Donald Trump got hit with one decision about voter fraud that left his blood boiling

Donald Trump spent weeks arguing that the 2020 election was stolen through widespread voter fraud.

The President was dealt a terrible setback on that front.

And Donald Trump got hit with one decision about voter fraud that left his blood boiling.

YouTube announced that as of December 9, it would forbid any criticism of the government and ban videos asserting that Joe Biden won the election due to widespread voter fraud.

The tech giant cited “safe harbor day” – a meaningless designation that means states certified votes before the Electoral College meets – as the reasoning behind why YouTube would now censor any videos that provided evidence and testimony that Joe Biden only won the 2020 election through voter fraud.

Critics blasted YouTube’s decision as the death of free speech as there are now official content moderation policies for what political points of view that are allowed to be discussed online in America.

This decision came just days after President Trump threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act over the bill not containing language repealing Section 230 of the 1996 Communications and Decency Act, which grants Big Tech companies immunity from lawsuits as long as they act as viewpoint neutral platforms.

“I hope House Republicans will vote against the very weak National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I will VETO. Must include a termination of Section 230 (for National Security purposes), preserve our National Monuments, & allow for 5G & troop reductions in foreign lands!” President Trump wrote.

This decision makes it clear that YouTube – which is run by Google – is a publisher with a liberal ideological point of view.

There is no reason tech companies should be allowed to possess immunity that grants them monopolistic powers when they disobey the law.

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