Donald Trump has one ace up his sleeve that will guarantee victory over Joe Biden

Joe Biden came roaring out of Super Tuesday with momentum that led many pundits to claim Biden was the odds on favorite to defeat Donald Trump.

But these so-called “experts” overlooked one serious scandal plaguing Joe Biden.

And Donald Trump has one ace up his sleeve that will guarantee victory over Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s declining mental state is the soft underbelly of his candidacy.

Biden skated through the Democrat primary largely unchallenged on what many Americans view as a frightening case of senility.

But in the General Election, President Trump and the Republicans plan to make Biden’s mental decline a centerpiece of their argument that Biden is unfit to be President.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Trump campaign official told the DCNF that Biden’s “capacity” will be an issue in a potential general election matchup, echoing language used by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

…Researchers at the Republican National Committee are keeping a running internal list of Biden’s verbal and mental miscues in preparation for the general election, an RNC source told the DCNF.

One of the most vivid examples of Biden losing a step occurred in South Carolina where Biden attempted to quote the Declaration of Independence but got confused and trailed off after forgetting where he was in the speech.

Joe Biden is asking Americans to trust him to make life and death decisions despite providing frightening evidence on the campaign trail that Biden’s mind is not all together there.

The former Vice President routinely forgets dates or even what state he is in.

Fake news reporters have largely covered up for Biden because they see him as the Democrats best chance to defeat Trump.

But the Trump campaign will make sure the American people receive a full vetting of Joe Biden’s and his staggering mental decline.

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20 Responses

  1. woody says:

    i want to know why when i was typing things bad about trump i was kicked out of this site

  2. Rickster says:

    Here we go again with a demorat running his mouth overloading his ars! By the name of james!! Totally clueless of reality like most brainwashed demorats! Crawl back in your hole james! Your what’s wrong with this country and keep these corrupt rats in goverment! Trump’s done more for this country one handed in 3 years than demorats have done on 50. Putting up with morons and pre-made scandals created by demorats in Congress and trash like soros,obama,and Hillery who belong in git more for treason, and working for free,something you’ll never see a demorat do! You people who still watch CNN and msnsbc owned by soros and get your daily dose of brainwashing, ,there’s no hope for you! Nobody cares what you think! You should go play at alternet there’s a bunch like you there who’s brainwashed! Getting back to Binden, his mind is so far gone, his criminal activity working for useless, Obama and Soros, his sons corrupt involment in Ukraine, makes him unfit to be president and target for scandel, not including his pervert ways he’s always touching young girls! Demorats will try to put a puppet in for vice president so soros and Obama can control him! Binden was only running interference and was on his way out until deep state through money and had others drop out! Demorats definitely will have something up there sleeve that’s corrupt and we can’t let this happen! Vote this cortupt trash out of goverment and do not vote demorat for any thing else or we won’t have an america left! Trump will make a great america and get this corruption out of goverment! Nobody else will!

  3. Charley says:

    Mr Rose I would be surprised if you have ever voted for Mr Trump.

  4. Meri says:

    I’m concerned that the Democrats would have a vice president nominee who they REALLY want to be President, and then as Biden fails mentally their favorite would take over, to even have as many as 10 years as President. Don’t put anything past them. This is something I think many of you may have thought of, but we need to be alert! We can’t let that happen.

  5. CrawfishFestival says:

    How can a woman who was exposed for RIGGING Democrat primary elections in 2016 – be considered for a VP position for 2020 presidential election?

    how can a woman who is exposed for getting the debate questions beforehand in a presidential debate in 2016 – even be considered for VP position in 2020?

    These are CRIMES!!!


  6. The Democrat party is so weak they have a 40 year political veteran who doesn’t know where he is, what day it is, who can be re-elected, or what he’s running for. The Biden candidacy in 7 seconds, listen to the video above this article. Trump Landslide Nov. 3rd 2020, THE TRUMP TRAIN IS ROLLING OVER The Democrat Party!! You need a candidate and a lot of luck Libbies!!!

  7. John Montgomery says:

    Biden is in the advancing stages of dementia and it don’t get any better. Anyone that has ever had to deal with a loved one afflicted by it can tell you how rapidly it progresses.

  8. James H Roberts says:

    What kind of idiot is in the White House right now? All his thinking is all about his reelection!!! Calling the Governor the of Washington State a snake,just because he is trying to contain a deadly virus from spreading!! Has no idea what do do, expect to say he knows everything that needs to be done and maybe take charge lnstead of being President! I think he should look him self in a room at one of his resorts and disappear and stays out of the medical people take charg! Keep his ignorant lying mouth shut and keep silent!!!

  9. Mari says:

    To William and Tom: Since when does Trump follow through with his statements and campaign promises? He proclaims popular positions of the Republican Party, and disavows those that most citizens find inhumane and ghastly. Most of us Citizens comprehend what is being said by Trump, but the percentage that read between the lines is faltering.

  10. JM says:

    Randolph Rose – Just More Demorat Lies

  11. RolfViol Schulte says:

    Bravo, Randolph – finally somebody waking up to Trump’s lies and deceipt ! He’s just bamboozling all of you with fake promises ! Shame on you, Terry and Tom !

  12. jack stone says:

    a true testament to the lunacy of liberals..Complete and utter disregard of facts as well as no ability to comprehend anything ! Rose IS a perfect example of the typical liberal democrat !

  13. Scott27 says:

    He not only said he would cut it, his actual budget presented to Congress a couple of weeks ago proposed $30 billion in cuts to social security but $85 billion in cuts to Medicare over 10 years. How else is he going to pay for the tax gifts to billionaires? Look it up. Easy to do.

  14. Bill Kwasny says:

    Randolph – you are a typical libtard: Dense as a box of rocks. Of course,this is an insult to a box of rocks! You are exposing the indoctrination that you received from the “progressive” (Ha! RETROgressive) public school system. You are a useful idiot, the type that Uncle Joe Stalin loved – and then eliminated!

  15. mountaine says:

    Randolph Rose…..he never said that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ron says:

    Of course zero in on Biden. But, if he chooses Hillary as his running mate, efforts must be doubled. Biden becomes president, Biden resigns or is eliminted, Hillary is president, our America will never be the same (start learning Mexican).

  17. Randolph…………………..Do you understand what you hear ?? You’re getting as bad as Old Joe. Neither of you can comprehend what’s actually being said.

  18. Tom says:

    Randolph, you didn’t listen to what Trump said=HE IS NOT CUTTING SS. He loves this country and its people, and he sure wont be cutting anything that will effect “We the People”. Shame on you.

  19. Terry says:

    Stay on topic Randolph, You want ole Joe, someone who cant think straight running the country? Worry about Social Security then…

  20. Randolph Rose says:

    Trump just lost my vote because he lied about protecting Social security.

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