Donald Trump gave the U.S. military one order that left the troops speechless

Donald Trump ran for President on a promise to rebuild America’s military and honor the nation’s veterans.

Both the military and the veterans were neglected by former President Barack Obama.

And Donald Trump gave the U.S. military one order that left the troops speechless.

Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to rebuild America’s military by signing military budgets that boosted spending levels to combat threats like China and Islamic terrorism.

Now, the President made good on his word to America’s veterans by announcing at the AMVETS convention in Kentucky that he signed a memorandum cancelling the student loan debt for thousands of permanently injured veterans.

Breitbart reports:

Trump said the memorandum would effectively cancel the federal student debts of thousands of wounded American veterans.

According to the White House, the memorandum orders Secretaries of Education and Veterans Affairs to expedite totally and permanently that disabled veterans have their Federal student loan debt discharged with minimal burdens.

Trump also touted his administration’s accomplishments for America’s military veterans.

“After years of neglect, we are fixing the heartbreaking failures from the last Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs,” he said. “America must never abandon our heroes in their hour of need.”

He said that wait times in Veterans Affairs hospitals had been slashed by 33 percent, and touted more VA accountability, allowing bad employees to get fired.

President Trump also noted that he signed into law the VA Accountability Act that cut wait times at VA hospitals by one third.

The Obama years were a dark time for America’s military and the nation’s veterans.

That cloud lifted when Donald Trump was elected.

And since his first day in office the President worked to make good on his promise to always take care of America’s veterans.


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91 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    #44 = Mr. Barry Or Is It Barak Hussein Soetoro Alias Soebarkah Alias Dunham Alias Obama Was Never A True American Patriot, By Letting Both China And Russia Slide Ahead, By On Purpose Giving Away Or Looking The Other Way Or Even Closing His Eyes, So They Could Steal The United States Of American Military Advanced Technologies, He Followed Mr. Billy William “Slick Willy” Clinton, When Congresswoman Feinstein, Did NOT Know That Her Chinese Chauffer, Was An Undercover Chinese Spy And Other Spies! One Way Or Another The Chinese Electronically Stole Enough US Military Tech., That They Even Have A Stealth Look A Like SR-71 Drone, The Only Thing Is, I Don’t Know IF That Chinese Drone Even Works!?!

    • Jack Handy says:

      Fred, you are all over the place here, BUT, i get ‘it’__
      Remember al gore & briefcase To China.
      ‘Intellectual Property’ Down the Road. POTUS KNOWS.
      >ALSO, ‘fentanyl ‘ Manufactured/Shipped from China
      IS a Major Deal. ( a Huge Bust just happened.) . POTUS
      KNOWS & IS Working 0n ‘it’ … Has a LOT to Do W/ Trade’
      Tariff Policy. Putting ‘squeeze’ 0n, To STOP. (IN Various
      venues As an Avenue TO STOP ‘fentanyl’). Then has to GO
      AFTER US med Co’s TO Stop buying/ distributing. Somewht
      complicated for Most, not me. ___ Anywaay, enufff ___

  2. Helene says:

    that is the best thing the president done for the veteran that tey sacrified their life for our country, We have to rewards them their love and their fight for our country to have our country safe and destroured the enemies . it is very wrong that all the Democrats gae free money to education to all illegals, healt care and housing. te illegals came to our country to destroyour country , killed American, ahow stupid te Democrats take our har earned money to buy tem out and refused to vote for Veteran health care , so theyput te priority of te eneies over our american sacrificed teir life to save and fight for te American and te country. re tey going to kill their children, their famiy to save the ilegas? we will never vote for the emocrats immoral

  3. Will Penny says:

    U don’t have to take it on Linda M. , So she just might disagree with your idea , , If ur going to pick on someone pick me instead , I don’t care what you think , just because you say you were in the armed forces doesn’t mean anything , how does she know that ,, your just saying you were , you might be the Redman , Bouncing Betty , Alaska Woman or Julio the prove it prick , just a few of the many Nazis liberal camel suckers on this site just running ur mouth , so give Linda M . Some respect , , I say to you , go pack sand , you damn know it all !!! If being a Racist is what it takes to rid our great country of the Liberal Idoits , then your damn right I’m a Damn racist !!

    • Linda M. says:

      Will Penny: Thank you for defending me! As far as Racist, well he and I have been having an on going battle ever since I starting posting. I truly believe he is bi-polar. He will attack and then apologize( somewhat) later on. I also know he and a few others use many different names on these sites. So it appears there many Leftists attacking us. I also agree with you about him being truthful , in his statements. I know he has stated before he was in the military. Is that true? We will never know. Did he receive an Honorable discharge? You can be in the military but that doesn’t mean anything. I could tell you I am a young, high paid fashion model. Is that statement true ? No. But what I do KNOW, I was in Nam in the 60’s and served my country with honor. I also marched in Mississippi in the 60’s as well. So when someone like him( and others) attack me (and others) by calling names like racists and inbred haters,I really wish we could face these Liberal idiots one on one and set them straight!! I also know these cowards never use their real names either. Another hint of what and who they are. ..
      We of common sense and want for what’s best for our great country, must stand together to fight this evil . Hopefully, we will succeed!!! GOD bless the USA and President Trump…..

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Linda, Will Penny is an insane hater, read his entire screed, just because he defended you doesn’t mean he is kind or normal. Just because people insult you don’t think you haven’t been insulting. Read what you wrote, you are questioning my military service, I am not questioning your Vietnam service and I applaud you for marching in Mississippi, you know very few white people did. Do you remember when James Meredith became the first black to go to Ole Miss, the abuse he got, and all those schools that became integrated all those little kids had to go with hateful screeching whites. Do you know about Emmett Till, and the Civil Rights workers, black and white that were killed, they were called the freedom riders. So if you marched for blacks in Mississippi I don’t doubt it but it seems very improbable to most people from your postings.

        • Linda M. says:

          Racists for Trump; I have never shown any form of racism in any of my posts. Other than trying to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens storming our borders.Our country or our funding can not support them. So why you find it improbable I marched in Mississippi is a mystery to me. But it makes no difference if you believe me or not Rick. I was there and have the damaged knee cap to prove it. As for me questioning your military service. Well, you certainly don’t act like a vet by your words. And it’s very hard for me to believe anyone that changes names on these sites just to try to add creditably to their postings, that they are speaking truths about anything. BUT if you truly served in the military, I apologize to you. Have you ever apologized to me for all the hateful, vile names you have called me? No.Through all your hateful words, name calling and VERY misinformation you have posted about me and to me, I have tried to be respectful towards you. And believe me Rick, at times ,by what you have posted, you would tried the patience of all the Saints in heaven. We all know you hate Trump, and anyone that supports him.But I stand for what he wants for this country and its people. Not what the Democrats stand for and what they want to turn this country into. I’m sorry if you can not get passed Trump’s personality quirks. Or his supposed contact with other women. But look at Clinton and his rather colorful past, when dealing with other women.And Obama. What a disgrace he and his wife are to this country. But never have you brought up their conduct. Or perhaps you don’t want to truly see them for what they are. In my opinion, they are traitors. The lot of them. But please don’t take this as an invitation as a another round of who’s right and whose wrong. I don’t want to turn into another Vasu and his novels.I will never change your mind. And you will never change mine. So leave it at that. And if you don’t like what I post. Or anyone that defends me. Just don’t read them. I have passed on many of your and your alter egos postings. Without commenting. I’m finished. Are you??

          • Mama says:

            Hey Linda M. i Saw a comm’ Today,
            ” i’m Not Racist, I Hate Every0ne” !!!
            (of whom IS a ‘jerk’) Doesn’t MATTER
            What ‘color’. heh ___ hmmm.

      • Will Penny says:

        URf most welcome Linda M , this is my third attempt to reply back to you Linda M , I wonder of this site at times , JUST WHOSE ARE THEY OWN , All the fouled mouth comments from the liberal Idoits here on this site and they hit the Ejection button for mine , hmmm , , some things don’t change , entitlements for the Brats , See that’s what’s wrong with themselves right there , , well , that’s ok , we’re still going g to kick your asses come election 2020 , are for that matter in anything else also !! Food for Thought , Libby’s

    • Racists for Trump says:

      Will Penny, you don’t even deserve a penny for your thoughts, you are so ignorant in current events, history, grammar and spelling. Your hatred against liberals is misplaced, it should be against white trash such as yourself.

  4. Rudy says:

    I see there are a few “BRAIN WASHED” DemoLibtards in here Phising!

  5. True Dan says:

    The Pulse Poll wording is incorrect. The idea is not to cancel student loan debt for wounded veterans. The idea is to cancel student loan debt for permanently disabled veterans. And that would probably be to cancel student loan debt for veterans that are a minimum of 50% permanently disabled.

  6. Mama says:

    Amen ! Kudos, Mr. President.
    & i’m also glad you cut some KrAAp
    (bad management) OUT of VA Affairs.

    • old man coyote says:

      I don’t give G.D. if President Trump did not serve in the military. Look at our wonderful nation during WWII – there are plenty of ways to honorably serve our country and our current LEADER is doing a fantastic job of understanding all stations of life. I served for four years in the Air Force and all I did was keep the weather equipment up and running at Luke AFB – 30 miles from nowhere and 3 feet from hell (Arizona Desert) God Bless Donald Trump and Barry Goldwater

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        Amen thank you for your service PS it does not matter what you did in the service the point is you served your Country God bless. God bless President trump & the USA.

      • Mama says:

        Right 0n, old man coyote. & THANK YOU for
        your Service. YOUR Service WAS EXTREMELY
        IMPORTANT, keeping Weather Equip Up/Running
        at Luke AFB. !!! My Dad, Served AF WWll. He Never
        ‘talked about ‘it’. i think it was not so good, (what he went
        thru). I have Also ‘Serviced’ USA in a Completely
        Different Field, than Military.
        > The Morons ‘trashing’ All the Time, Have NEVER Done
        a G.D Thing for USA. clinton/obomba NEVER ‘Served’.
        These ppl NEED STFU<. Period ♥ U coyote man.

    • Jim P. says:

      Mama: Skip your medications today? Must have with all your stupid postings.

      • Mama says:

        &&& YOU WILL Continue to read my posts. haha.
        You got a prob? Take Your ‘meds’. Perhaps YOU
        Stupid to read ___
        I’m ‘med’ Free. Zip. Zero. Nada. haha
        You got prob w/that ?
        Anything Else? I’ll take you 0n Any Day ___ You lose.

  7. Racists forTrump says:

    The lies in here are sick, Trump and Republicans are always cutting Veterans’ benefits, Bush invaded a country that had no threat to the USA, even Trump said it cost a few trillion and many lives and lifetime wounds. Trump is a cowardly draft dodger, the nutjob even talked about deserving the Medal of Honor, now that is one sick, evil mofo. Isn’t that a disgrace to all you vets and even the rest of you, false patriots. He is a serial sexual assaulter, connected to the NY mob, countless bankruptcies, scams, and worst of all he is a traitor. Maybe Putin will give him Russia’s Medal of Honor. Trump would be so proud.

    Antifa and BLM have killed ZERO people EVER. It’s the right wing, gun nuts, white supremacists who are the violent crazy ones. Tim McVeigh was connected to the American Nazis and a militia group. You have people like Eric Rudolph who is a hero to the anti-choice people who killed people, the Aryan group that killed Alan Berg, one of the few liberal voices on the radio in the late 1900’s and now we have in recent years all the right wing, alt right, kKK, Nazis, biker gangs who have killed gays, students, people at malls, churches, that is where ALL the violence is. Antifa is defending their communiuties from the alt Right, Proud Boys hate groups, Nazis, whoever espouses white supremacy, the vast majority of the public is sick of them and you right wing thugs on these sites who follow the hatred of those groups, and Fox, Breitbart, Limbaugh, and other devils like Levin. I am white but a brain and a soul, you people are lacking in both apparently. Many of these killers have been “inspired” by Trump, some wearing MAGGOT hats and quoting Trump’s sick manifesto, who now says his chosen statement and his second coming was sarcasm. Not long ago he was suggesting he should be on Mount Rushmore. I think that he should rush more to die and be in Hell.

    • Robert King says:

      You sound just like Dem orats you support, like those rat city’s.

    • you are about the lowest form of humanity; you must be a lifetime DemocRAT supporter; who are you to rant and rave about anyone else; how do you know what reason the military used to give a legal disqualification to Trump to be exempt from the draft; many were exempt for various reasons. I spent 4 years active duty, annd 6 more in active reserves, didn’t question the ones who didn’t question the service desision for anyone else!

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Sammons, Trump the egomaniac had a non-medical doctor friend of his family, a podiatrist say he had bone spurs, and Trump doesn’t remember what foot. Bone spurs in young men is virtually unheard of. I don’t believe your comment, most people in the service resented draft dodgers which makes sense. Recently the coward was talking and said he thought he deserved the Medal of Honor, before that the Nobel Piece Prize, and before that he thought he should be on Mount Rushmore. I think that he should rush more to hell where he deserves, for his many sexual assaults and scams.

      • Will Penny says:

        Thank U Harold Sammons , good post we see here the Libby’s do no Wrong , even when guilty of lying , trying to push false aligations , which are in File 13 now , , Correct , this is simply Witch Hunting for selfish reasons , both political and personal !!! Pointing fingers is a bad habit , three years going on now , you LIBERALS have wasted just about every hour in those 3 years , sneviling , pointing fingers and you’ve not proved one thing against President Trump , you have anvils for skulls , with no gray matter whatsoever !!

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      Go find a hole & climb in unfortunately you have been indoctrinated.

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        sorry the above comment was meant for “racists For Trump”

        • Will Penny says:

          He’s full of himself that’s obvious , it’s the Liberal Hwy or no Hwy , no matter what the cost too others Patricia

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Overbey, you are following a serial sexual assaulter and scam artist who in recent months the egomaniac has said he is the chosen one, deserves the Medal Of Honor, the Nobel Peace Prize and should be on Mount Rushmore. This is the cult you are in you supporting the Mobster-in-Chief.

    • Rudy says:

      I am 67 years old, graduated High School in 1970 and at that time the draft had gone to the “Lottery System”, if your number didn’t come up, you didn’t go. I tried to enlist several times and it wasn’t until 1975 that the USAF finally accepted me. I believe that I am older than Trump, so you cannot call him a draft dodger! You Libtards need to grow up, get your facts straight and get a Life and a Job!!!

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Trump was botn in 1947 so you are much younger, and he got out of the draft, not by an M.D. but by his father’s friend, a podiatrist who wrote that he had bone spurs in one foot. Bone spurs in a young man are virtually unheard of. He might be the only military high school graduate who is a draft dodger. He was sent to military high school because he was uncontrollable and smacked a teacher.

        • Rudy says:

          Trump is only 5 yrs older,not much. From what I understand about “bone spurs” is that they are an arthritic growth and can happen at any age. My wife has had Rheumatoid Arthritis ever since she was 18. Where’s your Medical Diploma?

    • SweetOlBob says:

      I that lying, privileged, vulgar woman would have won, the whole Nation would be in hell !

    • californiasailor says:


    • Ernest says:

      Have you forgotten that Clinton evaded the draft by going to Europe? Also, what service did Obama serve in? Neither person served in the Military to protect our Country. All they did was to degrade our military. Did you were a military uniform? I did for over 24 years and am proud of doing it!

      • Racists for Trump says:

        There wasn’t a draft when Obama turned 18, but Clinton was one of the few Democrats that were draft dodgers compared to Republicans in the Vietnam war, dodgers like Dick Cheney, Dick Armey, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, Rush Limbaught, check out all those Republican chicken hawks.

    • Pat says:

      You need to really wake up. Stop listening to the MSM. They turn simple jokes into a crime scene.

    • M. Stefanich says:

      You need to go to a mental hospital you sick minded , deranged S.O.B. Stay off the drugs that your taking for entertainment & get some serious help

  8. Alaska Woman says:

    More Trump lies. He just cannot stop the filth that flows from his mouth.
    Congress funds the military.
    Congress funds veterans.
    YOU elect Congress.

  9. jerseybadger says:

    I am so thrilled , we really need to help out vets and give our active military more respect and better equipment

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Tell that to your elected representative.
      Congress funds the military and provides care for veterans — presidents only sign the budgets and spending.

  10. Robert Brady says:

    Thailand Vets are still waiting for their Agent Orange Claims. Been waiting over 50 years. Govt. says Agent Orange was not used in Thailand. That is a Big Lie. It was used at every base in Thailand. All Vietnam vets are approved for Agent Orange. Thailand Vets are being ignored and still fighting for our rights 50 years later. Time to recognize those of us who served in Vietnam by way of Thailand.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Your elected representative holds the check book.
      Write them. Do it over and over again. Provide evidence. Start a group. Hold rallies. Get media coverage.

  11. Lyudmila says:

    I always did not understand the democrats – they require FREE TRAINING for illegal immigrants, and Trump – for our heroes – warriors who did not spare their lives for our country. Democrats demand a FREE TREATMENT of illegal immigrants who have done nothing for the country, and TRUMP – a FREE TREATMENT for our heroes – soldiers who defend the honor and freedom of America. Democrats demand FREE HOUSING for illegal immigrants – but where to get so much money for them? “Well, of course, to take them away from the warrior heroes and give them to the“ poor illegal immigrants ”. So: – Is the Democratic Party a party of the United States or a party of illegal immigrants?

    • Beverly Ann says:

      Illegal immigrants of course…they have ignored the vets and the elderly. Criminal behavior coming from Dems using tax payers dollars to aid the least deserving while the most deserving suffer and often times die. The Dems don’t give a damn about the Vets or the elderly…shame on them!!!

    • Alaska Woman says:


    • Alaska Woman says:

      Illegal immigrants do not qualify for any form of public assistance. Legal immigrants must be in-country FIVE years before they qualify.
      Minimal health care is provided to protect YOU.

      • D.A.N. says:

        AW, who pays for their kids’ education, their free lunch programs, the ESL classes? The US tax payers. Now isn’t that assistance? Wake up and smell the Roses, those programs aren’t free.

  12. walter says:

    take care of our Vets they kept to their oath now it’s time we the people (Gov.) kept ours! if after every American has been seen to, then we help others. oh and by the way BUILD THE DAMN WALL!

  13. MaryAnn says:

    obozo was the worst “president” & I use the word “president” jokingly” he was & still is the original Manchurian candidate – & he was in all probability NOT even born in America – Siros (who is worth “Millions” & who hated America found him somewhere & put together a history for him & it was time for a “black” president – & I still can’t believe that Obama was all we could come up with.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Name calling is nursery school behavior.
      Your post says more about you that the target of your insults. Your ignorance embarrasses America. An individual with ONE American citizen parent is a Natural Born American, no matter where they are born.
      Every time you write one of these lie and hate filled posts, you embarrass America.

    • Irish4evr says:

      Actually, you are half correct. Obama was only one-half black. We have yet to have a Black
      President. I am still waiting.

  14. Allan Martin says:

    Before any one of our Citizen Patriots are asked to serve there must be the Politicians to back them up, all the way and for the rest of their lives- they should have no needs not met!! Nothing- listen up you political class and Praise the Lord!! –Al Martin

  15. Rudy says:

    Illegals are criminals, they don’t deserve anything that we, the American people, our Military and us Vets who have given our sweat, tears and blood and have worked hard and earned all our lives for. I am a 67 year old US Air Force Veteran and get so upset when the Libtard Democrats try to give away what we deserve to the illegals.

    • Mike G says:

      Rudy, makes it a bit hard to swallow when you put in the commitment and time (20yrs or more) and someone crosses the border illegally and is able to automatically get free everything! I understand their problem and hardship but I also expect them to follow our laws as we would have to do same in their country! There is a way to enter legally, do it right or need to be banned for life! That is why each should be photo and fingerprinted before being sent back, also blood test for dna to see if those are your children! What a way to disguise child trafficking! Odd, most of these males 18-26 don’t understand, they are required by law to register for the selective service! Yes still in effect even if you come here for college, still required!

  16. ANNE MARIE Bell says:

    If ANYONE deserves to have their student loans forgiven, it’s those who served our country.

    • Mike G says:

      Wife and I are both Vets over (20yrs) You left a bit of information out information, (Wounded). This makes sense, esp if you can’t work, as you know the government will keep tacking on the late fees, like any other loan company!

  17. Harold Lasky says:

    The next step is to redirect all the wasted money the lib. moron’s want to piss away on illegal scum bags that want everything they can get their hands on, and use it to take care of our military people that need the help they earned all the help they can get and need. Again screw the illegal aliens they can get their home land back in order.

  18. Ted says:

    Democrats hate the military and the police because the democrats are lawless bastards who want to destroy the USA. God Bless President Trump and all lawful American citizens. Democrats, muslims, and all illegals are terrorists in their beliefs and actions!

  19. bagster53 says:

    so what was the order that left them speechless, this has nothing to do with ordering the troops to do any thing , the government should have never took over the student loan business anyways , just another trillion dollars oboma added to the debt , i support our troops and this , but like everything the government does it does it half a$$ed and is never run properly

    • Richard says:

      By “order” it is meant he order the secretaries of Education and Veterans Affairs to get it done. Not that he ordered veterans or the military to do anything.

  20. Robert says:

    I am a disabled vet myself and those 2 percent can go to hell!! Even a wounded animal can still fight

    • Fely says:

      Our Govt should use our money on disabled veterans and other needs to help our country and and our citizens, and if there are leftover money, it’s okay with me to use that on illegals.

      • John says:

        But the point is the Veterans are legal Americans and citizens. Trump said he will take care of American first. I just do not understand or agree with just giving money to illegals or anyone that can work. Veterans were drafted or enlisted to support and keep our country safe. Atleast they are working to earn a living and in some cases in dangerous situations.
        We need to help those that want to protect and make our country great. Not just give handouts. That may sound terrible to some but if you want to give your money to someone that is your choice and in some cases God will bless you too.

    • Kilemal says:

      I agree with Robert 100% and thank you Robert, for your service and your sacrifice, you are the backbone of all that’s good about our nation.
      I’ll bet the 2% think they’re already in Hell and maybe they are; they sure will be.


  22. Darlene says:

    Who are the 2% who voted NO? They should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Vincent D. Sacco, U.S. Navy Veteran says:

      That’s what I was asking myself. Who are these people. Obviously, they have never been handed a Folder Flag, I’ve got 2, and when it’s my time, my wife will have 3.
      Our wounded, whether physical,mental or emotional deserve this and more.
      Thank you Mr. President for taking care of my Brothers in Uniform.
      And for those 2%, what can I say, Oh yeah, DROP DEAD

    • D.A.N. says:

      Ones like AW and RfT and a couple others on here.

  23. James Howard says:

    One trait of a sane person is flexibility of mind & heart. Mental-emotional ridgidity is a trait of mental illness.

    What the Left, criminals, mentally ill & Islam all have in common, & makes them actual allies:

    Narcissism has been an epidemic on the Left from the start. If you are involved with a narcissist it will destroy you (PTSD) unless you know all the sneaky tricks & lies & how to deal wIth them, if you are forced to, as in politics.

    YouTube has –

    Narc ology unscripted,

    Michele Lee Nieves, (esp. Leaving A Narcissist: Biggest & Most Common Mistake),

    Surviving Narcissism,

    Why You Are Lonely. Stefan Molyneux,

    Alice in Wonderland & Thru The Looking Glass, Lewis Carol.

    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (news & commentary, OAN Network.)

    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.


    See also: Bill Warner,

  24. Mike says:

    Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. These people served our country and paid the ultimate price they need to be taken care of. People walking across the border and taken advantage of our system is not.

    • Linda M. says:

      Mike: Very well stated and I fully agree!

    • Mike says:

      I find it very odd that no one remembers that Obama put a man in charge of the VA with his main focus to fix the VA. How much support he received, I don’t know. The point is that Trump is not the first president to recognize the sad state of affairs within the VA. The man had already put several upper management personnel on administrative leave so they could not do any more damage to the VA systems. He could not immediately fire them due to legal procedures that must be followed in order to terminate any upper level management position, which I think is stupid.

    • Bob S says:

      If you lost a leg in any other profession you would get a huge check and all the money you want to learn a new field of work.

  25. Will Penny says:

    I totally agree with this , these True Americans put there life’s on the line for our country , that’s the least we can do to help our men and women in uniform , get a good start at making there American dreams come true , they’ve earned that and more I say

  26. David says:

    yes because they served their country and protect the freedom that the demorats take for granted. the demorats hate the military and police.

    • Linda M. says:

      David: I fully agree with your posting.Thank you. Now let’s see if the Democrats try to demonize Trump for this act. They will try, no doubt…..

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Linda M, don’t you get embarrassed by some of the violent and idiotic statements from people on your side. I think when you aren’t on the site you are a reasonable person but here you agree with every statement. I was in the military and I respect the military and the police but also know that there are abuses in every profession and obviously some Republicans hate the military because Trump, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott, John Boehner, Jon Cornyn and dozens of other bigshot Republicans like Ted Nugent were all draft dodgers. Read about all those chicken Hawk conservative Republicans

        • M. STEFANICH says:


        • Linda M. says:

          Racists for Trump; I swore I would never respond to you again, other than telling you to read Matthew 7 verses 1, 2, and 6. I am a very intelligent and reasonable person, thank you. But you, Rick? I know you are very good at pointing out the supposed imperfections of some Republicans..So what is your point? Have you TRULY did research in the criminal, teasonious actions committed by YOUR party? Both past and present??? I think not.
          Am I embarrassed by other Republicans comments? Are YOU embarrassed by the hatred, lies, and vile name calling exhibited by your fellow Leftists? Including yourself, at times. How many times have you called other’s names, just because they disagreed with you and your views ? Including me.
          And I DO NOT agree with every statement made on these sites. But you and your fellow Leftists take great delight in attacking others and leave comments for almost every posting left by Conservatives.
          You know, I suppose I should take it as a distorted compliment, that my opinions are important to you.And it seems it’s even more important to you I change parties. But I will never support any party that supports killing innocent babies. Want to disarm citizens that want to defend themselves. Or turn our country into part of the NWO. Please be a better person and look at both sides before passing judgement……

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