Democrats just got caught protecting Al Sharpton from a career-ending scandal

Al Sharpton has gotten away with his race racketeering for decades.

All of it could come to an end because of a huge scandal that came out.

But Democrats were just caught protecting Sharpton from this career-ending scandal.

After spending decades attacking white people and jumping into every race scandal, real or imagined, he could turn into profit, Sharpton is living a good life.

The millionaire enjoys a job at MSNBC, and also brings in massive sums of money from his National Action Network “charity.”

He paid himself over $1 million from the “charity” last year according to news reports.

But due to his close ties with high-ranking Democrats, nobody is even looking into that.

New York’s Attorney General forced Trump to pay $2 million in damages due to scandals relating to his Donald J. Trump Foundation, but she is outright refusing to even look into Sharpton’s New York based charity.

The New York Post reports:

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s troubled charity, the National Action Network, has dodged scrutiny paid other nonprofits — despite paying him $1 million last year — thanks to his political clout, insiders and experts say.

“There are certain things that are universally true in New York: the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, the subway is late and no one wants to pick a fight with Al Sharpton,” said one top Democratic insider. “Where’s the political benefit to doing it?”

Sharpton’s teflon provides a sharp contrast to the vigorous investigations state Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance mounted against President Trump, including his troubled charity.

James and two of her predecessors pursued litigation against Trump for self-dealing, including billing his own Donald J. Trump Foundation $10,000 for his portrait.

A Manhattan judge ordered that Trump pay $2 million in damages in the case.

Meanwhile, Vance is pursuing Trump’s tax returns in court.

Representatives for James and Vance declined to comment.

“Cy Vance is staring down the fight of his life and Tish James isn’t about to put the screws to the most prominent social justice activist in the country,” said another Democratic insider.

So Democrats are outright admitting that it is his political clout that is keeping him out of trouble.

But no mainstream outlet, besides The New York Post, seems to care at all.

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57 Responses

  1. BHR says:

    People like Al give Christians a bad name. Al should have been in jail years ago.

  2. BHR says:

    People like Al give Christians a bad name.

  3. Jerry says:

    Al sharpton is nothing but a worthless deplorable racist communist black boy that would steal from his own mother if he has one most likely came from a baboon that’s what he looks like ghfknbb

  4. TED says:

    What about his back tax he owes time for him to pay up or prison time or both

  5. Dee says:

    I.d have to add obama and Juan williams to that list too !!

  6. Dee says:

    I.d have to add obama to that list too !!

  7. Dee says:

    Exactly !! Sharpton is the Lowest of Low Life !!

  8. William Merrell says:

    Al Capone owed 1/20th of what this racist ass owes and why is he still walking around (and stealing millions from his so called charity)?

  9. Leon says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for A. Charlton,the Obama’s and all the rest of the racist black lives matter homies

  10. HIGGJIMMY says:

    This man has made a mockery of our Christian faith. He’s “used” the Word of God as a cloak of deceit to make himself rich and very well known in the most devilish way. He’s claimed to fight against racism while drumming up racism where it’s not, has been allowed to lie and hide his riches within his supposed “religious foundation,” and has been “protected” by his friends in Congress to be able to get away with unethical and illegal gains. He’s a snake oil salesman, a sleazy “used car” salesman that only the weak minded have fallen for. This is no “Rev” by any means, he’s more “Con man” than anything.

  11. Culper Ring says:

    How does one lose control of the vehicle one is operating? That’s not detailed enough of a description to be a valid excuse in and of itself. Also, just because an action is accidental does not mean that it is legal. When somebody dies in an unintentional collision with an automobile, any survivor who contributed to causing it and who was also breaking any traffic law at the same time, has committed manslaughter. Whereas of course, there is also no excuse for rioting, whenever it is against fellow countrymen or during peacetime.

  12. Bertha Hansen says:

    Al Sharpton and other protected millionaires need to pay their millions in back taxes instead of being protected by the Dem party patrons. The govt took everything Willie Nelson and others had for back taxes. Ask yourself what makes this Dems so special that they don’t have to follow the rules like everyone else. I still want to see Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and other dem’s tax returns. You can bet there are some shenanigans going on there.

  13. Steven Crosby says:

    Typical lieing corrupt demorat in a job where their true racism comes out. Despicable…We need to boycott the corrupt media as well. I quit buying newspapers and listening to the liberal media years ago. Liberal are lower than scum.. haters and racists.

  14. Paul Vangelis says:

    Me again! Sorry for the typos– no way of editing here!

  15. Before the Tawana Brawley debacle, I was a Liberal; I ha moved to MYC the year before. The whole thing was a pack of lies, but Sharpton, who is a first-class racist, never once questioned whether Brawley might be lying or that the four accused white men might be innocent. He gave inflammatory speeches and led rallies and marches and fanned the flames of facial hatred… and it was all a hoax! (He hasn’t ever apologized or even admitted he might have been wrong!) The wrongfully accused men’s lives were ruined. I saw that the leaders of the Black Community were hatemongers and hypocrites and racists themselves.
    In 1991 I was further disillusioned by the Crown Heights Riots. These were precipitated by an accident in which a Hassidic Jewish motorist lost control of his vehicle and it went off the street and up onto a sidewalk, and killed an African American boy. It was just that– an accident, unintentional– but, led and egged on by Sharpton and other leaders of the Black Community, the area erupted into riots, where stores were looted and burned (particular targets were the corner delis run by Korean immigrants) and people were attacked, beaten or otherwise assaulted, and a innocent Hassidic student from Australia was dragged out of a car and murdered. And Sharpton and the other Black leaders said the riots were justified because the Black community “wanted justice” for the dead boy– even though the whole idea of “wanting justice” was completely irrational– the boy’s death was AN ACCIDENT! My respect for the Black Community was partly destroyed by this horrible sequence of events, and for Sharpton wholly destroyed.

    The final straw came in 1993. A Black Jamaican man, Colin Ferguson, walked through a Long Island Railroad train at rush hour, and shot 25 people, of whom 6 died, selecting specifically his targets, almost all of whom were white (a small number were Asian)– he actually wrote a manifesto railing against Caucasians and Asians. I thought at the time, “This the Black leadership HAS to condemn, how could they not?” But I was flabbergasted when those Black leaders– prominent among whom was Al Sharpton– actually made excuses for Ferguson (he had been “victimized by whites” they explained!) and asked for understanding… that was the final straw, when I lost all respect for the Black leadership utterly and also, to a great extent, for the Black community. And Sharpton has continued his merry way, promoting racial prejudice (mostly of Blacks against whites) and supporting all that is divisive, intolerant, irrational, and anti-American. I was amazed he still had a career in 1993– and here nearly 27 years later he’s still the darling of the Liberal establishment!

  16. neo anderson says:

    Cy Vance and Letitia James are both democrats and I will give you ONE guess as to the ethnicity of the Attorney General of New York….It’s NOT white….and we KNOW NO black can be racist …HUH

  17. Wyatt Earp says:

    I can’t believe that liberal Democrat fool in new York DA office is a COWARD! Should resign Now! Going after Trump because he WHITE and a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT! Who is the other coward attacking Trump? Yeah your name on this website! Nowhere to hide one day! Why such a coward to go after a phony Reverend? Your job is to collect TAXES AND BACK TAXES! BUT NO YOU LET YOUR HATE FOR TRUMP GET THE BEST OF YOU! SO BOTH OF YOU AND THE LIBERAL JUDGE NEED TO STEP DOWN FROM A JOB YOU FAILED TO BE FAIR TO ALL!

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