Donald Trump handed Chuck Schumer the one piece of paper that doomed him to defeat

The bad news keeps pouring in for Chuck Schumer.

Schumer was reeling after President Trump vetoed his resolution of disapproval to stop border wall construction.

Then President Trump handed Schumer the one piece of paper that doomed him to defeat.

The President’s plan to use the military to build the border wall is becoming close to reality.

It is no longer an abstract plan.

The Trump administration submitted the list of military construction funds that they plan to tap for border wall funding.

Politico reports:

The Pentagon on Monday sent lawmakers a lengthy list of nearly $12.9 billion in unobligated military construction funds that could be raided to build more barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of President Donald Trump’s national emergency.

The move comes after Democrats accused Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan of stonewalling lawmakers on whether military projects in their states are at risk.

The Pentagon list outlines nearly $12.9 billion in projects across the military services that were unawarded as of Dec. 31. The bulk of money is concentrated in the last two fiscal years — nearly $6.8 billion for projects in the current 2019 fiscal year and nearly $4.3 billion for fiscal 2018.

Democrats dreaded this day.

They were counting on Trump making no progress on the wall ahead of the 2020 election.

That is clearly not the case.

The Trump administration expects to begin new wall construction in April.

And by submitting a list of military construction funds to be used for the wall, President Trump plans to spend the entire $5.6 billion he says he is entitled to on new border wall construction.

That is not how Schumer and the Democrats thought this fight would go.

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108 Responses

  1. Now Trump needs to flood the Cartel’s drug tunnels that go under the Wall! The tunnels are lighted and air conditioned.

  2. don says:

    shumer and pelosi are so stupid they can’t do anything and have done nothing. They SUCK.
    I purposely didn’t call them senators or reps as they have no credence for what mostly don’t do.
    also no capitol letter in front of name.

  3. Sulig says:

    This is an older story and I loved it!! I have never seen a President do what they say what they will do. He is so awesome! If we could put the dem hacks in place our President can even do more. I say for every day they were screwing around being idiots that time should be given back to President Trump. He should also have the chance for four more years for their punishment. That’s ok because I do believe their punishment is coming for doing so many crimes. Thank you so much for everything President Trump!!

  4. Gary Von Neida says:

    Communists have absorbed what was once the democrat party.

  5. arne Schure says:

    seems like your a commie asshole

  6. Eric Miller says:

    What makes you think that you will get a better lot next time round? Just a new lot of people for the lobbyists to try and convince to do it their way.

  7. Craig Beasy says:

    Marshall; go back to shovin your head back where your own ” sun don’t shine “. No doubt your own ” S ” to you, tastes like marinated prime rib. No insult to marinated prime rib inferred or ever intended.

  8. Nancy Stefanou-Decker says:

    I agree with this, for they are NOT doing much to KEEP our majority….no guts…

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