Donald Trump found out one nasty coronavirus surprise that left him shaking his head

President Trump is marshalling all the resources of the federal government to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But the President is facing some unexpected challenges.

And now Donald Trump found out one nasty coronavirus surprise that left him shaking his head.

On Tuesday, coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Brix announced that the New York Metropolitan area was the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Half of all the coronavirus cases in America are recorded in New York.

At the daily press briefing, Dr. Brix announced new recommendations that because of the high rate of infection in the New York area anyone from that region traveling to other parts of the country should self-quarantine for two weeks.

The following day, New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker contradicted this warning and told possibly infected New Yorkers to feel safe venturing out into other communities.

“I would not follow that. I believe you should follow the guidance in general, you should social distance,” he said, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind.

Right now Americans are looking for accurate information and consistent messaging.

The New York Health Commissioner undermining President Trump’s task force only serves to create confusion and could end up costing lives.

President Trump’s coronavirus task force consists of the top experts in the world.

Their guidelines are designed to save lives and make sure America can defeat this viral outbreak as quickly as possible so the economy can reopen for business.

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31 Responses

  1. James 75th Regiment says:

    The article stated one thing that is correct, the President is facing unexpected challenges like dealing with parasites, some in human form that don’t want to stand up and help America people because they hate him. Instead of coming on here and posting hate towards him , go help someone. You have two kinds of people, Pro-Active or Re-Active…

  2. Jan13 says:

    Please keep the NYC area people in downstate, too many traveling north and spreading it to the rest of us. At least some upstate county leaders are starting to put their foot down about the city folk coming into other areas . It’s about time.
    Now on this morning news, RI won’t allow anyone driving with NY plates in the state. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the New England states do the same.

  3. PatriotPlus says:

    To Robert: You MUST be talking about Obama the Liar in Chief who blamed everything and anything that he broke or couldn’t fix on President Bush. The shortage of masks stems from Obama ignoring the need to replenish the supply he used for the H1N1 flu that he ignored for quite awhile – too long. So much more, but enough for now.

  4. Ex-warrior says:

    Read the text carefully. Dr. Zucker “…told possibly infected New Yorkers to feel safe venturing out into other communities…” Of course. If you’re possibly infected you either have the disease or you don’t. If you’re infected you aren’t going to catch the Coronavirus because you already have it. If you don’t have the disease, you are reducing your chances of getting it because you’re leaving the most infected area in the country. Dr. Zucker has no concern for the people in other communities who will be exposed to the virus from the infected New Yorkers who are joining them.

  5. jreb57 says:

    ” Dr. Howard Zucker contradicted this warning and told possibly infected New Yorkers to feel safe venturing out into other communities.”
    That explains why NYC is the epicenter of US infections. The question is whether or not other communities should feel safe in the presence of New Yorkers. Whose side is Dr. Zucker on?

  6. Kay says:

    And NY is the leading state with Coronavirus. This same idiot told the people of NY to ignore Trump and the medical advice given by experts and go to the Chinese New Years celebration in NY. Any wonder they are suffering a wide spread of the disease? Stupid is as stupid does and voting in stupid to give you stupid advice and costing people their lives is beyond the normal stupid.

  7. @Robert……………..Speaking of people who should just shut up……………….You are at the top of the list.! Go troll somewhere else.

  8. @Scott 27………..Get your head on straight. You’ve been drinking that Dem Koolaide again and it’s starting to affect your mental capabilities.

  9. Robert says:

    The numbers prove it. There could not be a more disastrous person leading the Country’s fight against Covid 19 than Donald Trump. Everything he has done to date is totally in line with who he is; lies every day, slow to respond, and always blaming someone else. Why can’t you people see the truth and the facts? Due to Trump and his cronies, we now lead the world in numbers infected and still growing exponentially, while Trump talks about easing up on restrictions. How can you all possibly continue to believe anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. He needs to just shut up.

  10. Dawn says:

    Trump listens to the health team, does not over ride them . He does not want this virus around here anymore that the rest of us.

  11. Lisa says:

    Hey I wrote a whole column telling how it is with the democrats and what they’ve done and they didn’t print it. There’s freedom of speech. I’m sure the democrats are monitoring this site. Cuomo is responsible for short. He chose solar panels over ventilators now is blaming Trump. Put the blame where it’s deserved on him.

  12. Fay Butler says:

    Fire Dr. Zucker. TODAY!

  13. Connie says:

    Maybe Gov Cuomo needs to reign in his Health Commissioner before he bashes the Fed government for not doing enough for the people of New York. This is something our country has not been through before so why can’t everyone try to work together rather than turn this into political bashing back and forth.

  14. jack stone says:

    give a democrat control of ANYTHING and you can count on catastrophic results ,EVERYTIME ! It has now been 10 minuets..I do believe you are intentionally violating my first amendment rights. SO that alone tells me you are just another corrupt liberal page hiding out under the “patriot” label..Well, fyi ,I operate a few commercial sites and will inform my users about you ! have a nice day !

  15. Roger says:

    The New York Health Commissioner is an idiot!

  16. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    SCOTT27. I don’t know where you are getting your “facts” but is you listen to the actual recordings of the President’s briefings, and NOT the MSM twisted facts, you would change your tone real quick. WAKE UP YOU DUMBOCRATIC IDIOT !

  17. Richard Van Horn Sr. says:

    “New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker contradicted this warning and told possibly infected New Yorkers to feel safe venturing out into other communities.”

    So this New York ‘EXPERT knows more than the TOP experts in the world. He MUST be a Dumbocrat or someone connected to the MSM, here to create more devastation and deaths in this country. If he is so intelligent (HA HA) let him walk around in the public interest and see how ar he gets until he is INFECTED!
    Good Luck Dumbocrat !

  18. LifeStar says:

    New York has consistently been a Democratic stronghold to undermine the President’s Administration. DO NOT let Pelosi & Coup direct decisions for the nation!

  19. Scott27 says:

    Why is this news? trump contradicts his team of health experts almost daily. He thinks he knows best. Stable genius? not even close.

  20. Truckman says:

    The president should put a quartine on City or even maybe the whole state That’s the reason Gov.DeSantis her in Fl. has a quartine on all people coming down here from that part of the US

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