Devin Nunes found one smoking gun that proves Robert Mueller is guilty of treason

Devin Nunes just dropped another bombshell.

Appearing on Sean Hannity‘s show, the California Congressman revealed one of Robert Mueller’s worst secrets.

And Devin Nunes found this one smoking gun that proves Robert Mueller is guilty of treason.

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Nunes told a stunned viewing audience that he finally read the mysterious “scope memo” that authorized the Mueller probe.

And Nunes revealed that the basis for the investigation is traced back to the fake news in Christopher Steele’s phony dossier.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Ultimately, that Steele dossier permeated all the way through, ultimately to the special counsel,” said Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

“I was finally able to see the scope memo,” he continued. “And remember, I had these concerns that it was based upon the Steele dossier.”

Nunes said he was unable to talk about what else is in the memo, seemingly because it contains classified information.

Democrats have tried to downplay the significance of the Steele dossier to the Trump-Russia probe. They’ve pointed out that the dossier, which former British spy Christopher Steele wrote and Democrats funded, was not the catalyst for the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign, which started on July 31, 2016.

The FBI has long maintained that the dossier played no role in the origin of the Russian investigation.

But how could that be true?

Mueller was tasked with picking up where the FBI left off and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein charged Mueller with investigating the dossier’s collusion allegations.

This memo should be released to the public.

Americans deserve to know if Mueller launched a two-year-long witch hunt against the President of the United States based on fake news from foreign spies.

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