Donald Trump had all hell breaking loose with this decision on running in 2024

Donald Trump has hinted at mounting a third White House campaign in 2024.

But now, apparently, a decision has been made.

And Donald Trump had all hell breaking loose with this decision on running in 2024.

Trump senior advisor Jason Miller appeared on Cheddar News’s “None of the Above” program.

When asked if Trump would run for President in 2024 Miller responded that Trump was between 99 and 100 percent certain of running in 2024.

“I would say somewhere between 99 and 100 percent. I think he is definitely running in 2024,” Miller responded. “I had a good conversation with him last night. I’m going to go see him in another couple days here.”

Miller added that while Trump hasn’t officially told Miller he’s running, Miller explained that it was easy to see Trump was running for President just from talking to Trump.

“He has not said the magical words to me, but if you talk to him for a few minutes it’s pretty clear that he’s running,” Miller added.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman responded to a report that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan told activists in Iowa that Trump would declare his candidacy for President in the very near future that Haberman heard from sources close to Trump that Trump plans to announce a 2024 presidential campaign “sooner rather than later.”

Donald Trump sees Joe Biden’s plunging poll numbers and struggles on the economy, COVID, and foreign policy and views the Biden Presidency as a failure that Trump can contrast with his record in office.

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