Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw who betrayed him on impeachment

Democrats in the House of Representatives are inching closer toward impeaching President Trump.

The President’s ability to survive a Senate impeachment trial hinges on his ability to keep GOP Senators from breaking ranks.

But Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw who betrayed him on impeachment.

Republican Senators know rank-and-file Republicans realize these charges against Donald Trump are a hoax and that the Democrats and fake news media are just looking for any old excuse to impeach the President.

As long as that base support holds Donald Trump will win any impeachment fight.

But a brand new USA Today/Ipsos poll finds the fake news media’s lies and misinformation are taking root in a segment of the Republican Party.

Their polls finds 17 percent of Republicans support the Democrat run House of Representatives voting to impeach Donald Trump.

Marketwatch reports:

In a new sign of how support is growing for the impeachment effort launched last week, a poll out Thursday has found that 45% of Americans believe the House of Representatives should vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Some 38% of respondents to the USA Today/Ipsos survey said the House should not vote to impeach him, and 17% said they didn’t know.

Further, 44% of Americans think the Senate, which would be expected to hold a trial of the president after a House impeachment vote, should vote to convict Trump, while 35% said the Senate shouldn’t and 21% said they didn’t know, according to the poll.

The survey shows a noteworthy partisan split on the issue, with 74% of Democrats favoring a House vote to impeach Trump, compared with 17% of Republicans and 37% of independents.

If the number of Republicans continues to climb because they buy into the lies and hoaxes from the fake news media, Republican Senators may feel free to vote to remove Trump from office.


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96 Responses

  1. sanford paris says:

    “Impeach” is a term used by neurotic, radical liberals who don’t know what’s the fuss-what is happening! They’ll discover there’s a problem when they go to sit down and their chair is missing, or their brain, if they go, instead, to think.

  2. Nadine says:

    God has put Trump into office of POTUS just has he put Jeroboam into kingship in the book of Kings. God knows this country needs saving, our nation is in bad sinful ways and has turned away from God . Time is getting close for Christ’s return. Wake up people! Trump 2020!!

    • Karol Hancock says:

      Yes, you are right Nadine, it is in God’s prophesy in 2007 and 2012, given to us from Kim Clement and Mark Taylor. God said “Trump is MY man, he is a 2 term president. They will scream “impeach, impeach” and it will look as if they will impeach him, but it will NOT happen”. Polls can be twisted and/or miscounted. But God is in control of this election and President Trump was elected by the people. The Demonrats rigged the 1026 election and still God’s words held true and HIS man became President Trump. The 2020 election will be the same, God is still on HIS throne in Heaven and in control of this world, so never fear, your votes for President Trump will hold solid for his 2nd term. If you were surprised at what he has accomplished for America and her people during this 4 years, just wait till you see the next 4 years. God will not be defeated and neither will the President. We have been lied to so much in the past 25 years most do not know who or what to believe. You can “believe what our Heavenly Father says”. HE knows what is best for America and all of us, so go to the polls and vote for Donald J. Trump and rest assured we will be blessed for 4 more years. Pray for the President every chance you have. Can you imagine how demeaning and hurtful it is to a person to be lied on, cheated, having guards around you 24 hours, 7 days a week? Not knowing who is truly your friend, who wishes the best for you and your family or who wants you dead?” Are you one of those people causing that kind of fear and making the President wonder why people say unkind things about him or try to kill him when he is doing the very best he can to make life in America as perfect as possible for all of us?” He has lived with this for over 4 years and has harmed no one, he has worked night and day for the betterment of all Americans and has sincerely done a good job!!! He has sincerely kept some very hateful bad people from harming millions of Americans and yet to hear a thank you for his trouble. You all will find out soon just what he has done for all of us. And we owe our Creator and President a debt we could never repay. God said, “I have raised Donald Trump for such a time as this.” God knew the harm that was planned for us, so HE raised this President up to stop it. And the President left his comfortable safe home and life to answer God’s call to protect you and I and our families and country.” You will understand when the arrests and trials are finished. I hope you will be grateful enough to say “thank you”. God bless and protect our great nation and all of us.

    • Nifongnation says:

      Time for a military coup against all card carrying Communists

      • Nick says:

        This second attempted coup is high treason and they should all be arrested. We accepted when that incompetent of Obama was elected, we didn’t like it but elections have consequences. These idiots must pay for what they are doing to this country. We are the laughing stock of the world…the democrats have brought America to the level of a 3rd world country.

    • Franco says:


      Are you going to call him a LIAR TOO????
      Please blow it OUT your Rear Portals!!!!

  3. ABC says:

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    Like many of you Republicans are trying to spin or excuse this. Even Carlson recognizes that Trump broke the law.

    • Bob says:

      What law did President Trump break by being on the phone to a foreign head-of-state? It is the president’s job to converse with heads-of-state. If everyone would read the entire transcript of the phone call, they would see that Democrats are cherry picking it to mean something other than what it really was. This crap about him trying to get the Ukraine government to investigate Biden so that it will kill his chances of winning an election is pure fiction. The president is not a political person, unlike Biden, and does not think this way. The president is only interested in illegal activities of the Obama Administration and who started this Russian Collusion scam, why they started it, and when they started it? It appears Obama is tied up in this very much and that means Biden must also be involved. No president should have to go through what President Trump has gone through. That is why an investigation must be performed so preventive measures can be developed.

    • George says:

      Schiff’s Story Collapses: The Hill’s Solomon: Ukraine Reopened Burisma/Biden Investigation Five Months Before Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

  4. Rich says:


  5. Tim says:

    Boo hoo anti Trumpers.

  6. James says:

    Boo hoo anti Trumpers. 4 More years!

  7. Randall clark says:


    • Arthur. J. says:

      Great commit.WWG1WGA.

    • Bob says:

      Randall clark, you are 100% correct. Polls can not be believed because, as you said, polls predicted Hillary would win election over President Trump in 2016 by a landslide. Democrats still can not believe Hillary lost and they live by polls. I learned in a Public Relations class, in college, that polls can be easily be manipulated to achieve a predetermined result. It all depends on what and how the questions are asked. To KAG (Keep America Great), just vote for our great President Trump in 2020.

    • Bob says:

      Randall clark, you are 100% correct. I do not believe these polls because they are being conducted by Democrats and therefore, they can not be believed. If a true polls was taken, it would reveal that most Americans do not believe the president has committed an impeachable offense; actually he has not and Shifty Schiff’s kangaroo court did not prove what Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff wanted it to. I say stop this impeachment crap and get on with helping the American people.

  8. The media copycats will continually classify the Biden family’s behavior as dirt, while it rises to the level of corruption and other crimes. What does the fired prosecutor have on them? Get past that and you see this for what it is. Trump seeking justice.

  9. Dr. J.D. says:

    Even though I quote polls often on Patriot Pulse, as a researcher, I find this poll quoted to be highly questionable, if not meaningless. I give my reason in below (at end) in a response to the Real M.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      One thing I forgot to add, having developed and conducted polls for years, is the important axiom that most researchers know: HOW you ask the question greatly frames the answer and can change it completely. That is why we spent a great deal of time learning some of the ways to frame a question as neutral as possible. My point on this poll is . . . since the vast majority of people do not understand the terms and concepts of “impeach” or “Senate proceedings,” then how could their answers be meaningful?

      • Pat says:

        Are you insinuating that most of us are stupid, arrogant a**?

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          No, I was not. I indicated that most of you read up and talk and post about the issues, and so my assessment is that you are far better informed than the general public. Just you reading and participating in this website sets you above and apart of the general public who most often does not read about issues or discusses them. Most of you appear to be very active about politics, and my guess is that you vote in high numbers. The general public, though, has an extremely low rate of voting compared to other democracies. I don’t know how you got an insult out of what I wrote.

  10. Mary Chances says:

    If any Rebub senators vote to impeach. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE

  11. Vote in the Nov 2020 election, right now run America, and stop the fighting…

  12. Buffy says:

    I read that Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse are 2 of the Senators. Both are RINO’s.

    • Roger says:

      Why would republican senators believe the media’s lies, can’t they read?

      • Bob says:

        Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney are never Trumpers. That is why they are quick to believe anything negative about President Trump. Plus, Mitt Romney has issues with President Trump about him not selecting him to be in in his government, or to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Mitt Romney does not want any investigation of the corruption that went on in the Ukraine because one of his top political advisers works for Burisma, the Ukraine energy company that Biden’s son worked for and was paid an outlandish salary without any qualifications in energy. Romney should be investigated also, just to see what extent he is involved. Maybe he is getting kickbacks.

  13. Stephen Norman says:

    Well, i believe the poll mentioned is a crock of schiff.
    But saying that, there sure seem to be a lot of demoloons and friends who ‘hate’ trump.
    Im not sure what trump ever did to them, but the loons i see only get news from their cellphones, so that is mostly their problem.

    • Michael says:

      It’s very clear why most dems and some republicans hate our president. You see he is real obstacle for them to keep getting pay offs from different lobbing sources and even foreign government officials. That’s called draining the swamp. Most politicians are corrupted to their bones and Mr. Trump is outsider and he is a real American patriot trying to do only the best to benefit his country and the real functional working Americans.

  14. Frank says:

    You never said who betrayed him.

  15. Lyudmila says:

    It doesn’t matter how they vote, it matters who counts. Do not believe these calculations – lies

  16. Eva Davis says:

    Leave my president alone he’s helping you ungrateful people to save this country from evil people who want your land, your homes, your jobs and your lives…

    • Mary says:

      I am WITH you Eva Trump 2020 !!!!!

    • Sandra Burritt says:

      Totally agree Eva

    • A.J. P says:

      The democrats are trying to create a party that rules. It appears that they have lost their minds. Then we have a few republicans like Romney who is full of envy, that are as corrupt as the democrats. This is the reason why they want to take away the guns. But, our founding fathers were well aware of what happens when leaders become totally corrupt.

  17. Desert Fox says:

    Anoth fake news banner to make you read another article without information … Where is the name of the person who betrayed Trump. Prehaps the writer should go back to school and learn the basics of reporting.
    The who, what, where, when, and why of good reporting. I guess this reporting could get a job with CNN.

  18. Nazim says:

    I agree with all of you except the stupid dem who believe the polls that dem took. Romney is bitter and ungrateful. He is just mad he didn’t win and here comes along a man who was not a politician but who really has a brain. I prayed every day for him and ask God to get those evil bastards away from him. My kids and my family loves him and that’s all I care about. He will left a legacy of the greatest President ever unlike obama who left a legacy of the worst president in history. I don’t know who thinks that man can run this beautiful. Our President have to repair the damages that fool created

  19. Bruce says:

    If the LEFT is impeaching POTUS based on a lie you would THINK the president of the United States could legally put them all in jail. Nevertheless they won’t take him out of the oval office and trying to do so by impeaching him on false pretenses by impeachment, Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020 in my view.????????????????????????

    • AlexB says:

      Impeach ment is based on the fact provided by “constant genius” in the transcript of his conversation with the President of Ukraine, and released by White House. He is hoisted with his own petard.

    • Mysty says:


    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      There’s no lie here as to what Trump said on the transcript. Now all the texts being released showing how he’s been having people working in the background to get dirt on Biden via Ukraine. He’s was willing to release the transcript because he knows you don’t read “mob-speak’. AlexB, you got it right!

  20. Bender says:

    The Senators should wait till they hear and see the evidence before they decide or they are putting party before country. They took oath to USA not gop.

  21. Mike Duckett says:

    The cookie jar comment is funny,I have been responding to the Dems web sites, telling them about losing the ball game, get n mad and going home with the ball,they are losers,maga,kaga,2020 reelection!!!!

    • irma says:

      The media is the worst thing we have in this beatiful country. They just to eat drink and sleep in the white house when obama was there, now because president trump did not share with them the. Same things, they hate him. Since obama was there we lost all the best in this country. Obama thanks to white people and latinos he was. President. But he is so ungrateful.

    • John says:

      Evil, liars ,double standards, hypocrites,propaganda, hateful, unimformed POS. That is just a few negative words to describe the pesty Demonrats character and some people still want to choose that over President Trump who has proven his success and care for all races…….go figure.

  22. Floyd B. says:

    USA Today is a far Left Wing organization and I don’t believe a damn thing they put out. These polls are phony. Just like one of their Sister Liberal papers, The Cincinnati Enquirer. They do a poll of 500 people out of 11.69 million and say
    “the majority favors such and such”. That is NOT a majority.

  23. Truckman says:

    these surveys are B/S the last one I saw was so bad off because they counted way more democrats than republications so we cannot pay any attention to them

  24. mary says:

    impeach schmeach. he hasn’t committed any crimes. such dims and libtards…..

    • Nazim says:

      All I can say is Democrats are just evil and it will come back to hunt those bastards
      President Trump will have the last laugh
      God is too great!

  25. Mike Flanagan says:

    Read it & weep you FK’n commies
    US and Ukraine Treaty doc 106-6, signed by then President Bill Clinton with then Senator Joe Biden voting to ratify contains the following:
    “The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state. I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.”


    • Archangel III says:

      Boom!!… Well said.

    • Mysty says:

      Mike Flanagan, THANK YOU!!!
      Now, SHUT UP, alex b. &all dems!!!

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      There wasn’t an investigation into Hunter Biden during the time he was at Burmisma. Father Joe was not too pleased that Hunter was doing busy with them…but Hunter was an adult, making his own (and sometimes not so good) decisions! Joe Biden and other European allies wanted the prosecutor Shokin fired because he was not actively fighting corruption in his own office and that of the country’s rulers. During this time there were active Ukrainian protesters against Shokin. But has there been any criminal charges against Hunter Biden regarding his association with Burmisma–such as made against Manafort??? So how does this treaty apply here since there are only hopeful “criminal matters” to be used politically ? Is Trump et al hoping for another “Trey Goudy investigation” (Benghanzi) that develops into nothingness but waste of time and money? Here’s an article that may interest you:

  26. james says:

    ”HOT TIP” These fools ain’t gonna do a G.D. thing to Trump . Trump will be in the white house in 2020 , and who ever he endorses will be there in 2024 and 2028 . Our country will remain ”THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE ” and you can bet your ass on it .

  27. SweetOlBob says:

    That should have happened last time, except for the bone heads who gave us Ocrazyo and the two muslim terrorist supporters !

  28. Connie Mays says:

    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Americans are very loath to the idea of impeachment, no matter who it is. Once elected, it’s very hard to unseat a President. Read your history. Besides, other than Nancy fans, nobody is ready to start impeachment.

  29. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I do not know who it was who conducted those polls, clearly a bunch of individuals who are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and who reside on a warped plane of existence and they went out and found others whose minds are just as deviant as theirs.

    • URopinions NE Myfacts says:

      Funny! ” clearly a bunch of individuals who are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and who reside on a warped plane of existence and they went out and found others whose minds are just as deviant as theirs” can perhaps be said of other groups who seem to thrive in “His” narcissism, crudeness, amorality, and general lack of knowledge leading to abuse of the U.S. Constitution. (btw, I don’t believe in polls, either)

  30. martin horn says:

    I am interested to learn who the lawyers are who will represent POTUS at the trial and in preparation for such ,Starting yesterday. T his is most important as was case of the trial of Bill Clinton after having been impeached by the House of Representatives.

  31. jake d says:

    First of all, all polls are BS. Second any “Republican” thate votes/ supports impeachment will not be reelected. Third impeachment in all likelihood would cause nationwide reactions they cannot imagine.

  32. jack says:

    so who is the one that blindsided him.

    • Allen Morgan says:

      No one in particular. The Mormon idiot Romney is behind the effort to lie about how many in the Senate will support Pelosi.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        I think the point Jack is trying to make is that this is not the first time that Patriot Pulse pulled a LSM tactic with an anonymous/unnamed source when you insinuate that you have the name of a particular person guilty of treason then name the culprit.

        You are correct though about Romney it does sound just like that Rat.

      • Put says:

        Somebody needs to tie a rope around Romney neck and drag him around the square until he knows for sure who’s side he is on

      • Mysty says:

        Does anyone think we could EVER trust a ROMNEY???? hitler’s favorite madman.
        He irritates me to no end with those stupid puppy expressions when he pees his pants & then tries to win his mommy’s good grace again. Like climbing on a chair to get the cookie jar down but breaks it. He blames the dog& puts on a stupid face hoping mommy will believe him.
        He used those ridiculous expressions all through his big…teeny, actually…run for pres. THANK GOD HE DIDN’T WIN. HIS OWN STATE DIDN’T SUPPORT HIM.

      • Will says:

        Yeah, Romney and some clown out of Nebraska so far
        It won`t happen , it might make it to the senate but will die on the floor

    • Pat says:

      Probably Mitt Romney. He can’t stand the fact that he lost the race for the presidency along with that other subversive, Paul Ryan. Ryan is now on the executive board of Fox News and is doing his best to unhinge the largely Conservative viewpoint. First point of business…hired Donna Brazille. Yes, the very woman who “fed” Hillary Clinton the DEBATE QUESTIONS prior to the Debate with Donald Trump. Now, they have that woman sitting on the panel of The Five program at 5 PM, M-F. Ryan certainly did NOT do President Trump any favors while he was Speaker of the house. Oh how tangled the democrats WEB of deception has become. Makes me sick!

      • SweetOlBob says:

        What makes ME sick are bullschiff pols like this one ! They must be taken in the basement of the DNC after a free beer party !
        Just like all the polls that insisted the pernicious, grasping, power hungry, Mrs. Clinton would win in a walk-away.
        They must be taken by idiots and printed by morons !

        • Mysty says:

          AGREED!!! Never be persuaded by a poll. They are made up by the dems.
          Imagine that 45% of ALL AMERICANS want PRESIDENT TRUMP impeached. Wow…how ridiculous.
          donna brazille also had THOUSANDS more votes, for dems, of course, than there were voters in her entire state!!!!!!! Yeah, let’s talk about a spoonful of honesty here…

        • Will says:

          Oh, and believed by fools

    • SweetOlBob says:

      No one in particular. Once again, we have been the victim of a headline writer who got really good grades in …………….. DRAMA CLASS !

    • AlexB says:

      No one blind sided him, he was hoisted by his own petard.

  33. Denis says:

    The American people have been made oblivious to the achievement of ALL 45 GOALS as part of the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA – all 45 of which in the main are now part and parcel of the government of the USA. One of these toxic goals is: CAPTURE ONE OR BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE UNITED STATES. Bingo!

  34. Robert Morrow says:

    The Reason the Low life Slime Politicians want President Trump out is that he is cutting into their palm greasing Payola from robbing the Citizens of the USA. It is there just how these low life Slime Politicians rob the people and cause over 100,000 to die from poison drugs each year by Pharmaceutical/FDA controlled approved poison high price drugs. How do you think that these slime become millionaires once put in Office. Please check it out and help President Trump fight the Slime Politicians.

  35. The Real M says:

    President Trump may be impeached by the House however, he will never be impeached by the Senate and as we all know, that is the ONE that counts!
    Remember to watch out for USA Today/Ipsos surveys, obviously just another biased liberal slanted poll that old JD would be proud of……… 🙂
    The Democrats will rue the day, 2020 election, they decided to do whatever it takes to impeach DJT. I remember Bill Clinton’s impeachment process and how badly we Republicans got our behinds whipped in the next election! 🙁
    Republicans are going to own the Whitehouse and both houses in Congress after the people vote in the next election!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Actually, the Real M, I am not proud of this poll and think it means little to nothing like you do. But not for reasons you said , , , , but because this poll, even if representative is among people who most often do not understand the terms “impeach” or the Senate decision to remove or not . . . so that makes their answers highly questionable. Even many members who post here, which are much more active and knowledgeable than the general public who don’t read and are not active like most of the P.P_ followers are, do not seem to completely understand those terms. Besides, I would even ADD to the poll results, you see a large number of undecided here that could swing it either way.

      I also think most Democrats know it is highly unlikely their will removed Trump in the Senate. But some reps and Senators are coming to believe it is their sworn duty to respond to charges such as these, to investigate as best as follows, and to cast their vote as best as they know how. I had a good exchange with Dan Tyree, and we (shock( AGREED that even say in your state, you know your vote will not make a difference, both of us stick with our consciences, and do our responsibilities and vote! For example, even in a blue state, Dan would vote, and even in a red state, I would vote. Don’t get upset if we actually agree about this poll , , , , I am sure we will disagree about something by the end of the week!

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