Donald Trump filed a lawsuit to stop this book from seeing the light of day

Donald Trump’s re-election effort is taking fire from all sides.

Now the President is about to get stabbed in the back by a former top aide.

And that’s why Donald Trump filed a lawsuit to stop this book from seeing the light of day.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit to block publication of former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Trump fired Bolton last summer because Bolton refused to support the President’s “America First” foreign policy agenda.

Now Bolton is out for revenge by publishing a gossip-filled book just months before the Presidential election.

Speaking to reporters, the President blasted Bolton for being a snake by publishing a book critical of Trump after Trump brought him back into a high profile role in Washington, D.C.

“I gave him a break. He couldn’t get Senate-confirmed. He was never Senate-confirmed the first time. I don’t think he’s supposed to even be calling himself an ambassador because he couldn’t get Senate-confirmed,” Trump stated.

“He stayed for a short while, and I felt that it was not appropriate that he stay any longer. I wasn’t impressed,” Trump added.

President Trump then claimed he considered his conversations with former National Security Advisor Bolton to be classified and that Bolton was violating the law by publishing a book describing what Bolton and the President talked about.

“So that would mean that if he wrote a book and if the — the book gets out, he’s broken the law. And I would think that he would have criminal problems,” the President added.

Those comments were a prelude to the Justice Department filing a lawsuit to stop publication claiming Bolton violated a nondisclosure agreement.

But even if the President succeeds in blocking Bolton’s book from seeing the light of day Bolton will still likely blab all he wants to the Fake News Media.

And this Sunday night, ABC news is running a primetime special where Bolton will spill his guts to anchor Martha Raddatz.

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23 Responses

  1. Steve D says:

    Wake up yourself Roland the reason people like him is because he is fighting to preserve the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the rule of law which has been high jacked by the CCP, Globalist, deep state cabal and the reason they don’t like him is because he is trying to prosecute them for the crimes they continue to commit. and your hate is a tool of the devil.

  2. FluffyPillowFive says:

    What people on the left, and even posters on here, can’t seem to grasp is that Trump supporters don’t worship Trump or even think he’s that nice a guy. And we certainly are not in denial about his lying, and his thin skin.
    However, Trump has done a pretty good job with the economy bringing us back from the mess of the previous administration, and Trump has fulfilled most of his campaign promises. If you contrast that to what the democrats are offering the choice is clear. Biden is a joke, and you are most certainly a liar if you claim Biden can handle the job of president. You just need to watch him on camera for 30 seconds to see Biden is in no shape to lead this country.
    And, seeing what the house democrats + the Obama plants in the FBI have tried to do to this administration shows Americans what the democrat party has become.

  3. Bolton is a Lunatic WAR MONGER that was a danger to ALL Americans !!

  4. Sandra says:

    This President created. more jobs for Americans than previous Presidents. Got rid of Pacts, Deals and lastly donation of 450m that drained the American tax payer by revealing their hypocrisy, stood upto rogue nations, clamped down on unfair trade deals, and did more for minorities than politicians who are of different ethnic origin. To say that he inherited a heap of problems caused by previous administrations is an understatment. Reading previous tweets I see a lot of hate for this human being who has stood out as one of the best leaders of the free world.

  5. Sandra says:

    Bolton tried to ‘save face’ so he resigned because if he hung on he was going to be sacked. He comes across as a vengeful and vindictive person only concerned about his own need for revenge and he talks of Donald Trump as someone who thinks of himself. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. roland genereux says:

    As Marine has reportedly stated “I don’t know why on earth Trump ever had any supporters knowing his past. There is no excuse and there is no excuse today. Wake up America wake up. The only reason that this uneducated unfit orange clown has any supporters is because his base define themselves behind such a deplorable and disgusting thing who invokes Hate, Violence, Division and Racism. There is no excuse and there is no excuse now. Wake up America wake up.”

  7. Patricia says:

    For someone who “doesn’t know what he is doing” President Trump sure has accomplished quite remarkable things for our country. And jkryanspark you really should not slander people you do not know! You betcha I am now a Conservative because of the actions and inactions of Liberals. I keep noticing that you guys never seen to acknowledge wrongs, and there are many, done by any Liberal….where as I and all the Conservatives I know will call a Republican out in a heartbeat if warranted! I expect politicians from all parties to make mistakes on occasion.. they are just human! How one deals with it is what can separate the good from the bad! Comparing accomplishments from President Trump’s 3-1/2 yrs to past administrations with 8 years, both parties by the way, showed me all I need to know….

  8. Sandra says:

    Why wasn’t my tweet posted. Was it too close to the truth

  9. jkryanspark says:

    @Scott27 Trump supporters are childish and child-like. Their minds are frozen in whatever abuse or trauma that caused their arrested development. Children are unable to see nuance. They think in stick figures and black and white which is why everybody who speaks out against their surrogate daddy, Donald Trump, is a threat to their integrity. I see this repeatedly on the many right wing sites in which I encounter these nursery schoolers.

  10. jkryanspark says:

    @ marvin I hope you realize you’re not talking to sane people? There’s something so wrong with Trump supporting idiots that it’ll require a new classification of mental illness.

    Trump claims Bolton is lying.
    Trump claims Bolton’s claims are illegally revealing classified information.
    Question: How can lies be classified information?

    Trump has engaged in some of the most insane and immoral acts in the history of America, but these revelations place him in a class of degeneracy that boggles the mind. Thankfully, his four years are soon to be over, and he will not be reelected. He’s free falling in all polls and between the climbing Covid death tallies, Bolton’s revelations, and the next tell all book by his niece, Mary, Trump is meat.

  11. marvin says:

    First of all Bolton didn’t get fired. He resigned. That is a fact. I have no problem with you all being Trump supporters. We live in a democracy. But please explain to me why the following four people who Trump hailed as the best in the business, have all publicly called him out as a “moron, ” ‘inept” “no under standing of the world” “only does what’s best for him, not the country” . I am talking about Tillerson, Mathis, Kelly and Bolton. Doesn’t it bother you in the least that they many be right? Surprise me and let this comment go through.

  12. It’s Treason .
    Arrest him and Convict.

  13. Scott27 says:

    Abraham… no, you’re not voting for jorgensen. You may put it on your ballot, but a vote for jorgensen is a vote for trump.

    And, please someone explain to me why when someone is honest, it’s “stabbing” trump in the back? Really?

  14. Cliff says:

    ANY disclosure of confidential dialog that occurred between bolton and PRESIDENT TRUMP can be considered TREASON. This is no more than an attempt at revenge for getting CANNED.

  15. Sima M Schwartz says:

    This Poll’s results show that many people are reading about wrong choice to announce publicly private communicating with the President, and a probability of not Truthfull reason for being fired. At the time of openly violence activities against Republicans, organized really professional way, such an interview with ABC I consider not appropriate! Poll results show that most of readers share my opinion.

  16. Abraham says:

    Trump is a serious danger. Many of his top aides have been sounding the warning for almost 4yrs. Y’all don’t wanna listen. Every time someone has the guts to speak out, they get fired so Donald can label them a “loser”, “zero” “failure” etc.

    WAKE UP!!!!

    Biden and Trump are a danger to national

    I’m voting Jo Jorgensen.

  17. nanci noesen says:

    Bolton is a lifelong republican who quit his job with trump because trump has no idea what he is cant have a book of lies also be classified



  19. JOAN B says:

    well the president must have fired him and could not fine a job so here come the trash

  20. Stevo says:

    Bolton is just a complicit criminal liberal puke like ALL the liberals in the world !

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