Donald Trump couldn’t believe the results of this new poll from the biggest swing state

The polls in battleground states are tightening.

And now all hell is breaking loose in the 2020 election.

That’s because Donald Trump couldn’t believe the results of this new poll from the biggest swing state.

Every four years, the most closely watched swing state on the map is Florida.

Whoever carries Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes stands a strong chance of winning the election.

The latest polling data out of Florida suggests the race will be as close as ever and that Donald Trump holds a surprising strength in his support.

NBC News reports:

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are deadlocked in the battleground of Florida eight weeks before Election Day, with ballots being mailed to state voters later this month, according to a new NBC News/Marist poll.

Trump and Biden both get the support of 48 percent of likely voters, with the president ahead among Latinos in the state, and Biden doing better with seniors than Hillary Clinton did four years ago.

Among a wider universe of all registered voters, it’s Trump 48 percent, Biden 47 percent.

In 2016, Donald Trump lost Latinos in Florida 62 to 35 percent.

Even with that deficit, Donald Trump won Florida over Clinton on the way to winning the Presidency.

But the NBC/Marist poll finds Donald Trump flipping his standing with Latinos by 30 points and leading Joe Biden 50 to 46 percent among likely Florida’s Latino voters.

The President’s strength with Latino voters is built on a massive lead with Cuban voters.

Cuban voters remember that Biden served in the Obama administration when Obama lifted the travel embargo on Cuba and cozied up the Castro regime.

And now Obama’s mistakes are propelling Trump to unprecedented strength with Latino voters.

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