Devin Nunes just put Google on notice for censoring conservatives

Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled on Capitol Hill for the social media giant’s bias against conservatives.

Now Google could be next to face the music.

And Devin Nunes sent a warning that Google won’t like.

Google is the top website in the world according to Alexa and its parent company owns the second largest website, YouTube.

So even just a small injection of liberal bias can result in propaganda served to millions of Americans.

Recently, when a user searched the term “California Republican Party” in Google, the word “Nazism” showed up under the results for related ideologies.

This picture went viral and caused an uproar among conservatives.

Google apologized and took it down, but then a separate search for a GOP candidate for Governor in North Carolina yielded the word “BIGOT.”

This is not a new phenomenon.

And Devin Nunes is putting his foot down.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said on Sunday there may be a need for Google to testify after the company’s search engine showed results linking Republicans to “Nazism.”

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, the California Republican framed the issue as one in which tech monopolies “should be reined in” and called for a new search engine to compete against Google that doesn’t “censor” conservatives.

“I think there’s a free market solution here if somebody can compete with Google. If they can’t, then ultimately we’re looking at monopolies and then that brings in a whole other set of circumstances is — are these companies; Facebook, Twitter, Google, apple, etc.; are they monopolies and should they be reined in,” Nunes said on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.”

“I would hope we don’t have to go there. I would hope that they just don’t get involved in politics and don’t censor conservatives and Republicans, but if they continue to do it then we have to move obviously to hearings on these issues,” he added.

Editor’s Note:

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We’ve had articles blacklisted by Facebook and had advertisements pulled by Google for not being “politically correct.” But unlike some organizations we won’t kowtow to the Silicon Valley elites by changing any of our content.

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23 Responses

  1. True Believer says:

    Wow Camille, here is the link that works. I knew about them voting in Hilter but many of the other things I didn’t know. We can be great full that God stepped in and we got Pres. Trump, or this would have also been our fate with Hillary. Then when the UN or another such agency would have stepped in and taken over, Obama would have made himself the dictator that he soooo much wanted to be. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that this was the plan because Hillary was too old and Obama was young. Of course, that was their plan but when they would have tried to take away our guns, then the bloodiest war would have started. We also avoided that. Please Please Please people I beg of you to vote in the mid terms and put all democrats out of office, even if you have to vote for a RINO. We can get rid of them later.

  2. True Believer says:

    They must have taken down as I tried to access three times and it says that the site does not exist. I had known about this from an Austrian who is a good friend of mine.

  3. What is so crazy is the fact the the Demorats are the ones that are turning Communist, not the Republicans. anyone that thinks that what they want is free, the need to watch the speech by Kitty Werthmann, she was from Austria and was a child when they voted for the German’s to come in and take over their country. She tells the whole story, that it seemed OK to begin with, but as time went on, if a person couldn’t work they wouldn’t get food stamps, so they would starve to death. Email is, it is worth watching.

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