Donald Trump found out who is going to betray him to Robert Mueller

Journalists and Democrats have speculated for months that a member of President Trump’s inner circle would betray him to special counsel Robert Mueller.

They may have finally found their man.

One Trump associated gave an interview where he sent signals he was ready to betray President Trump.

Trump attorney Michael Cohen has been the subject of a federal investigation since Robert Mueller referred his case to the Southern District of New York.

Cohen’s home and office were subsequently raided by the FBI and pundits and legal experts began the countdown as to when he would be indicted.

On Monday, Cohen gave an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where he sent an unmistakable signal that he would cooperate with federal prosecutors and dish dirt on President Trump.

ABC reports:

“When I asked Cohen directly what he would do if prosecutors forced him to choose between protecting the president and protecting his family, he said his family is “my first priority.”

Cohen added: “Once I understand what charges might be filed against me, if any at all, I will defer to my new counsel, Guy Petrillo, for guidance.”

But when I pointed out to Cohen that he wasn’t repeating past vows to “take a bullet” and “do anything” to protect the president, the longtime Trump loyalist left little doubt about where he stands now, saying simply: “To be crystal clear, my wife, my daughter and my son, and this country have my first loyalty.”

But it’s unclear what Cohen could offer prosecutors.

Later on in the interview he completely denied any allegations of colluding with the Russians.

If he can’t provide evidence of Russian collusion then the best he could offer up is Trump’s supposed knowledge of his payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels.

And public polling has shown the American people have digested that story and moved on.


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37 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    If he betrayed President Trump he would have to leave the country for ever and ever he would not be able to find a hole deep enough to hide in.

  2. seastar says:

    I believe Mueller will lie ,steal ,falsely accuse anyone or anything to get trump out of office and I believe he needs to be kicked out of the republican party for his betrayal of our President ,I see him as a Soro;s obummer lackey. and he needs to be stepped on to shut down this bull. He has plainly shown his bias also ,just like the FBI agents .

  3. I think Cohen will try his best to resist Mueller’s antics if he can. Perhaps the President and Cohen may not be on best of terms, but I don’t believe he’d stoop so low as to hurt the President if he can help it. I think he’ll hold out for a while at least. Tough question. I hope he has the intestinal fortitude to hold the line.

  4. Stan Lee says:

    A possible betrayal by some Trump associate has been the source of “empty” (speculative) “news” since “Katie fell out of the hearse.” It’s fake news when whomever prepares the verbiage to appear as fact when it is not. It’s the same as Mueller “indicting” an army of Trump sympathizers, and presenting same as “Folks, this is for real”, advised by Mueller or associates. “Indictment” is a preliminary to the court room where the charge/charges are either proved or disproved. It is actually a tactic by which the leaders of the Democrat Party are able to hold their voters hands to quiet their reservations concerning how potent or impotent is today’s Democrat Party. There would be nothing left of the Democrat Party if it would cease inferring that it had freebies in store for its loyalists. The two ethnic/racial groups of people, Blacks and Hispanics, whom the Democrats have depended upon, have both realized the lowest unemployment rates under a President Trump than any Democrat President who bought their votes with promises that never were kept. All the people have realized better economic circumstances than under Obama and at least halfway under G.W.Bush.(incidentally a Republican) It all boils down to the issue of whether the voters were given empty promises (like being lied to) or having a President they’ve been motivated to hate by a corrupt MSM, be the one President who is improving life, and seeking to protect our country and the citizens in it. It all requires some thought on the part of each citizen. It’s not a high form of science, most everyone can judge whether it is really doing what President Trump calls “making America great again.”
    He may not be a seasoned politician (Thank you, God!) but the man means exactly what he intends to do,and then he goes about doing it. It’s not easy, but he seems not to require much sleep or posing on a golf course most of the week.

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    This is just another plan by the Democrats that have failed to find anything in their bag of tricks they have successfully used before on weak minded politicians that quiver in the shadows afraid to stand up to the Evil Democrats. Anything Michael Cohen does or does not have regarding Donald Trump will not be of any importance. Michael Cohen is one of Donald Trumps many Attorneys. Businessman Donald Trump is now POTUS Donald Trump but nothing in the Attorney Client privilege does not change. Every word, deed, action or even a fart in public must remain private and protected by the Attorney. The is no difference in the Attorney/Client privacy agreement just as there is in the privacy agreement I took an oath to respect and honor regarding any patient I encountered during my more than 3 decades of providing healthcare for. If Cohen were to make up some story just to get the MSM trolls and Democrat lickspittles off his back, he knows he could be charged with breaking his oath to honor his Attorney/client Privacy agreement. SO….. with that said would someone within the Trump Cabinet do a very rough smack down of the Liars and Fakers that keep spreading this made up rumor. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

    • don says:

      THINK !!!! SEIZED DOCUMENTS will push for purgery charges same as FLYNN YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION WHEN IN BLACK AN WHITE prevaledge is out the window

  6. San Jose Mike says:

    This is a two-tiered legal system. Trump can get impeached for sneezing without Kleenex. Dems can do anything and get away with it.

    Our job is to protect our majority in CONGRESS. I donate to various political campaigns of conservatives. Of course I am concerned that some are rino’s.

    But this is the best we can do, besides gettiout our vote. In the meantime, God bless you all for your conservative voice!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. Ronald says:

    Mueller’s tactics are the same used by Hitler’s Brown Shirt Army.

  8. Trudi says:

    Mueller and his gang will not stop antagonizing ! The President’s loyal people know they are protected from these criminals !!!

  9. Seems to me Mueller has violated the extent of his Warrant to count. He should be Disbarred and all of the Judges that any of his evidence that is outside his Warrant. This shows how corrupt a lot of our Judges really are. They’ll be judged by Good.

  10. The exact split of conservatives VS liberals.

  11. Joyce says:

    Mueller is a criminal and traitor to this nation and has been for decades. He should have already been fired, arrested, detained while awaiting trial for blocking congressional investigation of corruption in the CIA, FBI & DOJ and obstructing JUSTICE in this case and in 9/11/2001. Uranium One, high Treason & crimes against humanity! He is a disgrace and embarrassment to the entire legal system!

  12. JohnGaltTexas says:

    I think Mueller the crooked inquisitor will threaten Cohen’s family to outright lie about Trump like he did to Mike Flynn.
    I think Cohen telegraphed that when he said his family comes first. Mueller and his crooked leftist cop cabal need to be put out of business and into prison themselves.

  13. Sue Rich says:

    There is bad blood between President Trump and Cohen. Cohen will do anything to hurt the president, especially…lie.

  14. John says:

    I think Trump has some facts that are being held until the time is right. They now know Obama was not only behind but in fact the perpetrator of the whole Russia collusion debacle. He in all probability wrote or was responsible for the writing and dispersal of the dossier and thinking he was untraceable provided the conduit in which to send it so it looked like something usable in the destruction of the Trump campaign. Now that the chickens are coming to roost all the cockroaches including Obama are running for cover. I would guess if truth be known, Cohen is smiling about it all and waiting until the other shoe drops. Muller is a bully but he is also a coward that will do what he has to do to save his own butt. And Obama is a smart coward so he will pull the trigger first to save himself.

  15. art muzer says:

    They are just trying to screw up November elections.

  16. seastar says:

    It a shame they have to threaten his family, Anyone in his position would do what they could to protect them. But then the obummer is so low to the ground he is filthy, and I do believe he is behind all this crap, But then I believe God is in control and they (the democraps ) think they can outdo God . Am going to be unchristian and laugh my head off when they wake up ,and realize they have been wrong . Power of prayer is very, very ,effective and a big chunk of Americans have been praying for God to stay in control. Cohen is a lot smarter than the democraps think too ,Mueller may get a big surprise .

    • jemb says:

      Can’t believe Mueller gave him a choice – The President of the United States /OR/ his Wife and Children. Mueller should be ashamed , he has no business making a threat like this and should be sued for everything he’s got@!

  17. Jim says:

    There is one hole in this theory. If Trump has guaranteed that the family would be taken care of “REGARDLESS” Mueller can go to the hot place. He has become the quint essential example of a Government going over the edge. His history of immoral or unethical practices to prosecute is more scary then N. Korea today as we could loose a city by N. Korea but Mueller could cause us to loose a Country!

  18. What if there is nothing for him to reveal?

  19. Barb says:

    When are they going to put Hilary in jail for all the criminal actives she did. We know she committed crimes. They are doing everything they can to distract from the real criminals the Obama administration.

    • jemb says:

      After Mueller fails to find anything illegal with Cohen, It should be Cohen’s turn to go after Hillary. There’s a whole lot more there.

  20. lisa says:

    Micheal Cohen will be done for ever if he betray,s Trump !!!!!

  21. steadyeddy says:

    Another news story with much ado about nothing! 99.9% of all people would put their family before their boss. The only exception that I can think of would be Huma, Hillary’s body girl. President Trump cannot be indicted and their is not enough high crimes and misdemeanors for an impeachment. This entire ploy is just a distraction to tarnish President Trump’s Administration and try to get rid of him in 2020. They are on a fool’s errand! “Keep America Great, Trump 2020”.

  22. Elisa Holliday says:

    Betray him on what exactly?

    • Leona says:

      He doesn’t have anything to betray him with. because there is no there there! Grasping at straws our President did nothing wrong!

    • Phoebe says:

      My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!! There is nothing yet these articles are assuming and playing the shudda cudda wudda with absolutely NOTHING based on their IDIOT GUESSES.


    betray trump on exactly what….?

  24. mykpyp says:

    As long as he tells the TRUTH, and doesn’t compose a ‘song’!

  25. walter says:

    wish mueller would roll up his circus tent and quit wasting my tax dollars. if he still feels like staying around let him pay the bills.

  26. FBEYES says:

    Trump should pardon him if he is indicted for anything the criminal Mueller posse hangs on him. Cohen needs to know this.

  27. At this Mueller, is trying to find anything in President Trump’s past to try and get traction for impeachment, the nothing burger “Russian collusion” is dead!!!

  28. Mead Carlson says:

    Mueller needs someone to testify to something he can indict Trump with. It does not have to be true. That is why all the digging around so he can leverage someone to give false charges against President Trump. Threaten these guys with prison and they wil say and do anything.

  29. Danny says:

    Lawyers look out for number one first. Themselves. Everything else comes second. Those lovely ethics are why lawyers are universally reviled.

  30. Cheryl Southerland says:

    I agree, Jude. Just more smoke, mirrors and 100% pure grade cow patties. Smells like calf “scours” as we say here in East Tennessee.

  31. Jude says:

    President Trump has been guilty of nothing regarding Russia so what could Micheal Cohn betray him with.

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