Donald Trump broke one record that has Democrats waiving the white flag of surrender

Democrats are buried under an avalanche of bad news after the New Hampshire primary.

Not only is their field a jumbled mess with a socialist leading the pack as a wobbly frontrunner, but Donald Trump now looks stronger than ever.

And Donald Trump just broke one record that has Democrats waiving the white flag of surrender.

Republicans also staged a primary in New Hampshire.

And much like in Iowa, Donald Trump set a record for voter turnout and number of votes won by an incumbent President.

Donald Trump obliterated the old record for number of votes won by an incumbent President set by Bill Clinton with 76,000 in 1996.

On primary night Donald Trump won with over 120,000 votes.

The President later noted on social media that the Fake News Media was trying to bury this show of force.

“The Fake News Media is looking hard for the Big Democrat Story, but there is nothing too fabulous. Wouldn’t a big story be that I got more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president, in either party, in the history of that Great State? Not an insignificant fact! “ President Trump continued. “Fake News CNN and MSNBC have not surprisingly refused to talk about my record setting number of voters in New Hampshire (and in Iowa). That’s why they are poorly rated Fake News! I will win both states in November.”

The media and Democrats are nervous about the President’s increasing prospects for re-election.

Impeachment ended in disaster.

The President delivered a home run State of the Union address.

Trump’s poll numbers are at the highest point of his Presidency.

And now the President is setting record turnout levels.

The President bringing in never before seen numbers of voters out to the polls may seem like not a big deal.

But there are very few Americans undecided about Donald Trump.

That means the 2020 election will be a contest of base turnout.

And the President’s ability to identify and turnout his supporters at unprecedented levels bodes well for the General Election.

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23 Responses

  1. mary brumley says:

    Trump 2020! #MAGA #KAG Trump WILL win again in 2020!

  2. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    If dems want to do something they can go to China and help with the virus until its dead…I mean defeated…

  3. SandyT says:

    Patriot Pulse, it is “waving” the white flag of surrender, NOT “waiving” the white flag!

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