Donald Trump celebrated one win that will leave Joe Biden’s blood boiling

The November elections are getting closer each day.

Both parties are picking the candidates and agendas they will campaign on this November.

And Donald Trump celebrated one win that will leave Joe Biden’s blood boiling.

The once-a-decade redistricting process saw the state of West Virginia lose one Congressional District.

A newly-redrawn map pitted two Republican incumbents, Alex Mooney and David McKinney, against one another in an incumbent versus incumbent Primary.

This Primary turned into a proxy battle over Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party and his strength as a 2024 candidate.

Trump endorsed Mooney as a conservative who fought for the America First agenda and slammed McKinney as a RINO who voted for Joe Biden’s fake $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 witch hunt Select Committee.

“Congressman Alex Mooney is a conservative warrior running in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. His opponent is a RINO who supported the ‘Unfrastucture Bill’ and the Sham January 6 Unselect Committee,” Trump said in a statement endorsing Mooney.

“Alex fights for our Veterans, for Energy and Clean Coal, Election Integrity, our Borders, Jobs, and against the horrible drug epidemic. On May 10th, Vote for Alex Mooney, who has my Complete and Total Endorsement. I love West Virginia!” Trump added.

The GOP establishment, as well as West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, backed McKinney on the assumption that a RINO like him in Congress would make it easier to pass the Swamp’s agenda.

West Virginia is known as a state where being able to bring home federal dollars goes a long way towards securing members of Congress’s re-election.

But in this race, Donald Trump’s endorsement won out, as Mooney routed McKinney 54 to 36 percent.

Club for Growth President David McIntosh – whose group spent heavily on behalf of Mooney – celebrated the win as victory for the Trump-supporting grassroots over establishment RINOs who refuse to fight Joe Biden’s agenda.

“The result of this bellwether race is a clear sign that Republicans want their Members of Congress to be real conservatives as opposed to moderate RINOS. The people of West Virginia understand Congress needs to stop Biden’s radical socialist agenda, and Mooney is the only candidate who has a record of standing up to liberals in Washington,” McIntosh’s statement following Mooney’s win read.

Mooney’s win also showed the power of Trump’s endorsement, as heading into this race, many believed McKinney held the advantage because he previously represented two-thirds of the newly-redrawn District.

And Mooney’s win – which was solely owed to Donald Trump’s endorsement – provided another data point that if he wants the GOP nomination in 2024, it is his for the taking.

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