Donald Trump is holding a meeting that has Kim Jong Un up in arms

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  1. SusanMarie says:

    Emphatically NO !!! NK Not a threat to USA, it’s BS ! but >HumanNK IS a V.Sad ‘puppet’ -‘controlled by ‘Certain Regimes’ OUTSIDE…
    >NK will Never hurt USA , damage comes from Elsewhere & even ‘Inside’ CAPISH.

    • SusanMarie says:

      my post was edited. begin at > Human – I SAID : “Human rights are a ‘concern ‘ & HumanPlease recall Former Pres. Eisenhower’s Departing Speech re ‘the
      Military Industrial Complex’ … KNOW ‘that’ & once you do , you WILL
      Understand a ‘ton of smack’ … meant to Arouse/upset your Core …

      • SusanMarie says:

        my post, bs’d again & deleted After Human . in short, Human Violation is Worldwide, & IN Usa , that’s all. let’s see if this gets thru.

  2. Jay Risso says:

    Seal team 6

  3. thomas patrick says:

    I think Un is capable of doing something stupid but i also believe what president trump said “my (our) red button is bigger and we have more of them and they work”. It will be disastrous for North Korea but I think Un believes he has world control…..bad assumption, my take.

  4. Marvin Standridge says:

    He is an unstable person but I don’t think he has a death wish, so he knows that an attack of any kind on the USA or against its friends will be the end of him.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      The problem with unstable people is that they frequently act without thinking; and in an highly emotional state. The familiar “knee-jerk” response. By the time any thought kicks in, it could well be too late.

  5. Marc Jeric says:

    It was during Gore’s tenure as our vice president that North Korea was not only given $4 billion in cash aid from the United States but was promised “two light-water nuclear reactors.” Also a long line of American cargo ships delivered to North Korea many thousands of tons of free rice and wheat to prevent mass dying from hunger. Those two power plant reactors were delivered thus securing electric power to the regime. They were then modified to produce nuclear bomb materials.
    “This agreement will help achieve a longstanding and vital American objective — an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Bill Clinton in 1994. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.” Yes, of course – as we all can see now; Kim Jong Un – or whatever the name is of that communist maniac – is now feeling his oats and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation. Thank you so much, comrades Clinton and Gore!

  6. jack says:

    All else the N. Korean leader must have complete control over everything; right or wrong, and most of it has been wrong. Because of this, he is incapable of good indentions with other nations and peoples. Pulled out of concert with S. Korea for some con troll reason, and, wants to show military power in parade; not the way to win and influence friends, unless you are like him. His treatment of people is oppressive and barbaric, and, I don ‘t see him or the country changing this.
    High hopes for better relations with S. Korea but this man/boy will bow to no one else, and, peace is just not a concern of him and his government .
    The only treatment for him, the bully, unfortunately, is to kick him harder, which no one has tried for awhile, except our President to preserve American interests and maintain some world stability.

  7. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    The more light that can be shed on the regime by those who have lived under it, the better. L’il Kimmie is the product of a very dysfunctional family that, as they are wont to do, got worse with each successive generation, and is clearly a threat to all around him, both personally, and with the resources, such as they are, of the nation at his beck and call.

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