Donald Trump found out the one secret that just doomed the Democrats to defeat in 2020

Democrats only goal for this year is defeating Donald Trump.

But that task just became even more difficult.

And that‘s because Donald Trump found out the one secret that just doomed the Democrats to defeat in 2020.

On Tuesday night, the Democrats held the final debate before the February 3 Iowa Caucuses.

The low energy event drew really low ratings.

In fact, CNN brought in just a little over 7 million viewers.

And those numbers could spell trouble for Democrats in November 2020.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN’s latest Democratic debate once again posted low ratings despite hype involving Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.


While Tuesday night’s debate slightly out-rated December’s debate, it still fell well short of previous Democratic and Republican primary debates. The first Democratic presidential debate last summer brought in 15 million viewers on MSNBC, the most ever in a Democratic primary debate. The record was topped in a debate hosted by ABC in September, which drew 18 million viewers on its second night.

The most watched primary debate in U.S. history remains the first Republican debate of the 2016 election cycle, which drew 24 million viewers on Fox News.

By comparison, the January 17, 2016 debate, which came just weeks before the Iowa Caucuses brought in over 10 million viewers.

Ratings can be one measure of enthusiasm for the candidates.

In 2016, Republicans outdrew Democrats for every debate in terms of viewing audience.

The surge in interest – thanks to Donald Trump – foreshadowed the massive Republican voter turnout that powered Donald Trump’s victory.

Democrats are expecting turnout above and beyond 2016 for their base.

But if TV ratings are any judge, they should prepare to be disappointed next November.

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25 Responses

  1. CHENZ says:

    2020 ELECTION

  2. William Rook says:

    I never doubted! Look at the crowd democrats have– None are Presidential material. If ANY got in office Deep State would run the Presidency, as always before. Naturally the “puppets” would have to do the “leg-work” so the Deep State could go back in the Shadows and run things, as before. BUT 3 things in particular messed up: 1. their crying “foul” even when We, The People actually voted and our vote really counted! democrats even ran a series of what people called witch-hunts, I call it simply an attempt to write a story to turn the people against President Trump- 2. They started an illegal staged impeachment “trial” that they drug on only to hang onto the articles of impeachment, which nothing but these incidents was heard. Guess who footed the bill for all this crap democrats put on? brings us to point 3. THE TAXPAYERS! Ain’t it something how democrats can ROB the taxpayers and still stay in government? They rob the taxpayers, say its for a righting a wrong. hmmm democrats SAY they care about U.S. citizens BUT President Trump wants to Build the PEOPLES WALL. Besides fighting it Pelosi started off calling it TRUMP’S WALL! hmmm doesn’t she listen to the State Of The Union address? I watched and hung onto every word. President Trump didn’t take credit for America’s return to Making America Great Again! He lifted his hand over the crowd and said, ” it wasn’t one, WE made America Great Again”! I wonder why the media left THAT out of the “replay” of it? Oh! I know why! The democrats expected President Trump to take all the credit! I had learned a ways back: You want the “real” story, WATCH IT LIVE! anything other and some facts would be left out. Many watch the second shoeing that was cut. For years I had no desire in politics. Someone pointed out to me ” when you don’t vote, Bill. you are actually voting for whoever gets in office. I forget who was running but I registered and followed and voted how I saw fit. I still don’t think ALL are bad. Democrat “leaders” get the rest to get their strings pulled too. Democrats THINK they ALWAYS have everything all wrapped up. It started to come unwrapped when Trump became President! God Bless America! God bless President Trump! MAGA! KAG!

  3. Archangel III says:

    David of Hawaii, thank you for your service sir… You make a couple of good points. You are right regarding President Trump bringing back hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs from overseas. I understand the outsourcing that we and other countries still do but president Trump has, along with his other record accomplishments, has reduced overall US outsourcing by over 60% by pulling us out of the Transition Pacific Partnership, (TPP), as well as all the phenomenal deals he has, and is still making, ie negotiating and finally getting USMCA passed, China investing $220 billion into US farmers, agriculture, infastructure… Japan committing to $44 billion in US technology… and is working out deals with other countries interested in investing in America. This will add millions of jobs, billions in positive revenue, and continue to skyrocket the US economy now at 3.2% GDP for the second straight quarter, and the 7th consecutive quarter of 3% or higher, according to the federal Buearu of Economic Anaysis…7.2 million new jobs since implementing his policies according to the US Buearu of Labor Statistics, all in just 3 years and the Dems try to deny all of it. And we don’t just go around killing every little criminal around the world… Tulsy Gabbard is wrong (she is one of the more very few and far between reasonable Democrats and should know better), General Soleimani was the number one murdering terrorist in world, with 20 yearsvof intelligence on this scumbag who masterminded thousands of attacks against our, and other military soldiers, coordinates with ISIS, just recently killed an American, attacked our American embassy in Iraq and has the blood of over 600 of your fellow soldiers on his hands not to mention the thousands of othets he ordered killed… Can anybody out there name one American soldier that was killed who was not worth the death of this murderous terrorist? Sorry David… I get a little wound up knowing the facts about this POS… And it is even sadder as we Sstand by and watch the Democrats and the mainstream Mafia actually side with Soleimani and the Iranian government and lie about the millions of Iranian citizens who are apparently pro America and pro Trump. All because the Democrats and the mainstream Mafia hate the president.

  4. Nancy Rutkowski says:

    Please stay strong for the American people Mr. President. We need you and Love you and your wonderful family. Many of us pray for you every night. Let Carma take care of the dems. It’s never failed me yet! I can’t even think of words to describe what low lifes they are. Please keep up the GREAT job. STAY STRONG! Get your son ready to take over after your next term.

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