Democrats want to put Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court for this shocking reason

There is an opening on the Supreme Court.

Democrats hope Joe Biden makes a surprising choice to replace retiring left-wing Justice Stephen Breyer.

And Democrats want to put Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court for this shocking reason.

Joe Biden promised a race-based selection process for a Supreme Court vacancy.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden pledged to Democrats that he would run an affirmative action program and only choose from a pool of black female candidates.

When Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, the most well-known black female in Democrat politics immediately came up as a potential successor.

And that was Vice President Kamala Harris.

But Democrats didn’t necessarily want Harris on the Supreme Court because she was a homerun candidate.

Democrats think Joe Biden nominating Harris to the Supreme Court is a graceful solution to the problem that a growing number of leftists believe.

And that is the idea that Kamala Harris could not win a General Election in 2024 against Donald Trump or whoever the GOP nominates for President.

POLITICO reports:

Few critics of Harris’ political prospects would speak publicly due to the ferocity of her support in some corners of the party and, in some cases, their own respect for her. But a Harris appointment to the high court, one adviser to major Democratic donors said, would “solve a lot of problems.” One Democratic strategist in the Midwest joked that she could support a Harris court appointment “if it guarantees she never runs for [president] again.” Another party consultant volunteered that a Harris appointment, though implausible, would deliver a “two-fer jolt — Kamala as Supreme Court justice and a new VP to bring in some excitement and change the narrative.”

A USA Today/Suffolk poll found just 28 percent of Americans approved of the job Harris is doing as Vice President.

Kamala Harris bombed out as a failed 2020 Presidential candidate.

Harris ran such a poor campaign that she dropped out months before the first votes took place in Iowa.

In one year as Vice President, Kamala Harris somehow found a way to watch her political stock drop even further, as her disastrous tenure as administration border czar and several cringe-worthy interviews convinced even more Democrats that she was not ready for primetime.

Joe Biden will not pick Kamala Harris as his Supreme Court nominee.

But the fact that Democrats still discuss the possibility shows how her stock continues to diminish.

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