Donald Trump destroyed James Comey with just two tweets

Former FBI Director James Comey was riding high.

The media lavished fawning coverage over the release of his new book.

But that all ended when President Trump destroyed him with just two tweets.

Comey’s book fell flat on a number of fronts.

In fact, it even vindicated Trump when Comey said his behavior was legal and that he had no idea if he obstructed justice.

But the media played up the personal attacks Comey hurled at Trump about his ethics and leadership style, which Comey compared to a “mob boss.”

Trump fired back and blasted Comey as a liar.

He also pointed out the media and Democrat hypocrites who ripped Comey for costing Hillary the election, but now are offering him a warm embrace because he has morphed in to an anti-Trump “resistance” figure.

That should send Comey running for cover.

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