Democrats just pulled one insane stunt to support voter fraud

Democrats want the procedures from the 2020 election to remain in place going forward.

They will go to any lengths to see this happen.

And now Democrats just pulled one insane stunt to support voter fraud.

The state of Texas is set to pass a significant election integrity bill that would ban drive through voting, make it a crime to mail unsolicited ballots to voters, and expand voter ID laws.

Democrats stopped the legislation this past session by staging a walkout that prevented the GOP majority from passing the bill.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott called for a special session of the legislature to pass this as well as other crucial pieces of legislation.

But Texas Democrats are once again set to flee the state – for weeks this time – to block Republicans ability to have a quorum and pass the bill.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic lawmakers in Texas are fleeing the state for the nation’s capital in order to prevent the passage of multiple Republican-proposed bills, it was reported Monday.

At least 58 Democrats in the Texas House are preparing to depart Austin and head to Washington, D.C. to keep Republicans from reaching a quorum, according to NBC News. If they are successful in preventing a quorum for the entirety of Texas’ special legislative session, a number of Republican proposals will fail to pass, most notably a new election security bill that opponents have classified as a voter suppression plan.

Many Americans cannot understand why Democrats are opposed to bills that protect the sanctity of the vote, while ensuring every legal voter is who they claim to be.

Democrats aren’t just opposing the bill.

They are obstructing the ability of the government to function.

And many are wondering what they are so desperate to protect.

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