Donald Trump dropped the hammer on one RINO traitor for this massive betrayal

Donald Trump is not happy.

And he just let everyone know it.

Because Donald Trump dropped the hammer on one RINO traitor for this massive betrayal.

Donald Trump slammed anti-gun RINO John Cornyn for selling out to gun grabbers on legislation to ban and confiscate firearms from law-abiding American citizens.

Trump blasted Cornyn’s gun grab as the first step towards confiscating every firearm in America.

“The deal on ‘Gun Control’ currently being structured and pushed in the Senate by the Radical Left Democrats, with the help of Mitch McConnell, RINO Senator John Cornyn of Texas, and others, will go down in history as the first step in the movement to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY,” Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. “Republicans, be careful what you wish for!!!”

Trump channeled the fury of the same conservative base who booed John Cornyn when he spoke before the Texas Republican conference.

“I’m committed to getting a result here. And I understand that some people are unwilling to listen,” Cornyn responded to reporters who asked him about Republicans booing him. “I was there to explain my position and why I believed it would not jeopardize Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. And some people didn’t want to hear about it.”

Cornyn then falsely claimed anyone who opposed banning and confiscating firearms from law-abiding American citizens supported mass shootings.

“There are a lot of people who say: ‘do something’. And I think doing nothing to them would be a terrible disappointment,” Cornyn declared. “I don’t think any parent should have to fear for the safety of their child at school. And I don’t think any child should be afraid to go to school.”

But John Cornyn later admitted that Donald Trump was right about him supporting more gun control down the line.

Cornyn told reporters that after this gun control law failed to prevent tragedies in schools – and gun control will fail because gun control does not work – he and his fellow gun grabbers would pass new laws to ban and confiscate even more firearms from the American people.

POLITICO exclusively reported:

Cornyn didn’t rule out the possibility of revisiting the issue if circumstances require it. And senators in both parties suggested that additional congressional action will likely depend on the circumstances surrounding future tragedies.

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