Democrats just proved mask mandates don’t work with one jaw-dropping picture

Democrats spent the last two years demanding all Americans subject themselves to forced masking and vaccine schemes.

But that is about to backfire.

And Democrats just proved mask mandates don’t work with one jaw-dropping picture.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s scheme to force school children to wear masks all day is facing new scrutiny.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson posted a photo to social media of himself with Governor Newsom attending the NFC Championship game in Los Angeles.

Both Johnson and Governor Newsom were not wearing masks in violation of Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate.

Democrat elites like Newsom long ago stopped abiding by the COVID mandates they imposed on their citizens.

It’s one reason Newsom faced a recall election last fall.

Democrats face a deep issue with heavy-handed COVID policies.

A recent Monmouth poll showed 70 percent of Americans are ready to move on from COVID.

But a majority of Democrats want to see restrictions remain in place.

Democrat politicians like Gavin Newsom keep absurd and unscientific mandates like school mask requirements and vaccine passport systems in place because their voters demand it.

And it’s killing Democrats at the polls.

Americans clearly want a return to normal life as they knew it in 2019 before the pandemic hit.

But the majority of the Democrat Party’s voters want to live in a state of permanent pandemic.

That resistance on behalf of Democrat voters prevents Democrat politicians from declaring the pandemic over and moving on.

And it’s leading to COVID theater where elected Democrats like Gavin Newsome impose unnecessary and tyrannical COVID mandates playing to the anxieties of anxious Democrats who refuse to accept the science surrounding COVID.

Gavin Newsom and every other Democrat who ignores COVID mask mandates know these restrictions are worse than useless.

And that is why Gavin Newsom and his fellow Democrats don’t abide by them.

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