Democrats just got caught protecting Al Sharpton from a career-ending scandal

Al Sharpton has gotten away with his race racketeering for decades.

All of it could come to an end because of a huge scandal that came out.

But Democrats were just caught protecting Sharpton from this career-ending scandal.

After spending decades attacking white people and jumping into every race scandal, real or imagined, he could turn into profit, Sharpton is living a good life.

The millionaire enjoys a job at MSNBC, and also brings in massive sums of money from his National Action Network “charity.”

He paid himself over $1 million from the “charity” last year according to news reports.

But due to his close ties with high-ranking Democrats, nobody is even looking into that.

New York’s Attorney General forced Trump to pay $2 million in damages due to scandals relating to his Donald J. Trump Foundation, but she is outright refusing to even look into Sharpton’s New York based charity.

The New York Post reports:

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s troubled charity, the National Action Network, has dodged scrutiny paid other nonprofits — despite paying him $1 million last year — thanks to his political clout, insiders and experts say.

“There are certain things that are universally true in New York: the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, the subway is late and no one wants to pick a fight with Al Sharpton,” said one top Democratic insider. “Where’s the political benefit to doing it?”

Sharpton’s teflon provides a sharp contrast to the vigorous investigations state Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance mounted against President Trump, including his troubled charity.

James and two of her predecessors pursued litigation against Trump for self-dealing, including billing his own Donald J. Trump Foundation $10,000 for his portrait.

A Manhattan judge ordered that Trump pay $2 million in damages in the case.

Meanwhile, Vance is pursuing Trump’s tax returns in court.

Representatives for James and Vance declined to comment.

“Cy Vance is staring down the fight of his life and Tish James isn’t about to put the screws to the most prominent social justice activist in the country,” said another Democratic insider.

So Democrats are outright admitting that it is his political clout that is keeping him out of trouble.

But no mainstream outlet, besides The New York Post, seems to care at all.

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