Donald Trump found out the one secret that just doomed the Democrats to defeat in 2020

Democrats only goal for this year is defeating Donald Trump.

But that task just became even more difficult.

And that‘s because Donald Trump found out the one secret that just doomed the Democrats to defeat in 2020.

On Tuesday night, the Democrats held the final debate before the February 3 Iowa Caucuses.

The low energy event drew really low ratings.

In fact, CNN brought in just a little over 7 million viewers.

And those numbers could spell trouble for Democrats in November 2020.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN’s latest Democratic debate once again posted low ratings despite hype involving Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.


While Tuesday night’s debate slightly out-rated December’s debate, it still fell well short of previous Democratic and Republican primary debates. The first Democratic presidential debate last summer brought in 15 million viewers on MSNBC, the most ever in a Democratic primary debate. The record was topped in a debate hosted by ABC in September, which drew 18 million viewers on its second night.

The most watched primary debate in U.S. history remains the first Republican debate of the 2016 election cycle, which drew 24 million viewers on Fox News.

By comparison, the January 17, 2016 debate, which came just weeks before the Iowa Caucuses brought in over 10 million viewers.

Ratings can be one measure of enthusiasm for the candidates.

In 2016, Republicans outdrew Democrats for every debate in terms of viewing audience.

The surge in interest – thanks to Donald Trump – foreshadowed the massive Republican voter turnout that powered Donald Trump’s victory.

Democrats are expecting turnout above and beyond 2016 for their base.

But if TV ratings are any judge, they should prepare to be disappointed next November.

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