Devin Nunes destroyed Adam Schiff’s life by exposing this huge secret

Adam Schiff is the biggest liar in Congress.

His lies have gone so far that he even likely committed treason.

And Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) just destroyed his life by exposing this huge secret.

As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is leading the fight to impeach President Trump.

They are even trying to interview the so-called CIA “whistleblower” before them completely anonymously.

So as Nunes points out, they have become nothing more than a “secretive impeachment committee with no rules” that Schiff is leading.

Nunes believes that Trump shouldn’t cooperate with them and should instead demand they bring him to court where there will actually be rules for them to follow.

Transcript from Tucker Carlson Tonight:

NUNES: Well, the House Intelligence Committee has become like this secretive impeachment committee but with no rules. And so I don’t blame the White House for saying, look, we’ll just see you in court. We’re not going to — we’re not going to provide you any witnesses. We’re not going to provide you any documents and unless the House of Representatives votes, like has been the tradition, if not, you can hold us in contempt and we’ll see you in court in a matter of months, maybe important months.

CARLSON: But now as a procedural matter, is it true or is it not? I mean, you’re the sitting member, that the House in order to have an impeachment you have to have a vote, right? Leadership can’t just say there’s an impeachment, there has to be a vote.

NUNES: Right? You can’t — I mean, traditionally, we don’t — the House makes its own rules. OK. So one could argue that they’re just making up the rules as they go along. But we do have tradition. Right? And you have precedents. And it’s relatively recent, right? You had the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

Schiff doesn’t think he needs to follow the rules.

With Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House he is doing whatever he wants.

Trump shouldn’t need to comply with this kangaroo court.


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67 Responses

  1. Devin Nunez is right, Adam Schiff has been lying time after time, about Donald Trump and how he would impeach the president. This is just a vendetta against the president that have turned into a clown circus. They have nothing against these man, except a tremendous amount of hate, because they have not been able to control him, like they did with Barack Obama and many other presidents and their aim was also to control Hillary Clinton, but she lost the election to Donald Trump.

  2. Jimbosidecar says:

    The Pedophile should have been locked up years ago

  3. jj says:

    No rules? Does that really surprise anyone that the dems don’t like rules or laws or justice? they are the epitome of that last question.

  4. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Deplorable Lani:
    The Democratic party who controls the house of representatives are the “judges” in this matter and go by their own set of “rules” which accepts any “whistleblower’s” accusations whether they come from second or third hand knowledge or not, Adam Schiff and company are extremely desperate to take down Donald Trump at any and all costs even if it’s done by means of breaking laws such as using second or third hand sources.

  5. Wondering Woman says:

    Think Devin Nunes is being a little too gentle in calling it tradition. What Pelosi, Schitf & other deep state establishment & CIA, FBI & DOJ are doing is OUTRIGHT TREASON & making a mockery of every law in the land. This fishing expedition the House is wasting treasury funds on is also making a mockery of our entire judicial system.
    Looks like we have so damned many crooked lawyers inside the departments that should be the epitome of upholding our law, order & justice – I am considering suggesting demanding Congress pass a bill that Lawyers never be allowed to run for Executive or Congress again.
    Believe both Bushes were lawyers. GHWB pleaded guilty to assassination of JFK when Bush was CIA & human trafficking. GWB has pleaded guilty to treason, human trafficking, helping his father cover up his crimes & 9/11/2001. Suspect GWB confession preceded GHWB;s pleas bargaining, as don’t think he would have confessed to anything unless it did, After learning that suspect the look on Jeb, Laura’s & GWB’s faces at GHWB funeral gives us very good clue as to the information in those mysterious envelopes inside the folders handed out to all the former president (except Carter) & others that had everyone wondering what was in them. Think that was when Laura learned her husband was under house arrest & was spilling on other deep state executives.
    Both Clinton’s were lawyers, as were both Obamas. All 4 of them turned in their license to practice law voluntarily which isn’t done except to avoid the scandal of having the revoked publicly! All the PACK who started working to throw the election to Hillary & still are working hand in hand with the new world order to destroy Trump & our nation from within are lawyers – not sure but think even biggest liar Schitf is also a lawyer. Would you call any of them honest? Don’t think any sane person would!

  6. Ric Palmer says:

    Hey, Blue. The house needs to vote to start the impeachment, no one has the balls. So it’s a non starter. Just like all the other progressive liberal scrod.

  7. Deplorable Lanie says:

    The reason whistleblower testimony has always been firsthand is because the point of a whistleblower is to take the guilty party to court. No court of law will accept hearsay or second hand information. That is better known as gossip and will never be allowed in a court of law. So they can change the rules all they want but it won’t matter no one will be convicted on second hand information.

    • D. Sid Coy says:

      George Soros funds the democrats and several anti American tax free groups like Antifa, Black lives matter, move on .org

  8. Blue says:

    Lyudmila the white house confirmed everything in whistleblower report.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      The Whitehouse confirmed the whistleblowers report? No. They did better. They released the entire transcript of the phone call, and you’d have to be a blooming idiot to see any wrongdoing in the call. Especially after the Ukrainian president saying he wasnt BLACKMAILED. It’s done. Now Biden bragging he would withhold 1 billion dollars if the AG wasnt fired in 6 hours, now, THAT is blackmail.

  9. Blue says:

    House has oversight over executive branch. That way we don’t end up a dictatorship. It’s in the constitution. So ignoring inquiries is obstruction.

    • bob jones says:

      blue: a woman accuses you of rape do you want to go in a court packed with just women to defend your self. don’t be stupid let democrats vote on impeachment and let the laughing begin. these dumb idiots can’t figure out what to impeach trump on. they are led by stupids like pelosi and schiff.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        And dont forget stupid sheeple like old blue. Hes the target audience of CNN, because hes too stupid to check a fact out for himself. Here a wabbit, Georgie. Can we have a bunny farm, Georgie? Duh. CNN told me to change my dirty depends today, Georgie. Can you help me, Georgie? I stink.

      • Susan glancy says:

        So what are the dems gonna do after all their SECRET behind closed door interrogations do? Hey America…we have the evidence to impeach the president, but we can’t tell you because it’s a SECRET. You are just going to have to trust us!! Yeah…that will go over like a turd in the punch bowl!

    • William J Vital says:

      This is NOT the House, it is a few Democraps illegally doing what they want to. They do not feel that they have to follow the law, they make up the rules on the fly. They have to FIRST have the HoR vote to start an impeachment inquiry the legal way.

    • Gayle Clay says:

      And what if the house is looking to be the dictatorship? They are trying desperately to find anything they can to force Trump out of his presidency. They want to force a president elected by the voters out because of the simple facts that he is uncovering all of the corruption that the Democrats have been doing for years. Those who bitch the loudest have the most to hide. Now that is a corrupt Democratic party.

  10. Carlo says:

    Shifty Schiff should get the hell out of our government and stop trying to destroy our democracy. This will come back to haunt him. MY opinion is that he is a slimy lying creep who will say anything to get attention and to hurt others.

    • Nadya Rossi says:

      Schiff is so virulently infected with TDS, he is delusional. He apparently feels that any lie, any threat directed at Trump, his family and his children is warranted. That Nancy Pelosi knows this and uses him so cynically, tells us exactly how evil she is.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I want him hanging from a lamp post, but until we get an AG with a brain, I guess were stuck saying, hes guilty, but, I think I’ll let him go.

  11. Lyudmila says:

    I doubt very much whether this mythical “whistleblower” really exists. And if it’s a fraud, then how many such “whistleblowers” are in your pocket in Schiff, Pelossi, Sumer, etc. Let them show up.

    • cometport says:

      Adam Schiff is a liar and a disgrace.

      • Perry F says:

        He’s a Democrat. What do you expect? I’ll say one good thing about a Democrat, you can always tell when they are lying, their lips are moving.

    • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

      The whistleblower is real people, but in a court of law it’s hearsay. The second whistleblower hearsay of hearsay. None of which is taken even witha grain of salt.

    • Junius S Stearns says:

      Whatever the case, I’m convinced that everything in the whistleblower report was made up by a team of highly partisan Dems, & that pyschopathic liar-in-chief Pencil-neck Schiff has at the very least known all about this shameless scam from the very beginning.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        The entire transcript of the call was released. I for one, am smart enough to read it for myself, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that call. Period.

    • Lisa says:

      Lyudmila you don’t have a clue no such thing happened and you know it. Apparently you failed reading comprehension, the whistleblower is a liar who is team scummy Biden . You liberals just keep lying and making up facts none of you would know the truth if it bit ya.

  12. Paul says:

    This appears to be very much the same as the Kavanaugh sham & the Russia scam, If these liberal democrats are allowed to get away with this deep state democratic coup/hoax, then every red blooded American ought to line up & bend over & let these liberals do what they do best (screw us over) because that will be the death of America!

    • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

      Yep, Morrel, Gordon and Watnic are ex-cia as of three weeks ago. Your whistleblowers. And the second one worked with Biden, hm Obama?

    • Alan Gooch says:

      Blind Americans have been putting these Democratic criminals in office for years thinking they would deliver on this promise or that promise.They have had blinders on and not looking or demanding these people produce results. Trump. is the only Person I can remember in my lifetime that has really produced on his promises. All the rests have promised and then did nothing.Much as the speech by Bush no new taxes. What did he do? Raised taxes. This is the kind of thing we have dealt with for years. Democrats are the worse, They make all these promises and deliver nothing. Usually they blame the Republicans for it. I do not buy that anymore because I see one man in war with both parties to do for the American people. He is accomplishing goals too!!

      • Read_BTWN__ says:

        Exactly Right! They are not understanding that the people are fed up with our government officials making outlandish promises (ie. ” Medicare for all”, “reperations”, “Lower taxes”, “ending endless wars”,…&so on & so forth) and as soon as they get in the are casting their votes for the complete opposite, and give a fake apology/excuse passing the blame. Yet the only ones always paying for it is We The People! This one man got in l, fought them all and prevailed on his promises, all the while showing the American People that their decades of lies and deceptions were only to obtain their votes and later their money! It’s pathetic and they continue with every new “smoking gun” HOAX to show their own incompetents to do the job FOR The American People. My attention and vote is a gift that I give ONLY to the people that deserve it. And Dems will NEVER jave either ever again!

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        The only thing dems EVER promise, is more free stuff. That’s how they win. They see these losers that refuse to work, and all they have is a cheap phone, so, let’s promise them a $1000 iphone. Or let them spend foodstamps at Mickeydees. Next it will be, hey, you can use foodstamps for a car payment. Watch. It’s coming. Actually, I should delete that, as the left probably hasn’t thought of that one yet. They went to college, but doesn’t mean they learned anything. Most are so stupid, I cant talk to them more than a minute, without feeling ill.

        • KATHY says:


      • Will says:

        You just spoke a mouth full and it is all true ..
        This is one of the biggest reasons they don`t want change
        If they had to do a real days work it would kill most of them ,, or they would be ran off the job site in the first hour .. It`s time for a real change in DC and we can have it if we vote the majority of them out ASAP

      • Katy bardot says:

        You have a duty to follow the Oath of office and we have a duty to see that they do…Liberals are trying to get around that and therefore they ‘ll destroy the constitution… keep your eye on the Ball instead of all the BS.. They’ll kill 2 birds with one stone.

    • Conservative Senior says:

      They can do whatever they want, break any laws that they want because they know Barr won’t do a thing. He’s already passed on two opportunities to arrest Comey. No one is in charge at the DOJ.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Exactly what I’ve been saying. He is Sessions part 2. Comey is guilty, but we wont prosecute. Funny. Mueller had zero problems nailing Flynn to the cross. And if dems cheat enough to get control against, Barr will wish to God he had done his damn job, because mueller will put him behind bars faster than the Titanic sunk. He is, in my opinion, a dem operative.

  13. Roberta says:

    Thanks, Diane. I continued clicking and it finally showed results.

  14. Roberta says:

    I agree with Nunes and my vote was also blocked.

  15. RC says:

    google is blocking votes that agree with Nunes1

  16. Janice E Prescott says:

    What else is new for this corrupt bunch of trash?I have lived long enough to see a lot of Presidents elected, and impeached, and nothing like this has ever even come close to happening before. This has got to stop and we can do that at the ballot box this coming election. They may have more money to spend, cause Soros is loaded, but we have more decency, so we WILL GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP 2020.

    • Hussain says:

      Yeah, keep telling yourself that voting them out will work. 2018 was a test run. The found out how and how much, to cheat. They will take all 3 branches in 2020, because we keep turning the other cheek. When will we learn? After they ban the second amendment, maybe.

  17. Abc says:

    Since the house and the presidency are co equal branches of government then Trump needs to makes his own rules against Congress and start investigations into Schiff Pelosi and cummings

    • Victoria says:

      Fear not fellow patriots. Undisclosed lawsuits and warrants are being executed as we post. This is why the panicking radical Dems are all scattering & trying their hardest to rid our country of the only president with the courage and no-other-agenda but to “make and keep America great. He has done more in the past 3 years than past presidents as far back as President Kennedy who could and would be living comfortably but for their love of country. .. and we know how it ended with Pres Kennedy. There is EVIL lurking behind those closed doors. We must stand TOGETHER – LOUD & PROUD to be law-abiding fellow Americans. Wear your confidence in the only president who is delivering on all his promises. Why? because as he famously told those who interviewed him years ago, including Oprah, entering politics is a dangerously dirty world. He would only consider running for office if he knew he would win, and if it was imperative for the health and safety of our precious country. He has fended all attacks and keeps working for We The People. I proudly wear my Trump shirts and hats and what is amazing is the positive thumbs up I get everywhere I go. I issue all patriots this challenge: Wear your Trump 2020 gear out and about. It is time for us to let our President know we are ALL behind him no matter what!!

  18. Peter C Mullen says:

    I voted with Nunes, but it wouldn’t register the vote. Yahoo incompetence, or a fix?

  19. Blue says:

    The only thing Nunes ruined is his credibility. He’s a partisan hack. You didn’t think impeaching Clinton over oral was going to backfire? Cadet bone spurs probably did worse last night.

    • lou says:


      • Rainbow says:

        Blue appears to be a partisan oral [sex] hack who will support any Democrat act of corruption.

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          Blue also describes the color of Obama’s husband, Big Mike’s balls. Big Mike’s balls are blue, because Barack smoked too much crack last night, and couldn’t perform.

  20. Leftshot says:

    Read the Constitution. The power to impeach is NOT granted to the Speaker or to a committee. The power to impeach is granted to the full House, which has voted on this on July 17, 2019, and voted overwhelmingly against impeachment. Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi have gone rogue and are committing illegal unconstitutional acts.

  21. George says:

    Uh oh, looks like they really stepped in the doo doo this time, when will they realize that you can fool some of the people some of the time, and you can fool all if the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    • Shell says:

      MONEY TALKS! That is why George Soros is still alive, additionally he is the pocketbook behind so much EVIL including Adam Schiff as Schiff’s sister is George’s daughter in law, having married George’s son.

  22. SGT Preston says:

    Soros definitely needs to be sent back to Poland to stand trial for his WWII crimes and face the appropriate punishment. He also should be denied any entrance to the United States

    • chief1937 says:

      Do not understand why this nation tolerates his actions except some of our politicians enjoy his money coming their way. Maybe some of them should leave with him.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I’d rather see soros go to Russia. They will just shoot him.

      • Will says:

        Yep,, they would love to have him back .. at least for
        day then no one ever see or here of him again.. All of his money
        should be frozen ,, and put to a real good use instead of being used against the US .

  23. Retired Marine says:

    The leftist communists of the “democrat party”, are definitely pushing for civil war. It’s time for communities to form civilian militias because the police will be overwhelmed by the communist left, without the aid of patriotic citizens. The Russian backed democrats want our destruction, I say HELL NO.

  24. Carold says:

    Is this the end of the USA?
    Are the Dems fiddling while our country falls apart and burns? Alphabet Inc included.
    Is that the dems and the Soros goal?
    Shame on all of them. They and their kind don’t deserve to live in the USA.
    Good riddance to the scum of the Earth.

  25. Will Penny says:

    It’s time the DemonRats pay a heavy price for there stupidity . The Wicked Witch of The West Nancy and her henchmen , should be lined up in front of a Firing Squad !!

  26. Joseph says:

    All of the folks that have attacked President Trump have a common person and that is GEORGE SOROS. From corrupt politicians to people like Stormy Daniels .

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