Democrats just learned some devastating news about the Midterm elections

The November election was already looking bleak for Democrats.

Leftists saw another signal of a massive political realignment in America.

And now Democrats just learned some devastating news about the Midterm elections.

In 2021, one million Democrats changed their Party registration to Republican.

That led to states where the Democrat Party historically held a voter registration advantage now becoming majority Republican.

One of those states was Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to reject lockdowns and mask mandates spurred a massive political shift in the GOP’s favor.

Kentucky is another state that flipped and now has more registered Republicans than Democrats.

As a result, Kentucky is the last of the ancestral Democrat states from the South to finally have more registered Republicans.

Republicans in Kentucky celebrated this development.

“After a century and a half, the birthplace of Lincoln has finally aligned with the Party of Lincoln. Today is a grand day for all of us in the Grand Old Party who have worked so hard for so long to advance our goals of limited government and personal responsibility,” Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams declared.

“We are living a historic moment in the commonwealth,” Republican Senator Rand Paul exclaimed. “The majority of people in Kentucky realize that their beliefs are best represented by the Republican Party.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said he never thought he would live to see this day, praised the development.

“Congratulations to all my fellow Republicans who have worked so hard and so long to make this historic day possible. This is great news for the Commonwealth, but it’s just the beginning,” McConnell stated.

Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Andy Beshear – who figures to face a very tough re-election fight next November – tried to downplay the situation by claiming he worked for voters of both parties.

“What it means is we’ve got to get along,” Beshear stated. “We ought to stop trying to fight to move the state Right or Left but to just move it forward. And to focus on things that truly impact people’s lives — like good jobs, a great public education, and access to health care.”

None of this would be possible without Joe Biden.

Kentucky still has a coal industry, and Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels and push for the Green New Deal is designed to destroy energy sectors like coal.

Joe Biden’s socialist agenda proved so disastrous to the nation that it stoked a mass exodus from the Democrat Party.

And Ground Zero is the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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