. Sharlene says:

    On top of the wall you build, put an electric wire that will shock the FOOL out of them if they try to go over it. One strong enough that if they touch it will knock them off.

  4. Seth says:

    Build the wall and put all the Democrats and Mueller and his crew on the other side, right where they belong. They should not be allowed in our great country either.

  5. annette says:

    Demorats wanted the wall before where is the money from that ? Just asken

    • june Burgess says:

      be interesting to find out where the 65 million that was appropriated during the obama administration with peolosi’s and schumer’s blessing actually went. Or is that how a civil servant retires a multimillionaire

  6. wilfred surface says:

    start by using the few million the we the people have donated, let the Democrats figure out when that money runs out and when you start using the already apropreated funds, for barrier, then other funds. By this time you will have driven the Demograt’s , to waste time.

  7. CLIFF says:


  8. The traveller says:

    As President Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”, We who support you say, “Mr. Trump, please build this wall.”

    • MSPS says:

      And do it quickly and well. Make a fence that is high enough, deep enough, wide enough, strong enough that no illegals can try hard enough to sneak into the dems voting boxes, murder, rape and pillage the innocent any more.
      Whatever it takes just do it well and if they won’t go home then send them to ………?

  9. Twykes says:

    Dear mr. president
    You ARE the president! The highest office
    In the United States of America..
    Build the Wall. Give the state of the union
    Speech even if I’m the only one listening.
    I don’t want to be invaded by immigrants
    Who are parasites who live off us taxpayers
    you are the president! Don’t be held
    Hostage by some old woman in Congress!
    Pelosi is greedy and she has a ring through
    The noses of her Congress and she pulls on it

    • Philip Ritchie says:

      Exactly. Build that wall. Keep the scum out. Show these rats on the left how you go about getting what we need. It’s time you showed who you are and that you are speaking for the millions that voted for you. Do this without hesitation. The time for small talk is over. We’ve tried but the rats have fled. Therefore show them with a wall. Biggest you can build. Build a canal on either side of the wall and fill it with snakes and alligators for those that dare to challenge us.!1

      • Steelie says:

        SAY: ” BUILD THAT > BARRIER NOT TRUE. Less than 400 mi of
        Steel BARRIER > SECTIONS In
        CRUCIAL Areas. 0f Which Dems
        SUPPORTED in 2006 w/ 50 Billion.
        Where ? did Allocated 50 Billion Go ???
        > Please, SAY ” BUILD THAT BARRIER”.
        > Dems lean for “BARRIER SECTIONS”.
        ( & Not the ‘w’ word) ___

        • Steelie says:

          words dropped in post. After > BARRIER]] NOT TRUE.
          TRUE. < Rest is correct.

    • Erina Goff says:

      Twykes – You won’t be the only one listening to his speech. You will be in good company with me, my son, his menagerie of dogs and cats.
      As an aside: Mr. Donald Trump – America voted for you on your promise of building the wall. Considering the fact that female Tomas Torquemada Peelousy, efforts to stop you, she needs to be brought down a peg or two or a thousand. I understand that a flesh eating bacteria has hit an illegal alien and is today being treated in the USA. America has voted you THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – please use whatever power you have been granted and….

      BUILD THE WALL!!! GIVE AMERICA THE SOTU and a pox of peelousy!!

  10. Beverly says:

    BUILD the wall President Trump! We know that you are trying to protect us, with God’s help! We’re praying for you! Nancy and chuckie have done nothing for the American people, except STEAL our money and kill!

  11. snark, alerts. says:


    A Said ph.d. jd “i taught in college.”
    “HOW to LIE W/ Statistics”.

    David Rose January 25, 2019 at 9:08 pm
    Dr.J.D. sounds like you’ve been keeping those good drugs for yourself.

    scooch January 26, 2019 at 12:43 am
    Rite. Ask jd about the ‘big ‘jellyfish’ drug.
    Haaaa. Remember D.Rose, he ‘fessed up’
    W/ 0d on goodies? & loose Tongue.
    ” i Taught in college ” INFO
    ” HOW To LIE W/STATS”.
    > Henceforth, Read my ‘polls’ says jd.
    > Keep talking, jd. Bwar -har-har.

  12. Charles Jones says:

    We spend billions of our tax dollars for all of the expenses that illegals cost us every single year, and yet the $5Billion cost of the wall is held up as an unnecessary, excessive expense. Is it not clear that with the wall we will save Billions, have a safer country, stem drug flow into the country, and have an organized system for encouraging and processing legal immigration,?

    • Arlene Achord says:


      • Linda Maloney says:

        Unfortunately we have stubborn jackass demo rats that just as soon see fellow Americans that are federal employees suffer because they are pig headed assholes. And these same democrats have called for a wall before but because President Trump calls for a wall they decide to obstinate ball breakers.

        • Rose says:

          That is the truth, Charles. The DemocRATS were for it until we elected President Trump. Well, we will win and get our wall and we will never give another DemocRAT any kind of support for anything! Pay back id a BITCH!

        • Clarence hartley says:

          Tell it like it is, Linda.

    • Rose says:

      You are right about that Charles, we can thank the crooked Democrats for the hold-up. Pelosi and Shummer They think they have backed down President Trump, but the truth is …..President Trump holds ALL of the cards. They will not win!

    • Mary Murphy says:

      But an organized system for encouraging and processing legal immigration rather than the chaos of ILLEGALS is NOT what Democrats want. They LIKE the chaos and the ILLEGALS because that system allows the Dems to spread bad faith and illiteracy through this nation so they can be in control.

      • Carole Currier says:

        Your last sentence says it all Mary. Those who are ignorant of the truth are much easier to control. However, they will also bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Carolyn Allen says:

      Common we are hearing all the negative comments from the Demoncrats..The reason they are being so Pigheaded is because it is Trump that wants it BUILT..If is was Obama building the wall it would be half done by now..It is all about Politics which has no business in our Countries Safety and Security..

  13. CHARLES WELLS says:

    I have been a loyal Conservative my whole life. I served in the USArmy from 1960-1990 with well over 21 years in Europe, 18 months in DakTo, Vietnam and a tour in Korea. I love my family, my country and Our President. I have supported everything he’s been trying to do, BUT NOW, I am pissed off.

    He’s been shouting “WOLF” for too long. He’s allowed himself to be belittled by a “DUMB-ASS DEMOC-RAT SPEAKER”. It makes NO SENSE to try and work with the D-RATS. Now of them are true Patriots, just plain assholes.

    You DON’T NEED D-RATS VOTES. SIGN AN EMERGENCY ACTION BILL and BUILD THE DAMM WALL. DON’T WAIT 3 WEEKS, give the RATS 24 hours to approve a Bill that will give you 25B to build a solid structure. If the RINO and Senators from Georgia, Alaska, Utah and New Hampshire don’t support you, hold rallies in their states and get the Patriots from these states to start Protest against them.

    Stop calling Wolf and get the Wall Built.

  14. Robert. J says:

    I hope that you are a Democrat and I hope that if you’ve you’ve been reading these comments because I believe you’re reading the feelings of the majority of the people and it’s about time you paid some attention and began to wake up and fly right! This is my first comment on this media

  15. Robert. J says:

    I hope that you are a Democrat and I hope that if you’ve you’ve been reading these comments because I believe you’re reading the feelings of the majority of the people and it’s about time you paid some attention and began to wake up and fly right!

    • Dr, JD says:

      I am a Democrat and I started reading this blog to get more perspective than just given by MSM. I have learned about the feelings of Trump supporters, and it has actually changed my mind about some things, most notably this immigration fiasco. I have been ringing the alarm about immigration from Mexico since the 1980s, and have always been upset at Congress (both parties) for not applying the immigration laws on the books.

      I think another thing both parties should agree about is ending corruption. If we prove that any person of any party has violated the law, I believe they should be imprisoned, and even if that includes Hillary or other members of my party. And, there is too much money to tempt our leaders.

      • scooch says:

        You are Certainly NOT a ‘jfk’ Democrat, in reading your
        past ink. You seem to Support ‘NEw Dems, buster. ie
        pelosi/schumer cortez & ilk etc. You’re NOT ‘fooling’
        Any0ne Here, mister. Seems you getting ‘nervous’ ?
        > Well, you should be. __ The Dem party you associate
        w/ WILL NOT SAVE you when SHTF. & Don’t look to a
        Patriot. Look to your buds here ie Ric B, diane, betty,
        tit etc. ” You Made your bed, Now Lie In ‘it’.
        >Your two-faced ink here, fools No 0ne, except your own.

  16. Lola says:

    Just released, TRUMP CAVED on all measures, and supported the Democratic proposal and to end the shutdown. All that bluster and BS and putting federal workers through the longest shutdown in US history, was a bluff – – just like Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for the wall.

    • Tom says:

      What excuse are you going to make for Trump now? You continually excuse or rationalize all his bad behavior, including how he grabs women by the private parts, how he went after a married woman, of his continual affairs which he lied about, of his lying about “no business with Russia” when he was working on the Trump Moscow project during the election and as a nominee, of the ties of his campaign staff with Russia, of his obstructions of justice (numerous), of telling people the Trump Tower meeting was about “adoptions” and admitted later that it was to (illegally) get dirt on Hillary.

      When are you going to wake up and admit the flaws of this lying con man?

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        Trump isn’t as bad as Clinton, yet the democrabs don’t hold him accountable at all. In fact, Horrible Hillary facilitated his “excesses”. Look at how she jumped on those women who had the guts to stand up to this rapist.

      • Tommie says:

        This is like a school yard bully trying to take over. If the Demo-turds want all the illegals in our country go adopt a family and be responsible for them 10 years. The demo-turds could have taken care of the wall when Obama was President but didn’t, yet they all agreed the wall was needed. One way or another President Trump will get the job done. There has never been a president that harassed like Trump. President Trumps life has always been open so we knew his history with women, not like all the other Presidents that lied about their affairs, so get off his back.

        • june Burgess says:

          They appropriated 65 million for the wall, we need t find out where that money went and into whose pockets it got diverted because it wasnt used to fix, mend or extend the wall or increase support to the border patrol. This was during the obama administration, or is that who a civil servant who by political standards was poor retires a multimillionaire.

      • jjofaz says:

        How much money is used to cover the transgressions of all those in congress? Yes Trump had his affair but he did it before the WH. We have elected officials that are still pandering while in office and our tax dollars are being used to shut up their targets. Let’s face it they all live in glass houses and they are all throwing stones of the biological sense.

      • Robert L Hoffman says:


      • Clarence hartley says:

        Who could anticipate Charlie and Nancy being so outrageous . My deepest and prayed for wish is that they would become Americans. May they were at one time. There is no way that they resemble American patriots

      • Texas Belle says:

        It wasn’t a crime for Trump tom have business with Russia to build a tower. Besides, please stop talking about his grabbing women’s private parts, which has never been shown to be true, Where were you when Clinton was accused of raping women, grabbing them by all their parts, while he was Governor in Arkansas and as President in the White House? Trump was in private business when his dalliances occurred, not in the people’s house.

      • Mary Murphy says:

        There are no perfect men, president or no. Have you forgotten President Clinton and his little “fun and games” with what’s her name right in the Oval Office, and his blatant lie about same in all our faces right on national TV?, and you’re worrying about what PRIVATE citizen Donald J, Trump talked about when hes wasn’t anywhere near political office at the time? My, my, how one sighted some people seem to be. Just remember, Trump never tried to sell himself as a saint, like some people in politics have done.

        • Carole Currier says:

          Your answer to this one is right on again. In addition, there are all the members of Congress who also get away with fun and games and pay off their game target out of taxpayer money. It would be good if those in government would try to remember who they work for.

      • Pat says:

        When are you going to pull your head out and stop watching CNN and the other mainstream media.? They have fried your brain with your permission.

      • Michael Price says:

        Just curious, what drug are to taking to put you in fantasy land? It must be a good one! You seem to have also drunk allot of the demonrat koolaid as well to actually believe all of the fantasy you just wrote. Go to your little room and play with your imaginary friends for awhile. I wouldn’t want to be you.

    • David Rose says:

      You remind me of an overconfident ball team that jumps out to a big first half lead, and gets beat. I’m ready for ROUND 2, President Trump. A change of direction is NOT a cave. You liberals think the game is over and the real game hasn’t even started.

    • Rose says:

      Really? President Trump has not given up, we will have the WALL AND YOU CAN BANK ON THAT, LOLA!

      • zee says:

        don’y say the ‘w’ word. Period.
        ( American JOBS). Factoid.

    • Daniel Stiverson says:

      Don’t kid yourself. Trump is not bluffing. He is reloading. He is humane and knew that 2 months with no pay would hurt anyone. He wanted them to be paid. When he comes back next time with it he will likely include all of Congress. It’s not like they are doing anything to cause them to be essential.

    • Rickster says:

      Wait 2 weeks and you’ll see what it was about! People need there pay and it wasnt to go on this long! People dont understand holding out to get what’s needed! Americans to spolied and wood turn on trump like Senate 6 did! You’ll see what happens to Schumer and Pelosi!

  17. RENATO says:


    • Bob says:

      I agree with everything you said, but the very evil, corrupt, and crooked Democrats will find a liberal judge who will issue a cease and desist order and the wall will not be built. What has to be done is to get all Democrats out of the House and Senate.

      • Rose says:

        Then it can be taken to the SUPREME COURT!

        • Texas Belle says:

          True, but that will take years, probably after Trump’s terms are over. Democrats never give up and will thwart every effort to build a barrier.

          • Carole Currier says:

            Unfortunately Texas Belle, you are correct. The Democrats have already lined up Judges who are ready to dispute whatever method Trump uses if Congress does not come up with a bill that Trump can sign.


    • Carolann says:

      Yes,get it done.
      We the people will continue to send funds to show those who just block it cause they content you to look good! This will be an amazing

  19. Trump you can not hit Schumer any lower he is a self proclaimed Mongrel Dog of Pelosi

  20. vistacharlie says:

    I am disappointed in Trump caving to Pelosi WRT to SOTU address. US constitution, Article 2, section 3. states it as a duty to make the SOTU address sometime, why not traditionally and he has the power to convene and adjourn congress as necessary for this, both branches. The excuse via Pelosi was that it was inappropriate during shutdown. In truth according to the stated constitution section Trump has a duty to make recommendations to congress associated with the SOTU address. A formal address to congress may change a few votes in congress but will also change a few votes against the democrats. So making the SOTU is not only appropriate but especially a duty because of the wall. It may be that it would go on congressional record and lend further credibility to using emergency funds to accomplish the 230 mile section of wall. Somebody is giving Trump bad advice to appease Pelosi, this will boomerang on him.

    • Joan says:

      vistacharlie, so far Trump has been right in the things he does, we must have faith in him because he is always 99% correct in what he says or does. Lots of the things he does is because he has something up his sleeve to make him and the American Citizens in the long run. HAVE FAITH CONSERVATIVES, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING. IN FACT, HE EVEN KNOWS WHAT BUTTON TO PUSH ON THE LIBERALS. It may look like he caved to Piggoski but I’m sure he didn’t really.

    • David Rose says:

      Don’t worry, it’s just halftime … President Trump did not cave. When I drive down the road and see Bull $hit in the road, I drive around it. That’s what President Trump is doing, just a little change of direction … we’re still going to MAGA land.

    • Rose says:


  21. Karen says:

    Declare a National Diaster for our Borders now~ Then take money from Every Department and pet project the Dems had in that last $1.3 Trillion budget…………staring with all moneys allotted for the Baby Killers of Planned NON-Parenthood~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No money for anything the Dems wanted and all travel is stopped for them….no more free ride trips for shopping!
    President Trump can come up with enough money to FULLY BUILD the ENTIRE WALL! Pluse hire more Ice and Border Patrol, and stop every car and vehicle coming across our borders totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW, President TRUMP~ End this Dem stupidity.

  22. Dean says:

    Not only does the Demorats jeopardize the lives of us citizens. They also jeopardize the life and limb of the Border people protecting our Borber.
    You are really stupid if you vote Demorat in 2020.
    Smarten up people. Smarten up!!!!

  23. Larry S says:

    This is very simply about right and wrong, good and evil, regardless of party affiliation. Corruption runs so very deep. For too many politicians, words are just words. Watch their actions.

    Pelosi and company have so much to lose with their illegal gains. She alone has ill gotten over $100 million in 20 years. Obama went from net worth around $300k to nearly a billion in just 8 years. He can’t have passed on too many bribes.

    Trump on the other hand has taken nothing, not even a paycheck. That must threaten the deep state beyond reason and normal sanity. Interesting why there still are those US citizens who continue to stand for this unprecedented level of corruption who do not benefit.

    • truthistruth says:

      Larry, many things are not so simple. Trump has made millions on being president, violations of emoluments clause over and over, especially about the DC hotel and Saudi money, in addition to Trump’s other properties. Mar-O-Lago membership has almost doubled, pure profit for Trump. he Trump Moscow project did not even start until after he announced he was a candidate. Trump has never truly divested, and it is clearly improper for ANY government employee to be a director of the DC hotel.

      Where you get that data on Obama – -someone made that up. He may be worth millions, but less than $100 million most would estimate. Most of his money of Barack and Michelle comes from books. He donated his Nobel Peace Prize worth (over $1 million) to charities. Show me a credible source that shows Obama worth over $200 million.

      • Rick McKee says:

        If the Moscow project did not even start untill he announced how did rat Bloomberg rag do a story on it a good six months before that? Obama by the numbers was the worst president in history for which Carter is thankful. He could make money from book sales but Trump is not allowed to make money at all that seems to e what you are saying.

        • truthistruth says:

          The Russians were not interested in it until Trump announced for president. Trump tried to get Putin’s interest long before that, but from what is read about Putin, Putin is NOT a believer in SHARING profits with anyone, especially from an American capitalist. It looks in hindsight that Putin was just using this “interest” to hook Trump and get him “kompromat” or compromised.

          The rules have not changed for Obama to Trump. All money handling is to be put in a blind trust (not with relatives), and Michelle can have made money on books.

      • Sulig says:

        What did Obama spend 9 trillion on? We know that is true. How much did he give Iraq? One dollar was too much. When have caught him in so many lies and treason behavior suppose to be a president.(that never happen). He waited for a second term to really start an embarrassment to the U.S. It is unknowing what that man and H. Clinton has illegally done. We probably only know the bottom of it. Very sad time for America. They need to be taken off America soil where they belong. It will come. Quite a few others will go also.

      • Rose says:

        Dean, you sure have that right, we just have to keep on people who think the Democrats are right. If we would let them, they would destroy this country! Look at the mess Obama made, the Democrats are out to bring down this country. Donald Trump is smarter than they are and he will win and we need to be solidly behind him all of the way.If you really believe that. Pelosi needs to go back to Cal. were she belongs…..she is a has been! I donot think she knows were she is half of the time. Shummer acts like he is her lap dog!

      • Mary says:

        You are totally brainwashed!!

  24. Bill says:

    According to Levin the Judicial branch does not have any say so on immigration. If Trump declares a national emergency for the wall and it winds up in court; Trump can tell them to butt out and override them.

  25. Linda says:

    DR JD
    Please volunteer along with Nancy, and Chucky to take all if the immigrants
    To your home
    You can give free health care, food
    Housing and you would have your own Gardeners , housekeepers , free drugs , many
    Nanny’s and if your lucky a good cook or two
    Look at the savings for us tax payers
    Please start making arrangements to accommodate thousands, they
    should be here soon
    And thank you so much for your real concerns for our country and our safety . Obviously you don’t really care,
    But please enjoy your new coming responsibly.
    I am sure you will be a wonderful host

    • Connie Nepote says:

      You are so right Linda. I can’t believe how blind some of the American people are. This is getting so far out of hand. I bet if one of the protesters against the wall lost a loved one, they would change their minds. They are all protected by their walls, armed guards ( that we tax payers are funding) . We need to take care of our own and not worry about the illegals. I guess it’s all about votes and getting back in power. My grandparents came from Italy about 1914, they came legally and never took any hand outs. They worked hard and left Italy because they knew what was going to happen in their country. They loved this country and the opportunities that were given to them.. They were so proud when they got their citizenship. Very proud of them.

    • Randall Hart says:

      don’t forget free sex for all family members whether you want any or not.

  26. Lynn says:

    I think we the people should exercise our right to take out all those dumbo craps that think they are the rulers of our country have more power then we the people . They were hired to protect and defend our people our flag our country not a bunch of low life gang affiliated ILLIGALS they are living free off our dollar when our citizens elderly vets go hungry live in the streets and are denide basic health care what the hell are we setting here allowing this remember strength is in numbers let bite back let’s take our country back let’s fire these idiot s who got in by illegal votes they are trying to kill our country and it’s citizens .it’s time we stand up and fight back President Trump.can not do it alone do we have balls or are we a bunch of wuzzies

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      How many of you understand that the Democratic Party “IS” the Communist Party in America who are not interested in the common welfare of our Republic of the United States of America? I’ve been following the Communist Democratic Party’s since the 1920s and their lust for absolute power over the United States and its citizens. They simply want to enslave the American people because they determined WE PATRIOTS don’t know how to run our own lives. The Communist Democratic Party (CDP) has pushed the American people way too far into their ideology of Karl Marx.

      Do you know who the current communist leaders are in power!?

      USAF (RET)

      Note: “Patriot/Pulse…. Are you going to let the truth of my message be posted?

    • Lunchladie says:

      Excellent idea by they keep reelecting them in their districts so we don’t have the control over all the districts to make that happen.

    • Dean says:

      I agree. Let’s start NOW!!!;

  27. Richard says:

    The Democrats are to stupid to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel – So Mote it Be – Molon Labe

  28. Taxpayer says:

    Wall and electronic siesmick probes the monitor tunneling.
    Military Defense with peper spray canisters and tear gas and rubber bullets to stop drug trafficers. We are in a new freeby generation of govt a d they have to learn that it’s legally earned not just given out freely. Legal immigration is the key and with out a wall that is porous it defeats our Constitution rights to freedom as citizens in the USA. REALLY AMAZING TWO MORONS LIKE NANCY PELOSIE AND CHUCK SCHUMER CAN FORGET THE 800,000 GOVT WORKING CITIZENS AND LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE USA. THEY HAVE NOW WON AND LOST THEIR WAY TO GOVERNING IN THE UNITED STATES WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS ARE ABOUT TO BE COMPROMISEDEPORTED into a decision of third world politicall state of chaois. The DAMN HOUSE AND SENATE NEED TO FIX AND CLEAN UP THE MESS OF IMIGRATION LAWS NOW. BEFORE IT’S TO LATE AS SEEN IN CALIFORNIA STREETS OF DRUGS AND HOMELESNESS (THIRD WORLD STATE) ………

    • Lunchladie says:

      This is a set up plain and simple. Pelos and Schumer figure the longer they can drag this out the worse Trump looks – they think that will better Democrats chancing in 2020. That people will become disenfranchised in the hope that our country will be fixed. Or they will be so pissed off that Trump wasn’t able to keep all his campaign promises it will effect how they vote. There is so much our country needs to fix. And for Pelosi to be petty and vindictive is totally political – she serves ONLY HERSELF. The sooner her constituents come to grips with it the better off the district she represents and the rest of the country the better off we all will be. I speculate that Pelosi and others who object to the wall have some vested interest in what is currently flowing freely across our open border. And it will only get worse if it isn’t fixed NOW>

    • Carole Currier says:

      The streets in Seattle, WA are getting like the streets in California. I know someone who moved to get away from Seattle.

  29. Taxpayer says:


  30. Kamkoz says:

    If we do get a wall, I’m sure the dems will hire idiots to tunnel under it rendering it “ineffective” for their latest polls.
    Watch and see……..
    And how do you stop the idiots?
    Land mines.

    • Lunchladie says:

      I agree the dems have under minded securing our southern border for decades. I agree they will try to prove it ineffective before it is finished being built. My thoughts are to dig deep for a footing for the wall – you could plant land mines or some other way of detecting tunneling – land mines would be great but in the event someone tried tunneling you could damage the wall. My thoughts were build the wall with a deep footing bringing the wall so many feet in to our country – build a moat and electrify it and you could always electrify the fence. It is amazing how it has been a while since they have found tunnels but suddenly they have found like 3 in the last couple of weeks.

  31. jonathan says:

    and we still have John Kerry and the rest of the Obama bozoos acting as a shadow government in violation of the logan act. And other treasonous activities

  32. Tomas Flores says:

    I am waiting for the survivalists to take their arms and head down to the border and help our troops in defending it . Let the TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS WITH ARMS HELP DEFEND THE BORDER till the wall is built.

  33. carol wells says:

    in my opinion Nasty should be given a bill to pay for all her freeloading airfare and vacation capers with her family and friends trying to play Queen of the world and give the American tax payers their money back which she thinks she has the right to use! This will help with the wall which all true Americans want who are tired of having our country over run! Something too that needs funding is savegards to keep the demorats from using bogus votes in elections!

    • Fran says:

      Excellent! My biggest issue is one is security. How they can want to abolish ICE and not erect a wall, is mindless and idiotic, oh, also very dangerous for us.

    • Richard says:

      Has anyone even thought about her husband ? Could you even imagine sleeping next to that I would have Frigen the night mares but would at least loose a lot of weight throwing up anything I could of eaten she has brain freeze when she looks in a mirror or thinks it is the Hollywine she drinks and I would think she has the best scary looking Deal have fun some how this person needs a stright jacket

    • Celia says:

      Did you hear anything about Los Angeles county and the huge vote scam? I wonder if it is true that in the past 10 or 20 years they have not removed any names from their voter rolls. No move outs, no people dead, etc. the suggested phoney vote count could be one and a half million. If that is true, and it has occurred in other counties, ten it is possible that Trump has the popular vote also! Wouldn’t that be a kick in the demorats slats! Have you read anything about it. As an aside, I am proud to be a Trumper, and because I am a female does that mean I get to be a Trumpet (trumpette). Sorry, I am in a goofy mood thinking about killing off the demorats screeching about Hillary getting the popular vote, even though with our form of government it means nothing.

  34. K WAGNER says:

    Congresspersons need to have their finances cut. Why should they live in luxury while screwing all us “TRUE US CITIZENS”!
    WHY are they allowed to take luxury vacations when we live check to check ?
    They do NOT support the rights of the American People, the USA, nor the US CONSTITUTION!

  35. Nan says:

    VOTER FRAUD is rampant BECAUSE of all the corruption, DARK MONEY, REdistricting of states to favor the CRATS, and votes thrown away that favored the republican party! duh. and NO ONE does anything about it! Obama and Holder are guilty of the redistricting, and Pelosi the stammering moron who blatantly spends millions on HERSELF just like OBAMA DID, has MANY corrupt and secret donors. THIS is how they got Congress, along with the Republican do-nothings like PAUL RYAN and the ANTI-trump, ANTI-america liars. HOW is it that MUSLIMS (and i realize not all are haters) got into our government? BO, that’s how. when HE was ‘community organizer’, HIS GOAL was and is to give our beloved nation away! HE promised his communist FATHER. Read the book … DREAMS OF MY FATHER.
    it’s happening, little by little and we all just sit here! we need guidance to fight back, folks! I LOVE AMERICA AND OUR PRESIDENT. he’s our ONLY hope!

    • Carole Currier says:

      Hopefully A. Ocasio Cortez will wake up the elitist so called Democrats when she gets followers agree that we should take their money and distribute it among the middle class. They have to be personally affected (in the pocketbook) before they give some serious thought to their Hate Trump Agenda.

      • Celia says:

        Don’t these harebrained people realize that if they give it to the middle class it will be gone forever, but if the let the very wealthy control their own money they will run businesses to provide long lasting jobs and income? Then the middle class will grow. Oops, I forgot, they are trying to eliminate the middle class because they don’t depend on government for their goodies. I guess they do want to destroy everyone’s ability to take care of their own.

  36. Scott says:

    I think the president should wait until congress goes into recess and then sign an executive order for wall funding, problem solved

  37. Lou says:


  38. Dr. J.D. says:

    DO IT, Trump! For one of the few times, I voted on this PP poll with the majority and believe Trump should try to use emergency funds to build the wall, putting federal workers back on the payroll. However, it should be known that Fox News head, Shepard Smith, cited data that indicated there was no “emergency”: Smith informed viewers that the number of illegal border crossings has been going “steadily down over the past 10 years” despite Trump’s assertion that they are on the rise and the government reports that “there is more outward traffic than inward traffic.” Other data indicates border crossings at a 45-year LOW, which means the courts will probably overturn Trump using this provision, because it is clearly NO “emergency.”

  39. Mike says:

    the people that voted for these Democrats that put them in the majority should be ashamed.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      They are NOT. The people that voted for Trump should be ashamed, there is a new scandal about Trump surfacing weekly, including the Trump Shutdown, which he took credit for, is the longest in US history. In the end of January AP/NORC Center for Public research poll, overall 34% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, down from 42% a month earlier. The president’s approval among Republicans remains close to 80%, but his standing with independents is among the its lowest of his time in office.
      Trump remains the only president NEVER to have reached 50% approval in Gallup’s polling.

      • Edie Hopkins says:

        Not Trumps Shutdown, Nancy & Chucks

      • DSC says:

        President Trump never done anything wrong. The only reason this crap is going on is because people in power hate Trump. And why the hell should we be ashamed? We are proud of our President. Read a little bit before you post. You just don’t like him is your problem. But believe me he is a hell of a lot better than your Obama and Clintons.

  40. me says:

    Pelosi & Schumer , Cortez & the Muslims in Congress must be removed one way or the other…

    • Human wall says:

      We’re all ready paying military personnel post them all along the border with authority to protect our country from invasion

    • reality check says:

      Say what you want about Pelosi, she faced Trump eye-to-eye on this and won both the argument for the State of Union conditions and for HOW the shutdown will end. She is smarter and clearly more experienced than Trump.

      Now is time to begin the negotiations for the wall. Some Democrats are going to urge the leaders to reach a compromise and give some on the wall. The Dems are already talking about increasing the $1.6 Billion for border security to much more — maybe five times that amount.

  41. Andre says:

    Use the confiscated cartel money to build the wall that way Mexico pays for it

  42. GP says:

    Funny thing ,Pelosi didn’t want any Mexs on her property but she doesn’t care if they are on yours.Two faced as one could ever be! Build The Wall-it’s OUR money and we Americans want it used for OUR security ,not Congress.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      But you assume, incorrectly, that Americans want the wall, when they don’t. Data from Gallup poll for 2018 on extending the border wall showed the American people strongly oppose the wall by 34%, oppose it by 23% (total is 57% oppose the wall!) and only 24% strongly favor the wall.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Don’t believe the data presented as it is skewed… According to pulse polls 98% of Americans want a border wall…… Trump needs to declare a state of emergency, build the wall, end shutdown, and move on. The DemocRATS don’t care about anyone but themselves…. WE THE PEOPLE must take a stand.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          Sharon, I understand, but this “poll” on Pulse is NOT a legitimate, representative poll, it only asks info from Pulse readers. Imagine a poll only given to people on a liberal website, where you would probably find 98% oppose the wall. The key to a good poll is that it is REPRESENTATIVE of a cross-section of Americans, of all parties and points of view. The Gallup people have been doing this for over 80 years and have perfected the techniques to both be representative and reduce the margin of error.

          Polling is a science, and it takes years to learn and develop one’s ability to construct a decent sample, and construct a good questionnaire. Just asking pulse readers is a clearly unrepresentative sample of all America.

      • Kamkoz says:

        A poll taken by 2300 democrats does not speak for the entire American populace.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          TRUE! But this poll by Gallup and other professionals has a sample where the proportion of respondents are the same as in America – – like 25-27% Republicans and the same for Democrats, and 44% of independents.

      • Art says:

        The polling discounted Trump as a viable candidate. What happened? What are your thoughts about Lincoln’s presidency? Check out what the polls thought about him when he was in office.
        Common sense tells all but the extremely ignorant that it takes barriers and surveillance to delay, stop or canalize an unwanted group of people from entering a protected area. Barriers alone or surveillance technology alone will not do the job. You use both together.

        • Dr, JD says:

          Good questions, Art. First the science of taking polls did not really exist in Lincoln’s time, it was developed later. Second, you asked what I thought of the Lincoln presidency, and my own opinion was that he was one of the finest presidents EVER!

          What happened with Trump is that he was behind slightly, and some covered by the margin of error (all polls have them). Trump came on strongly in the last two weeks, but the key is that polls cover the population, and Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million. That means little with the electoral college through – – – you could win a state by half a percent and get ALL the electoral votes, and in another lose the state by a landslide and the electoral votes would be the same. If 80,000 votes has gone a different way (out of 135 million votes) in three key states, Trump would have lost.

      • Carole Currier says:

        Polls depend on how the forced answer survey question is asked. Statistics can say anything that those who manipulate them want them to say. I learned this in college. Unfortunately they don’t teach anything that has much to do with reality in college today.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          I taught in college the information on the book “How to Lie with Statistics”, but proper polling takes proper methodology, and if the methodology is false, the poll is not considered credible. What you are generally talking about is descriptive statistics, not those who use proper scientific methodology.

          • scooch says:

            ‘fresh dose’ today? you’re hot on blog .
            >You taught in ‘Small’ ? Town College
            ” How to Lie w/Stats. ” << CNN etc. has a job opening.

      • DSC says:

        Who the hell cares about polls. Polls aren’t accurate. If they were Hillary would be the dictator of our Country now.

      • Ted says:

        BS Dr J what does j. Stand for?

        • scooch says:

          Said ph.d. jd “i taught in college.”
          “HOW to LIE W/ Statistics”.
          >i can think of a few word/names
          ‘j’ could stand for . Bwar -har- har.

      • DEBRA says:


      • David Rose says:

        Dr.J.D. sounds like you’ve been keeping those good drugs for yourself.

        • scooch says:

          Rite. Ask jd about the ‘big ‘jellyfish’ drug.
          Haaaa. Remember D.Rose, he ‘fessed up’
          W/ 0d on goodies? & loose Tongue.
          ” i Taught in college ” INFO
          ” HOW To LIE W/STATS”.
          > Henceforth, Read my ‘polls’ says jd.
          > Keep talking, jd. Bwar -har-har.

    • Anita Timmons says:

      That’s the problem that I can see with the Dems. They are very good at USING people to get what THEY want. Then the HELL with that group, later on. Very selfish, horrible people. They are also very stupid about economics and uncaring. They are EVERYTHING that they like to call other people! Most of all they are terrible hypocrites! THEY want protection and security FOR THEMSELVES. THEY want good economics FOR THEMSELVES! They use CAPITALISM for THEMSELVES, but they want others to give up THEIR hard earned money in order to give it to OTHERS for THEIR OWN POLITICAL POWER!

    • alice says:

      She calls the wall “immoral’ If she reads her Bible…she’ll find that God asked Neamiah to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect it’s citizens!!!!!! She should be thrown out of office…she’s not protecting the American People like she said in her Oath of Office

  43. Sandyj says:

    I doubt anyone including Trump knew how deep the swamp was!

    • Lola says:

      Some swamp cleaning is being done. Roger Stone was arrested today (1-25) making SIX of Trump’s people arrested, plead guilty or were convicted for conspiring with the Russian attack on our elections.

      • David Rose says:

        The ones needed to testify against the clinton crime family and the kenyan mobster from the chicago moffia all seem to wake up dead.

  44. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The President will do what it takes to get the wall. He is not one to give up, as those that know him know. Pelosi is already losing her support as evidence by the number of voters that think she is past due for retirement. Schumer is a lot of bluster but that seems to be as far as he goes.

    • truthistruth says:

      Then, Robert, why did he not push to get the wall when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress?! The GOP was in the majority, so he should have pushed then . . . . but many fail to admit that numerous Republicans do not want to build more of the wall.

      Trump did not seem to care either, saying he would sign the budget deal passed almost unanimously, until Ann Coulter and other Fox commentators gave him trouble, then he flipped again! The only thing Trump seems to care about is attention and money, with all else secondary.

      • l says:

        He didn’t get the wall while Republicans “controlled the Congress is because there were way too many stipulations to that bill. Democrats wanted what they wanted first. That has proven to be a bad deal – dems get what they want and then back out on their part of the deal . Even with help for DACA recipients the dems have voted no. And then you have to remember there were a few RHINOs in that mix. It is pretty much whatever Trump tries to do as Pelosi stated early on she will resist and now she is Speaker. Recent deals presented have had help for DACA recipients. They want nothing to do with it. So much for the dems wanting to help those people. They seem help bent on not securing our southern border. And the big question is WHY? Pelosi refused to meet with the Angel Moms – why because she KNOWS she bears some guilt in that. Pelosi pretty much is an obstuctionist at this point – she won’t even show up to negotiate. Pretty much her way or no way and that IS NOT negotiating. She is pushing Trump’s and I don’t think she will like the end result.

      • Carole Currier says:

        It required 60 votes in the Senate, not a simple majority and the Senate Democrats voted against it.

        • truthistruth says:

          Trump does not have the 60 votes now anymore than he did not have it then. But NOW he is shutting down the government rather than facing the reality he does NOT have the votes.

          • Carole Currier says:

            Only Congress can reopen the government. They did not agree with each other on any of the bills to reopen it. The President can only sign what they agree on and they have not agreed on anything.

      • DSC says:

        Yea that’s why he ran for President because all he cares about is money. His fortune has went down and he doesn’t even keep his checks. He gave up his life for this crap. But your right he only cares about money.

  45. SandyJ says:

    I don’t think most of us knew how deep the swamp was, and I doubt Trump did either.

  46. James P Hutchins says:

    Screw pelosi and shummer and all the liberals crybabies Build The Wall GO MAGA.

  47. bETTY says:

    To show how little Pelosi cares about employees not working or working without pay she on Thursday night sent all congress members home for three day weekend, after they had two week holiday vacation , remember Trump has worked every day Government has been closed to try and get money to put barrier in place to make sure Americans safe and secure fro Current caravan of estimated 10 thousand he has called out Military troops to defend the border, PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS MADE 4 DIFFERENT PROPOSALS TO OPEN BORDER BUT pELOSI SAID NO TO LAST ONE LAST NIGHT ON THE WAY TO HER 3 DAYS OFF AGAIN ,, lAST NIGHT PROPOSAL GAVE PELOSI ALL SHE ASKED FO AND OPENED THE GOVERNMENT BUT HAD SMALL DOWN PAYMENT REQUEST TO BUILD BARRIER,,, AGAIN PELOSI SAID NO , TWICE THIS WEEK THE REPUBLICAN SENATE TO VOTE TO PAY THE COAST GUARD JUST AS ALL MILITARY IS EXCEPT COAST GUARD , BUT DEMOCRATS SAID NO

    • Anita Timmons says:

      This is what Democrats do. Honestly, I don’t understand anyone with common sense ever voting for them! They are selfish, retarded, vindictive, and childish, more so, than most children!

  48. Mary says:

    OMG Karlin President needs to drain the swamp before that happens

  49. Evelyn Yvonne Eckhardt says:

    Difficult to believe that Pelosi has spent over 2 million dollars of tax payer money to travel the world with her family and chosen opportunist politicians just like travel with. Doesn’t anyone really care. Why hasn’t she been kicked out of office. No wonder she wants to stay and keep her position. It has made her rich beyond her ability. I am bitter and angry that both parties know of these happenings and do nothing about it.

    • reality check says:

      Do you EVEN realize the millions upon millions it costs this country for Trump’s numerous trips to Mar-O-Lago to spend a record number of days playing GOLF?!? Two million would not cover a week of some of Trump’s trips.

      • Colleen Fulton says:

        Do you know the man, our president does not even except the yearly pay that all other presidents took that money. Check it out, he takes NO MONEY. So i think he should be able to go aways some of the time, plus even when he goes he’s still working 80% of the time with again NO pay. The big shot dems not only get paid for the year, they go on many vacations, and DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE WORKERS NOT GETTING PAID. SHE DOESN’T CARE LIKE SHE TRYS TO MAKE IT.THE DEMS HAVE ALWAYS WENT ON LOTS OF TRIPS AND SPEND OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY, PLUS TAKING OFF WHEN THINGS NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF IN The GOVERMENT

  50. Daniel Stevens says:

    I am afraid the Democrats will see the results of this showdown at the elections. They have nothing more to gain but shame, because they are refusing to negotiate. Trump has nothing to sign to get the government back to work.

  51. Earl says:

    The elected Democrats and Republicans both hate us.

  52. Alexander Marinesko says:

    Lot of stupid in the democratic water supply……

  53. Dennis Sumner says:

    Pelosi ‘s a hundred years old, acting like a twelve year old who was sent to bed without dessert. Yeah, we know you’re pissed about 2016, grow up and start doing what you’re paid to do!

  54. Theresa Williams says:

    We have Americans working and not getting paid. We have politicians not working and getting paid, plus all kinds of perks that we the American people are paying for. They took an oath to serve the people of the United States. They are only serving themselves. This is so wrong We as Americans are having a good portion of our paychecks taken from us so they can do this to us. Everyone make notes. Do not vote these persons back into our government. I ask that people who have good values and know right from wrong to please run for office. This needs to stop!

    • Sandy says:

      Well stated Theresa. If they don’t work for the American people they need to leave their position.

    • James M says:


    • Bama Bill says:

      I’d vote guilty of treason myself. They try every trick to charge Trump with something. How is voting to fund “ILLEGALS” , “Upholding the laws of the country”? I’ll debate anyone that can say “That’s legal”. I’d love to see them lose their U.S. citizenship, be fired, and deported. Anyone agree? Or are there only “Liberals” on here???

      • Brian Innis says:

        They have to go get rid of them now I’m calling for there heads on a stick!

      • Rita Bright says:

        I agree with you and others…. why not stop their paychecks and impeach them out of office. I am so sick of the disrespect given our President and their ugly lies, their ignorance, they totally have NO IDEA WHAT WE THE PEOPLE MEANS!!!! I can’t even believe they were voted into office. I think their money BOUGHT them in because Americans would never put such selfish, all for me kinda people in office!! Why do they get paid and our Military doesn’t? What right do they have?? Why can’t we not only vote them out but also stop their wages??? And Peloskis vacations!!! Huh! When was the last time you could afford one? But she can spend millions of our dollars on one?? What kind of Government do we have?? It certainly is NOT THE ONE IVE BEEN VOTING FOR ALL THESE YEARS!! Why are we letting people like her run our Country? I thought we voted in a President to do that!! And why aren’t our Borders safe? What right do the Democrats have to stop President Trump? NONE!!!!!! They need to all grow up and stop acting like a bunch of three year olds!!! I’m sick of it all!! President Trump drain the swamp and BUILD THAT WALL!!!!!

      • Kamkoz says:

        I agree 100% Bama Bill.

    • JANICE says:

      So right Theresa. They never work and get paid. I say cut off their salaries until they fund the wall. We as taxpayers would love that. A whole big bunch of losers.

    • Laura Goodridge says:

      Solution: TERM LIMITS
      I agree 100% with your comment. However, history just keeps repeating itself. We vote a few badapples out replaced by good principled people. The cesspool is so deep the principled people soon leave rather than lower their principles; their eyes “WIDE OPEN” to the political bosses long strong arm reach!

  55. Diane L Revard says:

    It’s obvious that the Democrats don’t care about the American people. If people can’t see it they’re blinded like the rest by blind hatred. We are not the enemy. We are just Americans that what a secure border. We will never be free of all drugs, but it would make a big dent in the influx of drugs if we had a wall. I don’t think that is what the Democrats want. They enjoy conflict. Give us our wall and border security. Open the government .

  56. Vincent says:

    the demorats will never vote for wall they are LED BY MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS…..THE CARTELS ARE PUMPING MONEY INTO THE DEMORATS POCKETS…and it sucks…..the demorats SHOULD BE JAILED..

    • Diane L Revard says:

      I agree with you Vincent. The want the drugs and crime.

    • Deplorable says:

      I agree 100% President Trump needs to brand them the traitors that they are and tar and feather them. Then send them to GITMO for life without parole. This will solve the problems of the communist party drain the swamp.

  57. minnie says:

    the democrat’s should get rid of Pelosi, Waters and all the flunky’s that make the democrat party look like a bunch of hateful, spiteful people and get back to being our government that works for the people. Pelosi
    looks like the fool that she is now.

  58. Chris Dobrowolski says:

    He should do the Emergency funding and if it goes to court do not reopen the government till he gets the money for the wall that way the democratics will not win.

  59. If the dems has money to fly around the country,and give millions of dollars all over the wourld
    surely we have enough money to build a border to protect the security at home………

    • Helga Miller says:

      It is not about the money and never has been. They hate the President and the people who voted for him and they don’t want to give him a win. After all the illegals and invaders are presumably Dem voters. They treat them better than the citizens and give them all the freebies. We propose taking that incentive away immediately!

  60. Barry says:

    If Trump does in fact use emergency funds for the wall and after wall is built and most of the immigration problems associated with the wall are resolved WHAT will the Democrats come up with to try to cover the obstruction an help them not look like the JERKS that they are ???

    • Karin says:

      Well, Barry, they will eventually have the backing to be elected to the highest office again. And then they can tear down the wall, open the borders, hand out citizenship papers at the authorized crossings, and that will be the end of America.

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