Donald Trump destroyed James Comey with just two tweets

Former FBI Director James Comey was riding high.

The media lavished fawning coverage over the release of his new book.

But that all ended when President Trump destroyed him with just two tweets.

Comey’s book fell flat on a number of fronts.

In fact, it even vindicated Trump when Comey said his behavior was legal and that he had no idea if he obstructed justice.

But the media played up the personal attacks Comey hurled at Trump about his ethics and leadership style, which Comey compared to a “mob boss.”

Trump fired back and blasted Comey as a liar.

He also pointed out the media and Democrat hypocrites who ripped Comey for costing Hillary the election, but now are offering him a warm embrace because he has morphed in to an anti-Trump “resistance” figure.

That should send Comey running for cover.

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37 Responses

  1. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  2. Jeffrey J. Hill says:

    Comey was a c-l-o-w-n. A n-e-w sheriff in town and he’s where he belongs…. Which is as a footnote in the Donald Trump saga.

  3. Michael says:

    Comey is a gutless liar who only talks to Trump hater networks like CNN & CNBC… He’s afraid to talk to someone who might ask him honest questions about his incompetence! He is a Piece of CRAP!

  4. Based on what I’ve seen and read this man couldn’t put two words together to complete a sentence. The nature and content of his book is very shallow.

  5. Alan says:

    Bill Clinton (slick Willie) had affairs from when he was a district attorney including in the oval office when he was president. Why wasn’t there any special counsel appointed then? The special counsel would found a ton of evidence. Democrats aren’t held accountable for their violations but, should be.

    • cliff says:

      Welcome to the INFAMOUS PROVEN “double standard”. One set of “laws” for “ELITE” DEMOCOMMIUNISTS and RINOS, then the “other” set for the rest of us “common people”.

    • JeffreyJ Hill says:

      Only in America, Alan. But the fact that Demos are n-e-v-e-r held to the light is appeased by the fact that they are out-of-power. And hopefully the mid-terms won’t change that.

  6. Alan says:

    I would like to see Mueller give up on his investigation; because, he has found nothing yet. There is nothing out there: why else would Mueller look at things that happened over 10 years ago to fin d dirt on Trump: simple nothing out there. Clinton had affairs from when he was district attorney and did nothing. Mueller is wasting taxpayers money and should give up and resign. When Mueller resign it will be interesting to see how the left wingers react.

  7. I’m glad Comey is gone, the problem is that the other people, that are still there, still working against our president. When you get rid of one then two more pop up. It is so rigged in Washington, it is no wonder a person working for the people, can not get anything done. These people working against the president have an IQ of 0 and shouldn’t be their anyway. The big problem is the media, lying to us 24 hours a day. If the media could be controlled to honest reporting and fired if the didn’t, our country would be great again. You have to know when Putin sees the media, doing what they are doing, he just laughs at our government. I would like to take a lot of reporters, behind the barn and teach them, a lesson in ethics. They might do their jobs correctly then. There are a lot of Senators and House Representatives that should have the same treatment. Actually they should be tarred and feathered, like the old days, especially the one that are quitting, just when things start to work, the right way. They are jumping ship because they ran, on one platform and did the opposite, they are the ones that should be tarred and feathered. We have been woken to all the corruption, that is going on in Washington DC, now we need to get rid, of the liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans, that ran on a conservative ticket. that would be a great place to start.

  8. glenn blackwell says:

    This could become a trend. Sitting presidents that fire any investigator, prosecutor, or even judge that might incarcerate them.

    • Jeannie McCall says:

      Just keep on telling yourself that, little delusional snowflake! This Comey guy was incompetent from the start, and even the DEMONRATS wanted him fired UNTIL the time that Prez. Trump actually DID IT!! THEN THEY TURNED AROUND AND WANTED TO FIGHT OUR PRESIDENT because he actually FIRED COMEY for imcompetence!! Face it, the DemonRats are AGAINST EVERYTHING OUR PRESIDENT DOES, just to be ornery and contrary!! All because the murderous “Criminal Leader” KILLARY ROTTEN CLINTON didn’t win the election!!

      • Bender says:

        Haha just like rethugs did to Obama. Don’t be such a hypocrite

        • cliff says:

          NO ONE ever did anything to that flop-eared, half-black, GAY mooslime FRAUD “so-called president” and let him stomp all over the Constitution for 8 years. It was a “progressive” SUCK-FEST…. NOW times have changed for the BETTER and we have REAL commander in chief IN CHARGE instead of an “apologetic PU**SY that kisses communist dictators rear quarters.
          Get over it “king ruler”dictator OSCUMBAG the TREASONOUS TRAITOR IS GONE. (and still should be arrested and hanged) but as usual DEMOCOMMUNSTS will continue to “get away” with breaking the LAW due to the “double standards” they “enjoy”.

  9. Lon says:

    Trump has been spot on in everything he has done to date. And, one thing the Democrats are trying desperately to cover up by way of distractions is how he has turned around the economy from the dog days of Obama: Obama’s Economy After EIGHT years:
    Lowest home ownership in 51 years
    Lowest Labor Force Participation Rate since 1970’s
    Added 13 Million Americans to Food Stamps under Obama
    43 Million Americans living in poverty
    95 Million Americans out of the Labor Force
    One in five children in America go to bed hungry every night.
    Added $11 TRILLION to debt.
    First President EVER to NOT have had the GDP grow by at least 3%

    Trump’s Economy after ONE year:
    Unemployment at 17 year low
    1.7 Million Jobs Created
    African-American unemployment at 48 year low
    Food Stamp usage at 7 year low
    Home prices up 6%
    16 job-killing regulations abolished for every new regulation created
    2 quarters of GDP over 3% (Obama was first President EVER to NOT have hit 3% GDP growth)
    New record after new record closes of Dow
    Job-cut announcements lowest since 1990
    Manufacturing in the U.S. accelerated to best year in 20 years!
    Consumer confidence highest in 38 years!
    Treasury notes returning 2.8% first time since 2008
    Historic Middle Class tax relief
    Economy on fire!

  10. Bob Hunt says:

    It was my great honor to see Comey fired!

  11. Bender says:

    R u all Russian bots or r there really American citizens willing to kick American citizens out because they have a different opinion than u. Putin is so proud of u

  12. Rich Kenny says:

    Comey should not only have been fired, but should be prosecuted for the digressions he has perpetrated against the President and USA!!!! Look at his eyes… they show much deeper problems than is being recognized… he has a lot hiding behind those eyes….

  13. MARK says:


  14. Jerry says:

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! tRump has lied so often in his life that I can’t understand how anyone could ever believe him. The truth for him is whatever he is thinking at the moment. His calling Hillary crooked is also the pot calling the kettle black. If one checks his business backround one will find crooked is the perfect word for tRump.

    • cliff says:

      PLEASE “enlighten” us all of the lies that PRESIDENT TRUMP has “supposedly” told. I guess “progressive” LIBERALS like YOU, just CANNOT stand the fact that OUR PRESIDENT is NOT a “crooked politician” (like your “queen” hitlery) and has started to bring the country BACK to “WE the PEOPLE”, by actually KEEPING his campaign promises and would keep a lot MORE if the “elite” MORONS IN “GOVERNMENT” that are TERRIFIED he is RETURNING the stolen power BACK TO THE people WHERE It belongs AND removing IT FROM THE crooked “ELITES”.

      • Do you actually see yourself as a nincompoop or is it just your desire to show all USA, via your writing, that you are a nincompoop???…

        • cliff says:

          Where are the “LIES”PRESIDENT TRUMP TOLD? You are obviously a DEMOCOMMUNIST MORON by not “providing” the rest of us with your “evidence” of all the “supposed” LIES TOLD BY OUR PRESIDENT. Typical DEMOCOMMUNIST BLATHER.
          Go back to your “safe space” and leave the comments to adults.

    • J manahn says:

      you must be cut from that same block of wood!!

    • ernaldo says:

      How can you breathe with your pointed head so far up your exhaust port?

  15. Leo says:

    Maybe the American can be reimburse from all this B. S.

  16. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    Back your President – let him do his job – he has done some great thing so far……..

    Get rid of all of the people who are trying to bring him down (Politicians, News Media, Liberals, Anti-Trump People and Soros. .. We will be better off without them….

  17. Tom E. Gunn says:

    It’s a travesty that what was arguably one of the most trusted and respected organizations in the government has been brought into disrepute through the actions of blatant political sell-outs like Comey, Mueller, and McCabe. Even worse is that there are so many so-called loyal Americans in Congress who will protect them simply in order to cover heir own miserable asses in order to maintain power. And that applies to both Party members! They would abet in this Nations destruction rather than “man up” and do what they know full-well they should do, and what they swore an oath to do. There aren’t enough Orkin men in the U.S. to eliminate the vermin in festing Congress.

    • cliff says:

      Your post is absolutely TRUE , as seen by the members of “BOTH PARTIES” that are NOT seeking re-election and bailing like RATS off a sinking ship, more than likely to attempt to keep what MONEY they have STOLEN from the AMERICAN PEOPLE and get away while they still can, in case THEY might be “investigated” and their CORRUPTION brought to light of day.
      The “excuses” of “why” they are Quitting are coming out right and left.

    • David S says:

      RIGHT ON!

    • GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

      Hi Tom,
      You’re on the right track -you forgot some -Rosenstein and the two traitors of the Vietnam War: John “Songbird” McCain and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda… These are proven facts….

  18. Mike H says:

    He never did his job like he was supposed to. How could anybody with all the evidence allow Hillary to walk after the damage that she caused. Can you imagine if a Republican did even a portion of what she did . Or even Obama for that matter. The media would’ve went wild.

  19. JLM says:

    Trump should have fired comey in lesds than one week after the inauguration.

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