Donald Trump filed a lawsuit to stop this book from seeing the light of day

Donald Trump’s re-election effort is taking fire from all sides.

Now the President is about to get stabbed in the back by a former top aide.

And that’s why Donald Trump filed a lawsuit to stop this book from seeing the light of day.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit to block publication of former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Trump fired Bolton last summer because Bolton refused to support the President’s “America First” foreign policy agenda.

Now Bolton is out for revenge by publishing a gossip-filled book just months before the Presidential election.

Speaking to reporters, the President blasted Bolton for being a snake by publishing a book critical of Trump after Trump brought him back into a high profile role in Washington, D.C.

“I gave him a break. He couldn’t get Senate-confirmed. He was never Senate-confirmed the first time. I don’t think he’s supposed to even be calling himself an ambassador because he couldn’t get Senate-confirmed,” Trump stated.

“He stayed for a short while, and I felt that it was not appropriate that he stay any longer. I wasn’t impressed,” Trump added.

President Trump then claimed he considered his conversations with former National Security Advisor Bolton to be classified and that Bolton was violating the law by publishing a book describing what Bolton and the President talked about.

“So that would mean that if he wrote a book and if the — the book gets out, he’s broken the law. And I would think that he would have criminal problems,” the President added.

Those comments were a prelude to the Justice Department filing a lawsuit to stop publication claiming Bolton violated a nondisclosure agreement.

But even if the President succeeds in blocking Bolton’s book from seeing the light of day Bolton will still likely blab all he wants to the Fake News Media.

And this Sunday night, ABC news is running a primetime special where Bolton will spill his guts to anchor Martha Raddatz.

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23 Responses

  1. Orrie says:

    The problem with the Democrats lies deep within their souls. They hate and attack anyone out of pure envy. President Trump has been their target even before he decided to run for President. Trump understood what the Democrats were doing to America even as a young man. Now that he is the President and has revealed the sinister agenda of the liberal left and has taken steps turn things around for America the Democrats are angry as hell. They are no longer in charge and cannot do business as usual and this has made them see red with jealousy and hatred.

  2. Granny says:

    I feel sorry for the Democrats. It amazes me the ignorance they have. I am from the South and it really turns me against those closing my future family from their history. Robt. E Lee for instance. HE is part of MY history. My original bio family were from Va. all the way back to England. I have known since small child Lee’s history – a part of my family. Tear statue down???
    I so Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Omar the other 2 low functioning females in the House. THINK PEOPLE with your heart – hmm maybe that is what you are doing – thinking with wicked heart

  3. Dave Buchner says:

    Its hilarious how the idiots on here wonder why we voted for Trump because of his past when they all voted for Clinton. Like the Clintons have no questionable past. WTF?
    I guess just chalk it up to being ill informed, and generally stupid. Democrats are just low IQ people.

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