Donald Trump celebrated one victory that left Chuck Schumer fuming

Donald Trump is heading into the 2020 election preparing to campaign on his historic achievements.

Democrats got hit with some more bad news on that front.

And Donald Trump celebrated this one victory that left Chuck Schumer fuming.

In 2016, Donald Trump promised to only appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.

That pledge led many skeptical Republicans to put their trust in Trump and vote for the GOP ticket.

Once in office, President Trump rewarded that faith with a historic pace of conservatives justices being appointed to every level of the federal judiciary that will be ruling for decades to come.

The Washington Post reports:

After three years in office, President Donald Trump has remade the federal judiciary, ensuring a conservative tilt for decades and cementing his legacy no matter the outcome of November’s election.

Trump nominees make up 1 in 4 U.S. circuit court judges. Two of his picks sit on the Supreme Court. And this past week, as the House voted to impeach the president, the Republican-led Senate confirmed another 13 district court judges.

In total, Trump has installed 187 judges to the federal bench.

Trump’s mark on the judiciary is already having far-reaching effects on legislation and liberal priorities. Just last week, the 5th Circuit struck down a core provision of the Affordable Care Act. One of the two appellate judges who ruled against the landmark law was a Trump appointee.

No matter what happens with Donald Trump’s Presidency, his judicial appointments will be shaping American political life for the next 40 years.

That means whenever a Democrat gets back in the White House and tries to push a host of socialist, anti-American schemes to abort babies, grab guns, or takeover sectors of the economy, Trump’s judges will act as a bulwark on this attack on the United States.

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32 Responses

  1. Culper Ring says:

    Isn’t Trump’s biggest achievement something to do with the southern border of the United States?

  2. Avatar666 says:

    California law, the “New Motor Voter Act,” which was passed in October 2015. The combination of these two acts, one allowing undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses, the other automatically registering citizens to vote when obtaining driver’s licenses, sparked fears (which have been periodically resurrected for more than a decade) that California is allowing undocumented residents to vote.

  3. Leonard Alfonso says:

    The Democrats the party of greed, arrogance, death and deceit, having dug their own grave don’t seem to know how to stop digging! Sad!????

  4. Peter says:

    This “war of nerves” has been ongoing apparently since Day # 1. It eventually erupted into the Civil War in 1861, I don’t think we need to repeat all that since the conclusions were not good. So? You can’t fix stupid.. If people don’t want to learn that must be left entirely up to them. Breaking the Law? Well, let’s just sit back and watch them incriminate themselves.. I wouldn’t tempt them with political “dialogue”.. This is beyond their exclusively selfish comprehension. Their exclusive mission of merciless on Earth is to BUST BALLS.. Don’t let them get away with it.

  5. Peter says:

    What does this tell us. It tells us he is always on the fringe of political participation. His interest in The Presidency was limited to “freebies” and an interloper’s perspective of Executive Authority not enjoying any because his business there apparently was unconstitutional..meaning all signs point to embezzlement.

  6. CrankyIndependent says:

    I wouldn’t welcome any kind of civil war, but DemonRats are well known as cheaters. There are now 16 states whose state politicians have voted to give illegals driver’s licenses. In some states, that automatically registers you to vote. In New York particularly, an illegal with a driver’s license can easily register to vote because New York only requires seeing the driver’s license and the illegal swearing an oath that he is eligible. There are no other requirements. One official described it as “an honor system.” This is how the election in 2020 can be stolen by the DemonRats.

  7. Jack Handy says:

    ~ Merry Christmas ~ you All…
    > a few yr ago – ‘0’ Said: ” We Are No Longer
    a Christian Nation”…
    > I Say BS & So Does 0ur President ___
    ~ &&& Merry Christmas To ALL you ‘dissidents’ Here.

  8. Jerry Sweet says:

    Unless the dems start killing we the people then the rules of engagement changes

  9. I been reading more and more about having another civil war within OUR COUNTRY. WHY?
    Why have a civil war when we have a National Election in just over 10 months? Instead of shooting bullets, why not cast your ballots? Ballots are legal and nobody gets hurt or killed, businesses don’t get burned out, and the list goes on forever, which is ILLEGAL. Ballots are totally legal, and the true American way.
    Although I agree with people who believe and say that WE, we meaning the citizens of this great country, need to do something about the trashy position the dysfunctional Democrats are putting ALL OF US in, a civil war is NOT THE ANSWER. The only weapon we have to combat the Democrats is the voting booth. The only weapon we need is the voting booth. Nothing, and I mean nothing will do us more good than the voting booth.

  10. mama says:

    > 187 !!! Judges Appointed by Trump Administration… ( thank ‘derelict’ ‘0’ for
    NOT doing a Presidential Job…) Amen. haha Thank you, ‘stupido’/ stoned ‘0’…
    ~ Merry Christmas ~ & whatever Else …

  11. newhon63 says:

    Well. You know Obama was too busy putting spinning hubcaps on the Presidential limo, kissing Arabian butts, weighing in on “Workplace Violence” at our military bases and “Making Middle East Great” to be bothered by a little thing like appointing judges. Plus he had to make sure Air Force One was ready on a moment’s notice so Manchelle could take her Mom and other familial parasites globe-trotting on vacations courtesy of tax-payers.
    Barack is still trying to convince Manny that he should be wearing the male underwear, to no avail.

  12. Veracious says:

    The truth; D. You forgot to add the (U) to SHOYU.

    Shoyu; of Adam Schiff – a dark brown liquid made from Adam B. Schiff that has undergone a fermentation process.

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