Donald Trump faced one scary rape allegation that will turn everything upside down

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U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Left emptied its arsenal in the last eight years coming after Donald Trump.

Democrats saved their ugliest attacks for last.

And Donald Trump faced one scary rape allegation that will turn everything upside down.

New anti-Trump movie premieres

Actor Sebastian Stan – best known for starring as Bucky Barnes in the Avengers movies – portrays former President Donald Trump in The Apprentice, a film directed by Ali Abbassi and written by radical left-wing journalist Gabriel Sherman.

The Apprentice chronicles Trump’s relationship with lawyer Roy Cohen in the late 70s and 1980s during his rise to the top of the New York real estate industry.

The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival where the Hollywood elite gave it a standing ovation.

But every movie gets a standing ovation at Cannes as industry insiders always try to make the stars and directors who attend feel good about screening their films.

Actual reviewers were far less kind.

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw slammed the film as presenting a “cartoon version” of Trump’s formative business years.

Bradshaw also ripped the film for resorting to tired tropes.

‘It’s basically a far less original picture, its ambience borrowed from Scorsese and Coppola – with Donald’s deadbeat elder brother Fred even getting a ‘Fredo’ scene where he gets embarrassingly, tearfully drunk at a big event, like the loser he is,” Bradshaw stated.

‘And like so many film-makers these days, Abbasi will keep swooning over the picturesque sleaze of 70s New York,” Bradshaw’s review added.

Indiewire agreed that the film didn’t break any new ground and would just be grist for those who already hate Trump.

“The trouble is that Abbasi is still possessed with a morbid curiosity about his subject that most Americans have lost the ability to muster after spending eight years studying a Times Square caricature of a person more closely than any painting in the Louvre,” the review read.

Trouble surrounding the film

Former Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder helped put up money for the film and is now trying to stop its release.

Snyder – who supported Trump and donated to his inauguration – is reportedly furious about the portrayal of Trump in the movie.

“Sources say Snyder … put money into the film via Kinematics because he was under the impression that it was a flattering portrayal of the 45th president,” Variety’s Tatiana Siegel reported. “Snyder finally saw a cut of the film in February and was said to be furious.”

One of the major issues is a scene in the film that depicts Trump raping his former wife Ivana Trump, an allegation she made decades ago but later retracted in 2015.

Snyder wanted this and other changes and is now issuing a cease-and-desist letter to stop the film’s release.

“Sources familiar with the back and forth say Snyder took issue with multiple aspects of the film and weighed in on what should be changed,” Siegel’s report continued.

Hollywood was always going to do its part to try and stop Trump’s return to the White House.

But no one knew movie producers would stoop so low as to include false rape allegations against Trump in a film.

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