Democrats just made a surprising confession that will leave Trump grinning from ear to ear

Democrats are loath to give Donald Trump a victory.

But they had no other choice.

And Democrats just made a surprising confession that will leave Trump grinning from ear to ear.

Joe Biden took office and immediately opened America’s border.

Trump left behind a series of policies that kept illegal immigration in check, but Joe Biden rolled them back.

Among a series of moves creating magnets for illegal immigration, Biden halted construction on the border wall and attempted to end the Remain in Mexico Protocols.

As a result, record levels of illegal aliens attempted to invade America.

At the current pace, over 9,000,000 illegal aliens will have crossed the border during Joe Biden’s four years in office.

The state of Texas has had enough.

Since Texas has bore the burden of Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion, Governor Greg Abbott decided to force Democrats to deal with the reality of their open borders agenda.

Under an order signed by Governor Abbott, the state of Texas began bussing illegal aliens to Washington, D.C.

After just 4,000 illegal aliens arrived in the District, Mayor Muriel Bowser pleaded for help and called out the National Guard to deal with the strain illegal aliens put on the city.

“We are very focused and we continue to be very focused on having the federal government do its part and take the lead in addressing what we see as a growing humanitarian crisis. … We’re going to continue to pursue federal involvement,” Bowser stated.

“We need space and we need the federal government to be involved so I’ve asked for the deployment of the Guard as long as we need the Guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate,” Bowser added.

4,000 illegal aliens is barely a third of one percent of the 130,000 illegal aliens who attempted to cross into Texas border towns in June.

But those are tiny communities, not one of the nation’s great metropolises like Washington, D.C.

A few thousand illegal aliens stretched the nation’s Capital to the breaking point, opening eyes to the pressures facing small border towns in Texas that deal with a much larger crisis on a daily basis.

On KLBK in Lubbock, Governor Abbott said he hoped this move would push the Biden administration to end its open borders policies and return to the successful Trump administration immigration agenda.

“Now, Washington, D.C. is having to realize, in a very minimal way, exactly what Texas is having to deal with as a result of the open border policies that the Biden Administration has allowed,” Governor Abbott declared.

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