Donald Trump gave the U.S. military one order that left the troops speechless

Donald Trump ran for President on a promise to rebuild America’s military and honor the nation’s veterans.

Both the military and the veterans were neglected by former President Barack Obama.

And Donald Trump gave the U.S. military one order that left the troops speechless.

Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to rebuild America’s military by signing military budgets that boosted spending levels to combat threats like China and Islamic terrorism.

Now, the President made good on his word to America’s veterans by announcing at the AMVETS convention in Kentucky that he signed a memorandum cancelling the student loan debt for thousands of permanently injured veterans.

Breitbart reports:

Trump said the memorandum would effectively cancel the federal student debts of thousands of wounded American veterans.

According to the White House, the memorandum orders Secretaries of Education and Veterans Affairs to expedite totally and permanently that disabled veterans have their Federal student loan debt discharged with minimal burdens.

Trump also touted his administration’s accomplishments for America’s military veterans.

“After years of neglect, we are fixing the heartbreaking failures from the last Administration at the Department of Veterans Affairs,” he said. “America must never abandon our heroes in their hour of need.”

He said that wait times in Veterans Affairs hospitals had been slashed by 33 percent, and touted more VA accountability, allowing bad employees to get fired.

President Trump also noted that he signed into law the VA Accountability Act that cut wait times at VA hospitals by one third.

The Obama years were a dark time for America’s military and the nation’s veterans.

That cloud lifted when Donald Trump was elected.

And since his first day in office the President worked to make good on his promise to always take care of America’s veterans.

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  1. Irish4evr says:

    Actually, you are half correct. Obama was only one-half black. We have yet to have a Black
    President. I am still waiting.

  2. Will Penny says:

    Thank U Harold Sammons , good post we see here the Libby’s do no Wrong , even when guilty of lying , trying to push false aligations , which are in File 13 now , , Correct , this is simply Witch Hunting for selfish reasons , both political and personal !!! Pointing fingers is a bad habit , three years going on now , you LIBERALS have wasted just about every hour in those 3 years , sneviling , pointing fingers and you’ve not proved one thing against President Trump , you have anvils for skulls , with no gray matter whatsoever !!

  3. Mama says:

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    You Need ‘anger’ management/
    drugs ?

  4. Mama says:

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    for comm. LOL . haha.
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  5. Jim P. says:

    Mama: No the rest of the world lost the moment you were born, you loser. Grown up and stop like you are mentally challenged … Don’t make threats you will surely lose at, you jack ass…..

  6. Mama says:

    &&& YOU WILL Continue to read my posts. haha.
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  7. Will Penny says:

    I’m waiting patiently , when ur feeling Lucky

  8. Will Penny says:

    URf most welcome Linda M , this is my third attempt to reply back to you Linda M , I wonder of this site at times , JUST WHOSE ARE THEY OWN , All the fouled mouth comments from the liberal Idoits here on this site and they hit the Ejection button for mine , hmmm , , some things don’t change , entitlements for the Brats , See that’s what’s wrong with themselves right there , , well , that’s ok , we’re still going g to kick your asses come election 2020 , are for that matter in anything else also !! Food for Thought , Libby’s

  9. Jim P. says:

    Mama: Skip your medications today? Must have with all your stupid postings.

  10. Mama says:

    Hey Linda M. i Saw a comm’ Today,
    ” i’m Not Racist, I Hate Every0ne” !!!
    (of whom IS a ‘jerk’) Doesn’t MATTER
    What ‘color’. heh ___ hmmm.

  11. Jack Handy says:

    Fred, you are all over the place here, BUT, i get ‘it’__
    Remember al gore & briefcase To China.
    ‘Intellectual Property’ Down the Road. POTUS KNOWS.
    >ALSO, ‘fentanyl ‘ Manufactured/Shipped from China
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