Donald Trump gave Joe Biden a piece of advice that will drive every Democrat crazy

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are not on speaking terms.

The two are bitter political rivals.

And now Donald Trump gave Joe Biden a piece of advice that will drive every Democrat crazy.

Donald Trump celebrated West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin opposing Joe Biden’s nearly $5 trillion socialist welfare and so-called “climate change” bill.

Trump told Fox News that Manchin saved Biden and the country from making a massive multi-trillion-dollar mistake.

According to Trump, inflation is spiking to levels not seen since Jimmy Carter’s disastrous Presidency, and financing trillions in new spending with fresh money printed by the Federal Reserve will only cause inflation to spiral further out of control.

“I think he’s saving Biden, because if they ever got that passed, this country would be a total disaster,” Trump stated. “Already, inflation is so bad, it’s at a level that nobody’s really seen — nobody remembers for so long — Jimmy Carter was there, but I think this will end up being far worse than Jimmy Carter.”

“I think that Manchin is actually helping Biden from himself, because, if you look at it, and you look at what was potentially going to be passed, and I’m not saying it won’t, maybe he’ll change his mind, but it would blow this country up, with inflation and with other problems,” Trump added.

Trump explained that the socialist welfare programs and Marxist Green New Deal programs would explode the debt and wreck the American economy.

“This country is not able to do what they would like to do,” Trump stated. “It would be very bad for the country.”

Democrats do not want to hear this.

Biden is still casting about to pass some sort of multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill believing it is the key to political salvation in next year’s midterm election.

However, inflation is the number one issue in polls for American voters.

And Biden’s new socialist spending only promises to make inflation worse.

That’s why Donald Trump contends that Joe Manchin saved Joe Biden from himself by tanking this bill.

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