Donald Trump gave a jaw-dropping answer about running with Mike Pence in 2024

Donald Trump and Mike Pence formed an effective team for four years in office.

But now that both Trump and Pence are considering Presidential campaigns, everyone wants to know if Trump would select Pence as his running mate should he win the nomination again.

And Donald Trump gave a jaw-dropping answer about running with Mike Pence in 2024.

According to a new book by left-wing activists Peter Baker and Susan Glasser entitled The Divider, Trump revealed his final answer on if he would select Pence as his running for a third time.

“It would be totally inappropriate,” Trump said about selecting Pence.

Trump reaffirmed that the events of January 6 permanently severed the relationship between the two.

“Mike committed political suicide,” Trump declared.

Trump believes Mike Pence could have rejected certified Electoral College results from states he claimed that Joe Biden only won through fraud.

But the 12th Amendment to the Constitution does not allow the Vice President to reject Electoral College results.

The Vice President’s role is merely ceremonial.

For his part, Pence tried to address the events of January 6 in his new book, So Help Me God.

Even though Pence said he was angry about the events of that day, he did not try to blame Trump.

Instead, Pence claimed the corporate-controlled press and the Democrats would take what happened on January 6 to impugn the “patriotism” of Trump supporters.

“I was angry at what I saw, how it desecrated the seat of our democracy and dishonored the patriotism of millions of our supporters who would never do such a thing here or anywhere else,” Pence wrote.

Pence admitted in public that he and Trump will never see eye-to-eye about January 6.

But many Trump supporters do not understand why Pence would want to run for President if Trump plans on running for a third time.

Pence was clearly the junior partner in that relationship.

And there is nothing Pence offers that Trump already does not.

Some Trump supporters suspect that Pence is in the race as the GOP establishment candidate.

Establishment and donor class Republicans are trying to figure out how many candidates they need to run and what the composition of the field needs to be in order to deny Trump the 2024 GOP nomination.

And Pence is trying to present himself to the donor class as the candidate they should select to take down Trump.

That’s why January 6 sits at the center of the rivalry between Trump and Pence.

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