Donald Trump found out one nasty coronavirus surprise that left him shaking his head

President Trump is marshalling all the resources of the federal government to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But the President is facing some unexpected challenges.

And now Donald Trump found out one nasty coronavirus surprise that left him shaking his head.

On Tuesday, coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Brix announced that the New York Metropolitan area was the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Half of all the coronavirus cases in America are recorded in New York.

At the daily press briefing, Dr. Brix announced new recommendations that because of the high rate of infection in the New York area anyone from that region traveling to other parts of the country should self-quarantine for two weeks.

The following day, New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker contradicted this warning and told possibly infected New Yorkers to feel safe venturing out into other communities.

“I would not follow that. I believe you should follow the guidance in general, you should social distance,” he said, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind.

Right now Americans are looking for accurate information and consistent messaging.

The New York Health Commissioner undermining President Trump’s task force only serves to create confusion and could end up costing lives.

President Trump’s coronavirus task force consists of the top experts in the world.

Their guidelines are designed to save lives and make sure America can defeat this viral outbreak as quickly as possible so the economy can reopen for business.

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31 Responses

  1. To truth is truth where do you get your “FACTS” from George Soros.

  2. Susan Meyer says:

    I just wrote a comment and it did not post. Can you let me know WHY????

  3. SweetOlBob says:

    truth is381 nit picking:
    1. Does the rest of the nation really care what the liberal sop governor of Wash.
    said ? Who the hell is Tom Brady ?
    2. Maybe the crystal ball of all his previous presidents was foggy. He is not responsible for situations like the “Swine Flu”, which killed a bunch of Amricans while our peace prize winning muslim fraud did nothing. So let’s blame PRESIDENT TRUMP for not publishing historical failures.
    3. Polls: Polls can be published that say the moon is made of bananas. Or that the Hildabeast would win, walking away. Polls…….. Wow !
    4. An overstatement, given. But what harm did it cause ? I guess 381 Billion is OK, huh ? DemocRATS never overstate anything, do they ?
    5. The tariffs charged to china are reflected in the increased price they charge for their goods. The American public, if they want to buy the stuff, pays the higher price.
    OK. But tariffs on anyone’s goods are never paid in cash handed over. You are stretching a point and you know it. More smoke to try and discredit PRESIDENT TRUMP ! Just more “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM” headlines when he walks on water.

  4. SweetOlBob says:

    If New York, especially New York City, is the epicenter of the “Chinavirus”, they probably voted it in. They have a habit of voting for the worst possible scenario or person ! It was probably listed under “D” on all their voting machines. (In New York City speak, that would be “da virus”)

  5. Mr Static says:

    I’m seeing it in south jersey. There’s tons of New York plates. They are all fleeing to their summer homes. Wonder why our cases are doubling every day

  6. Dennis says:

    Good For You George W…..I’ll Be Right Behind You AT the Polls…..TRUMP 2020
    If the American People DO NOT put this man back in office for another 4 years we as AMERICANS can KISS OUR ASSES GOODBYE….THEN WE WILL NEED TO GIVE OUR HEARTS TO GOD…… TRUMP 2020

  7. Major Robert D Cole USA-Ret says:

    I live in Florida, and our Governor has had to issue orders requiring plane passengers fleeing here from New York, New Jersey, and Conneticut, as well as those driving here from Louisiana, to self-quaranteen for two weeks. State Troopers are meeting planes and are stopping cars as they cross the State line. These people have no regard for the people who live in Florida year around.

  8. George W. says:

    I am still voting for Trump and nothing on earth is going to change my mind, PERIOD!

  9. truthistruth says:

    President Donald Trump, who has been regularly dishonest and inaccurate in his remarks about the coronavirus crisis, delivered another series of false and misleading claims at the White House coronavirus briefing on Thursday, March 26, 2020.
    Here are five:
    1. Trump denounced “the fake news” for a report that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee had clashed with him on a Thursday phone call and had told him that “we need Tom Brady” in securing critical medical equipment rather than the “backup” Trump had pledged to be. The reporting on this exchange was not “fake news.” Trump himself confirmed that Inslee did utter the “Tom Brady” quote, as did Inslee implicitly
    2. Trump repeated his previous claim that “this was something (COVID19
    crisis) that nobody has ever thought could happen to this country.” He added, “Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened.” This is false. The US intelligence community and public health experts had warned for years that the country was at risk from a pandemic. Experts had also warned that the country would face shortages of critical medical equipment, such as ventilators, if a pandemic occurred.
    3. Trump said, “We have to open up. We can’t say, ‘Let’s close.’ People
    don’t want to close.” He also said, “People want to go back to work. I’m hearing it loud and clear from everybody.” He added, “This is the United States of America. They don’t want to sit around and wait.” This is false.
    A Pew Research poll released on Thursday found that large majorities of Americans say the closure of businesses, schools and entertainment activities was necessary to address the pandemic. A Fox News poll conducted March 21-24 found that 75% of the 1,011 registered voters surveyed supported a national “stay-in-place” order for everyone other than essential workers.
    4. Trump repeated his regular claim that the trade deficit with China used to
    be $500 billion, saying, “$500 billion a year they were taking out. False,
    there has never been a $500 billion trade deficit with China. The 2018
    deficit was about $381 billion when counting goods and services.
    5. Trump repeated another regular claim about trade and China: “They’re
    paying us a lot of money in tariffs and other things. They never paid us
    10 cents.” Study after study has shown that Americans are bearing the
    cost of the tariffs; Americans make the actual tariff payments. That aside,
    it’s not true that the Treasury has never received “10 cents” from tariffs
    on China. The US has had tariffs on China for more than two centuries;

  10. Will says:

    Anglo A ,,, I believe you have said it all !!!

  11. AngloAmerican says:

    Robert is proof that 1 in 3 LIBERALS , are just as STUPID , PARTISAN and INEPT , as the OTHER 2 !!

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