Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw who betrayed him on impeachment

Democrats in the House of Representatives are inching closer toward impeaching President Trump.

The President’s ability to survive a Senate impeachment trial hinges on his ability to keep GOP Senators from breaking ranks.

But Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw who betrayed him on impeachment.

Republican Senators know rank-and-file Republicans realize these charges against Donald Trump are a hoax and that the Democrats and fake news media are just looking for any old excuse to impeach the President.

As long as that base support holds Donald Trump will win any impeachment fight.

But a brand new USA Today/Ipsos poll finds the fake news media’s lies and misinformation are taking root in a segment of the Republican Party.

Their polls finds 17 percent of Republicans support the Democrat run House of Representatives voting to impeach Donald Trump.

Marketwatch reports:

In a new sign of how support is growing for the impeachment effort launched last week, a poll out Thursday has found that 45% of Americans believe the House of Representatives should vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Some 38% of respondents to the USA Today/Ipsos survey said the House should not vote to impeach him, and 17% said they didn’t know.

Further, 44% of Americans think the Senate, which would be expected to hold a trial of the president after a House impeachment vote, should vote to convict Trump, while 35% said the Senate shouldn’t and 21% said they didn’t know, according to the poll.

The survey shows a noteworthy partisan split on the issue, with 74% of Democrats favoring a House vote to impeach Trump, compared with 17% of Republicans and 37% of independents.

If the number of Republicans continues to climb because they buy into the lies and hoaxes from the fake news media, Republican Senators may feel free to vote to remove Trump from office.

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96 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Randall clark, you are 100% correct. I do not believe these polls because they are being conducted by Democrats and therefore, they can not be believed. If a true polls was taken, it would reveal that most Americans do not believe the president has committed an impeachable offense; actually he has not and Shifty Schiff’s kangaroo court did not prove what Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff wanted it to. I say stop this impeachment crap and get on with helping the American people.

  2. Nick says:

    This second attempted coup is high treason and they should all be arrested. We accepted when that incompetent of Obama was elected, we didn’t like it but elections have consequences. These idiots must pay for what they are doing to this country. We are the laughing stock of the world…the democrats have brought America to the level of a 3rd world country.

  3. sanford paris says:

    “Impeach” is a term used by neurotic, radical liberals who don’t know what’s the fuss-what is happening! They’ll discover there’s a problem when they go to sit down and their chair is missing, or their brain, if they go, instead, to think.

  4. Franco says:


    Are you going to call him a LIAR TOO????
    Please blow it OUT your Rear Portals!!!!

  5. George says:

    Schiff’s Story Collapses: The Hill’s Solomon: Ukraine Reopened Burisma/Biden Investigation Five Months Before Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

  6. Nifongnation says:

    Time for a military coup against all card carrying Communists

  7. Karol Hancock says:

    Yes, you are right Nadine, it is in God’s prophesy in 2007 and 2012, given to us from Kim Clement and Mark Taylor. God said “Trump is MY man, he is a 2 term president. They will scream “impeach, impeach” and it will look as if they will impeach him, but it will NOT happen”. Polls can be twisted and/or miscounted. But God is in control of this election and President Trump was elected by the people. The Demonrats rigged the 1026 election and still God’s words held true and HIS man became President Trump. The 2020 election will be the same, God is still on HIS throne in Heaven and in control of this world, so never fear, your votes for President Trump will hold solid for his 2nd term. If you were surprised at what he has accomplished for America and her people during this 4 years, just wait till you see the next 4 years. God will not be defeated and neither will the President. We have been lied to so much in the past 25 years most do not know who or what to believe. You can “believe what our Heavenly Father says”. HE knows what is best for America and all of us, so go to the polls and vote for Donald J. Trump and rest assured we will be blessed for 4 more years. Pray for the President every chance you have. Can you imagine how demeaning and hurtful it is to a person to be lied on, cheated, having guards around you 24 hours, 7 days a week? Not knowing who is truly your friend, who wishes the best for you and your family or who wants you dead?” Are you one of those people causing that kind of fear and making the President wonder why people say unkind things about him or try to kill him when he is doing the very best he can to make life in America as perfect as possible for all of us?” He has lived with this for over 4 years and has harmed no one, he has worked night and day for the betterment of all Americans and has sincerely done a good job!!! He has sincerely kept some very hateful bad people from harming millions of Americans and yet to hear a thank you for his trouble. You all will find out soon just what he has done for all of us. And we owe our Creator and President a debt we could never repay. God said, “I have raised Donald Trump for such a time as this.” God knew the harm that was planned for us, so HE raised this President up to stop it. And the President left his comfortable safe home and life to answer God’s call to protect you and I and our families and country.” You will understand when the arrests and trials are finished. I hope you will be grateful enough to say “thank you”. God bless and protect our great nation and all of us.

  8. Nadine says:

    God has put Trump into office of POTUS just has he put Jeroboam into kingship in the book of Kings. God knows this country needs saving, our nation is in bad sinful ways and has turned away from God . Time is getting close for Christ’s return. Wake up people! Trump 2020!!

  9. Bob says:

    Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney are never Trumpers. That is why they are quick to believe anything negative about President Trump. Plus, Mitt Romney has issues with President Trump about him not selecting him to be in in his government, or to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Mitt Romney does not want any investigation of the corruption that went on in the Ukraine because one of his top political advisers works for Burisma, the Ukraine energy company that Biden’s son worked for and was paid an outlandish salary without any qualifications in energy. Romney should be investigated also, just to see what extent he is involved. Maybe he is getting kickbacks.

  10. Bob says:

    What law did President Trump break by being on the phone to a foreign head-of-state? It is the president’s job to converse with heads-of-state. If everyone would read the entire transcript of the phone call, they would see that Democrats are cherry picking it to mean something other than what it really was. This crap about him trying to get the Ukraine government to investigate Biden so that it will kill his chances of winning an election is pure fiction. The president is not a political person, unlike Biden, and does not think this way. The president is only interested in illegal activities of the Obama Administration and who started this Russian Collusion scam, why they started it, and when they started it? It appears Obama is tied up in this very much and that means Biden must also be involved. No president should have to go through what President Trump has gone through. That is why an investigation must be performed so preventive measures can be developed.

  11. Dr. J.D. says:

    No, I was not. I indicated that most of you read up and talk and post about the issues, and so my assessment is that you are far better informed than the general public. Just you reading and participating in this website sets you above and apart of the general public who most often does not read about issues or discusses them. Most of you appear to be very active about politics, and my guess is that you vote in high numbers. The general public, though, has an extremely low rate of voting compared to other democracies. I don’t know how you got an insult out of what I wrote.

  12. ABC says:

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    Like many of you Republicans are trying to spin or excuse this. Even Carlson recognizes that Trump broke the law.

  13. 2004done says:

    But you clicked to find out … mission accomplished! (I read it 2x, you were more aware than I) I guess it was ALL Repub Srnators?

  14. Bob says:

    Randall clark, you are 100% correct. Polls can not be believed because, as you said, polls predicted Hillary would win election over President Trump in 2016 by a landslide. Democrats still can not believe Hillary lost and they live by polls. I learned in a Public Relations class, in college, that polls can be easily be manipulated to achieve a predetermined result. It all depends on what and how the questions are asked. To KAG (Keep America Great), just vote for our great President Trump in 2020.

  15. Pat says:

    These polls are also heavily weighted toward the Democrats.

  16. Pat says:

    Are you insinuating that most of us are stupid, arrogant a**?

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