Democrats made a jaw-dropping confession that just changed everything

There is panic breaking out in the Democrat Party.

It’s leading to a massive shakeup.

And Democrats made a jaw-dropping confession that just changed everything.

A new Monmouth poll found Republicans leading Democrats by seven points on the generic ballot question in the 2022 Midterm elections.

That same poll also had Joe Biden’s approval rating at 39 percent.

Democrats were desperate and grasping for straws to turn around their political fortunes when someone leaked a draft Supreme Court opinion showing a majority of the Justices voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Since Americans broadly disapproved of Joe Biden’s handling of crime, the economy, inflation, and the southern border, Democrats sought to make the Midterms a referendum on abortion.

But that decision led the Democrats down an even further cul-de-sac of ideological extremism.

The pro-choice caucus in the House of Representatives distributed talking points ordering Democrats to junk the Bill Clinton framing of wanting abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare,” and to instead embrace abortion-on-demand with no limits by saying abortion should be “safe, legal, and accessible.”

Bill Clinton supported abortion-on-demand, but by claiming he wanted to see it be “safe, legal, and rare,” Democrats provided a rhetorical fig leaf to fool voters into thinking they supported limits on the practice.

Democrats doubled down on this extremism when Planned Parenthood – the number one abortion mill in America – put out a blog post saying the Left should drop the pro-choice label and declare themselves “pro-abortion.”

Democrats falsely believe they can paint Pro-Life Republicans as a fringe minority based on poorly worded polls from the corporate-controlled media that used misleading questions to falsely imply the majority of Americans support abortion-on-demand.

In fact, the vast majority of the public supports restrictions on abortion, and it is the Democrats who are the ideological extremists.

An Economist/YouGuv poll showed just 25 percent of Americans support abortion with no limits.

Democrats already faced an uphill task in November to retain their majorities in Congress.

And now the Party bet everything by alienating 75 percent of the electorate with their new messaging on abortion.

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